Testing Different Types of Audiences on Facebook

Testing Different Types of Audiences on Facebook

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In this video, our media buyer, Danny, covers four essential elements to maximize your Facebook Ads ROI.
What he shared in this video is a result from his experience spending more than $200k on ads in the last couple of months.
From regular custom audiences and look-a-like audiences,

How to Create a 7 Figure Funnel in 14 Days

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The idea of a 7-figure funnel is super enticing.

But doing the actual work? That takes time, energy, and commitment on your part.

Let me tell you that unless you stick around long enough, you’ll never get it right.

In this video, I want to show you how to create a

What Are Facebook Slideshow Ads and Why Use Them?

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No doubt about it:

Facebook video ads are great for engaging and entertaining your audience.

But sometimes, for an advertiser, video ads may not be a viable option for certain reasons.

One is that they could be quite time-consuming to create. Another is because some business owners feel uncomfortable on camera! Videos also tend to load slowly at slower internet

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads: A Guide for Beginners

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Picture this:

You own an online fashion store. To get more prospects into your business, you decide to try Facebook ads. But you’re not really sure if they’re worth it.

Then a friend of yours suggests using Facebook dynamic product ads.

She says that dynamic product ads allow you to reach cold audiences who might be interested in your products

Facebook Carousel Ads: Benefits, Specs, and How to Get Started

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Are you looking to engage your target audience with your Facebook ads?

(Because if there’s one thing that people want, that’s interaction. ?)

The good news is, Facebook has an ad format that entices them to interact more with your brand. With this format, you can showcase multiple offers, demonstrate how to use your product, and more.

We’re talking about

How I Get My Funnels To Convert (Behind The Scenes)

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Are you trying to figure out how to make your marketing funnel successful?

Because in this video, I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes to show you exactly what I do to improve my sales funnel conversion rates.

Sneak peek:

I’ve been working on a funnel where I invite people to join my

6 Facebook Ad Creative Tips for Impactful Ad Campaigns

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When it comes to your Facebook ad creative, you’ve got plenty of options:

Image, video, or both across various ad formats — single image ad, single video ad, carousel, dynamic product ads, and more.

This only goes to show how versatile Facebook is. As an advertiser, the platform offers you creative freedom.

Now, I want to ask you:

How do