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Luuk Olde Bijvank

“I think you could say I’m an ‘advanced Facebook™ marketer’ (after all it’s my full-time gig).. but seriously, I had NO idea this was even possible! Thanks a lot, keep up the good work. Makes it much easier to squeeze more profits out my lists!”

Dennis Lewis

“Spending more money on ads is not really the right answer. The goal, in my opinion, is to spend more money in a more intelligent fashion. By leveraging the email audience you already have, it get’s a lot easier to increase conversions. Thanks for making this possible in such an easy way!!”

Maarten Ligthart

“This is a very powerful way to back-up your email funnels by using Facebook™ ads. You can match Facebook™ ads with the email the user just opened / read or clicked on. Another great tool from the Connectio team!”

Mark Ramos

“Another awesome tool created by the Connectio team. I’ve never expected such big ROI in my first campaign (473% ROI, spent $88 and made back just over $500). Thanks for this new tool you guys came up! :)”

Any experienced marketer will tell you…

Profiting consistently from your subscriber lists
is harder than ever…

And profiting from Facebook™ Ads can be even harder.

Subscribers are getting bombarded by emails these days. This makes it harder and harder to get them to open yours, much less click on them.

Even if they do open and click on your mails, research show that buyers need seven exposures to an offer before purchasing. That means sending more mails, which only further compounds the problem of declining open rates!

Studies also show that tracking your subscribers’ behavior with your emails can increase sales dramatically. But that requires subscriptions, expensive software, data-tracking/analysis and other capabilities that most marketers or business owners simply can’t afford.

Fact: Even though many marketers manage to build good subscriber lists, most have a tough time profiting from them!

Getting subscribers is only half the battle – and it’s the easy half.
Making consistent profits from your subscribers is the other half.

You need to market effectively, by segmenting your lists based on preferences, behaviours and responsiveness.

Which isn’t as easy as it sounds … so a lot of marketers don’t bother, and just blast out email after email to their entire list, which will:

Make people unsubscribe faster than you can replace them

Lead to spam complaints

Drastically decrease your overall email delivery, so fewer subscribers even GET your marketing messages

The Result?

Marketers complain that their email delivery rates are shrinking.

Blame it on their autoresponder service.

Look for alternatives … and companies are more than happy to offer them a “new email service”, promising to be better than the last …

The Solution Is NOT What Everyone Else Is Chasing

Believing a new autoresponder service will magically solve every email marketing problem is wishful thinking.

Because the main issue is unfocused marketing: blasting out untargeted messages day after day. That still lands people in the spam box and racks up the unsubscribes.

Until the marketing method changes, no autoresponder on the planet is going to improve delivery and profits over the long term.

There’s A Smarter … And MUCH Easier Way:

It’s been proven that coordinating your email lists with other types of targeted marketing works far better than just emailing alone.

Retargeting is a method that’s been used with great success by marketers in all niches.
All by itself, it’s a powerful conversion boosting tool:

Here are some quick facts about re-targeting:


People who are re-targeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert to a sale.


The average click-through rate is 10x higher on average than standard display ads (0.7% VS 0.07%).


According to ComScore, re-targeting ads account for a 1046% increase in branded search (a clear sign of higher brand awareness).


According to AdRoll, re-targeting earns an average of $10 for every $1 spent!

And if you thought that just plain re-targeting from your website traffic was effective, wait until you see what you can do with email re-targeting.

Because it really does take things to the next level!


Despite the powerful boost that web-based re-targeting
provides, it’s still rather limited as to what it can do…

This is because it works based on data that it gets from a pixel you place on a website or a landing page. Your re-targeting campaign doesn’t know anything about your visitors’ inbox activities.

For example, there’s no way for the re-targeting system to know if they open your emails or clicked on any of your links (unless of course, it’s to your own site and you have a re-targeting/conversion pixel for it).

Furthermore, there’s also no way to identify your non-buying subscribers vs. your buying subscribers. Unless you filter the data, add conversion pixels, segment your lists, export csv’s and create separate custom audiences, and so on…

And let’s face it, doing all that can become incredibly cumbersome and difficult to manage!

Not to mention that if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you’re actually sending the traffic to sites that you don’t control. Therefore, in most cases, you have no access to the re-targeting data!

Faced with shrinking profits from BOTH email and retargeting,
I tried something completely new:

COMBINE Retargeting With Email Marketing For Explosive ROI

We’ve always focused on maximizing conversions, and we’ve developed a number of powerful tools that thousands of people are using every day to make more profits.

We’ve tested thousands of paid ad strategies and email marketing methods. And was one of the earliest online marketers to adopt retargeting as a main strategy.

Until recent increases in ad costs, retargeting had always been very profitable for my business. Mainly with relatively cold traffic.

And like many others, recently it’s been harder and harder to maximize profits from my email list.

So it hit us: what would happen when we used retargeting with WARM traffic? Serve targeted ads to segments of our own subscriber lists?

Case Study #1

The $6.43 In, $1485 Out Email Retargeting Case Study

The concept was simple. I would target a portion of my list with a retargeting campaign to see if it would be profitable.

Here’s what I did:

  • I chose a bigger ticket affiliate product, then sent a promotional email to a test segment of my list
  • Then I set up a FB™ retargeting campaign that would show ads to anyone that opened that email. I set to for people to view the same offer via FB™ ads over the course of a week.

How did the test go?

Just checkout the results:

(That’s a 22994% ROI).

By retargeting a WARM audience from my subscriber list, I was able to profit faster and easier than it would EVER be possible using email and retargeting separately.

Case Study #2

The $84 In $1782 Out Email Retargeting Case Study

Recently we did the ultimate test to confirm the effectiveness of running Facebook™ Ads in parallel to an email promotion.

While promoting UpViral to a segment of our email list, we randomly split them into two equal groups.

Group A: Control group who received only emails.
Group B: Test group who received emails + got exposed to Facebook™ Ads.

When someone from group B opened any of the emails, they were automatically added to a custom audience.

By adding separate tracking links into the emails we were able to measure the exact differences between both groups.

In total, we spent $84 on Facebook™ Ads.

The results? Here’s a screenshot straight from our Google Analytics account:

(That’s a 2021% ROI)

We repeated the experiment several times and got consistently excellent results. Then let some beta testers try out the system as well – you’ll see their results just below.

ConnectAudience – Seamless Autoresponder & FB™ Account Integration For MASSIVE ROI Boosts

Increase Your Revenue Per Subscriber By 156% to 243%

Easily multiply sales generated from your subscriber lists. Best of all, without sending more emails!

Create FB™ Ad Campaigns That Deliver Insane ROI!

By creating super-profitable campaigns that will target exactly the subscribers you want… it doesn’t get any easier!

Integrates With Your FB™ Account and Autoresponders For Seamless Efficiency

No more time wasted exporting, downloading CSV files, filtering subscribers, and (re)building custom audiences manually, etc. ConnectAudience manages everything for you!

Cloud-based Software

Nothing to download or install. Use via any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

ConnectAudience Can Turn ANYONE Into A FB™ Marketing Expert … And MAXIMIZE Your Profits Per Subscriber.

Check Out The Demo To See How Fast & Easy It Is:

Get Instant Access To ConnectAudience

Get Your Subscriber Lists and Facebook™ Retargeting Working Together In Ways You Never Imagined…

ConnectAudience is a simple-to-use application.

Now, there’s ZERO need to be a Facebook™ ads expert, hire outsourcers, or spend thousands of dollars on complicated marketing apps.

With ConnectAudience, virtually anyone can become a Facebook™ marketing pro – in minutes!

Zero technical experience or special knowledge needed.

There Is NO Easier Way To Maximize Profits From Your Email List And Retargeting Campaigns.


ConnectAudience fully automates and coordinates the activities between your Facebook™ ads manager and your subscribers.

Build ultra-targeted custom audiences from any list, on the fly – completely hands free.

Best of all, ConnectAudience creates almost limitless options for building custom audiences to your own specifications . . . which allows you to target specific subscriber behaviors with pinpoint precision to boost conversions and dramatically reduce ad costs.

With a few simple mouse clicks, ConnectAudience connects your subscriber list to your Facebook™ Ad Manager. From that point on, ConnectAudience does the rest.

It even manages and updates your custom audiences with any changes made to your lists, automatically – no more fussing with exporting subscriber lists and uploading them into your FB™ ad manager

Sync Your Subscriber Lists into Facebook™ Custom Audiences

Manage your custom audiences directly between your Autoresponders and FB™ ads manager. ConnectAudience handles everything automatically!

With ConnectAudience’s customizable “and/or” options interface, your targeting possibilities are virtually endless!

Armed with the awesome power that ConnectAudience gives you, you can now custom tailor your retargeting audiences to meet your exact preferences, requirements, needs and wants.

Get almost unlimited targeting possibilities!

Serve up the right ads to the right audience based on their behavior. . . instead of hoping and praying your generic ad appeals to every subscriber. ConnectAudience saves you a ton of ad money because you can target only those subscribers who have already shown interest in your offers.

Tap into the power of your subscriber lists AND Facebook™’s custom audiences combined together. Now you can build highly targeted custom audiences to reach the exact subscribers you want to reach!

ConnectAudience Takes Your Marketing To The Next Level!

Show FB™ ads only to selected subscribers that have purchased from you before: explode your ROI by marketing to proven buyers

Retarget those on your list that opened your email but didn’t click: watch your profits skyrocket by exposing your audience to an offer multiple times (tested and proven to increase conversions)

Segment your email lists into ULTRA TARGETED, behaviour-based custom audiences: get the most cost-effective, high converting ads possible on FB™


ConnectAudience AUTOMATICALLY adds new subscribers to your custom audiences: ends the hassle of exporting email lists and uploading them manually into your FB™ ad manager

When It Comes To TARGETED Marketing,
ConnectAudience Changes Everything!

Everyone’s looking to increase profits with less effort. Think about it

Imagine being able to double or TRIPLE your earnings per subscriber.

Spend less time on marketing.

Send FEWER emails and make more profits.

Picture what you’ll do with all that newfound free time and higher income.

That’s what ConnectAudience Brings To The Table!

Until now. retargeting from email lists was a major hassle.

It went like this:

  • A. Download your list’s csv file from your autoresponder…
  • B. Open it in Excel in order to export the segment that you want to target with your campaign….
  • C. Upload it to Facebook™ to build a new custom audience then wait for approval.

The entire process, while effective, would probably take some time to complete, at least an hour.

It would dramatically improve the effectiveness of your promotion, but you would need to manually update your custom audience daily with any new subscribers you get. Especially if you have a large list that gets many new subscribers on a daily basis.

Now with ConnectAudience, the whole ‘import to custom audiences’ is easy!

Simple interface that manages BOTH your email lists AND your Facebook™ custom audiences: Automatically and with laser-precision.

Completely automated, eliminates all guesswork and manages your custom audiences for you 24/7: Making you a more efficient marketer.

Build laser-targeted and / or segmented audiences: It’s easier than ever to create unlimited unique audiences from WARM traffic, based on your preferences.

Effortlessly expand your marketing reach by tapping into Facebook™’s lookalike audience feature: Without ever leaving the ConnectAudience dashboard.

Here are just a few ways that you can maximize profits with ConnectAudience’s superior targeting capabilities:

Target an overlapping segment of subscribers who are on two or more of your lists

Great if you have buyers lists for multiple products!

Target your list to exclude previous buyers of a product

Also keeps your audiences automatically updated to weed out future buyers, so your audiences always stay super-targeted!

Target people who received but didn’t open a particular email(s)

Great way to try to get more exposures to an offer without sending more emails!

Target people who opened your email, but didn’t click on any links

Great way to increase click rates and increase earnings per subscriber!

Target people who opened an email AND clicked on a link

Great way to get people re-exposed to any offer to increase conversions. And you’re always in control, even with affiliate links!

Build audiences based on segmenting data and/or selected emails sent

Great way to follow up with highly-targeted/qualified repeat buyers on good-selling promotions!

Custom tailor ads to keep up with your follow-up sequences

Increase exposures to high-ticket offers using Facebook™ ads, while helping your subscribers along your email sequence to get maximum conversions! (NOTE: there is tremendous potential with this capability, we’ll show you during the trainings!)

Create lookalike audiences for your lists

Target Facebook™ users not on your list but match similar preferences, demographics and interests of your subscribers. Another powerful capability that can exponentially increase your sales and profits!

Easily Connect With Popular Autoresponders

ConnectAudience is natively compatible with the following autoresponders:

NOTE: new apps are being added all the time!

Connect DIRECTLY To Your Facebook™ Ads Account

ConnectAudience had to withstand Facebook™’s rigorous standards in order to gain access to the API for its advertising platform.

This puts ConnectAudience in a select group of only a handful of companies who have passed muster.

It should be noted that most of those companies have developed applications whose commercial or enterprise licenses range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per year… or more!

No matter who you are, ConnectAudience will help you take your marketing to exciting new heights!

Are you just starting out in marketing online?

ConnectAudience will help you get the most out of your subscribers, even if your lists are fairly small! By running intelligent, well-targeted campaigns on Facebook™, you will get more clicks and see more profits than just emailing alone.

Increase your earnings per subscriber and build your revenues, so you can do more promotion and grow your lists even more!

Are you a seasoned internet marketer?

You may be frustrated by dwindling earnings per subscriber, seeing dismal click or open rates and so on. With ConnectAudience, you can make more money from your lists by doing smart targeting to segments of your lists (see the examples above, which is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do!) so you’ll get higher levels of engagement and a boost in ROI on all your future email campaigns.

Are you a small business owner?
Get more activity from your customer database and FB™ fan page. Run ultra-targeted ads to your customers for promotions, upcoming events, and other incentives. This will increase leads, goodwill, brand awareness, and of course… sales!

Do you promote eCommerce products?

ConnectAudience will increase your ROI practically OVERNIGHT, by helping you run highly specific retargeting campaigns. And if you’re using your store to build a subscriber list, it will allow you to make the maximum possible profits per subscriber.

Are you a list builder and email marketer?

Segment your lists like never before and watch your promotional emails pull higher profits than you’ve ever seen. Let ConnectAudience do all the work, creating custom audiences that you can promote to for explosive returns.

Do you currently use retargeting in your business?

See how easy it is to integrate your existing email lists into your retargeting campaigns Watch as the software constantly updates your target audiences, so your ads get maximum reach and results every time.

ConnectAudience Is The ‘Missing Link’ Of Retargeting!

Phil Benham

“ConnectAudience is the ‘missing link’ of the popular retargeting phenomenon! You don’t want to run another retargeting campaign without it.

This is an app I will always keep in my tool chest. You’ll kick yourself if you see your competitors start using this before you do!”

Marc de Groot

“It’s not just creating custom audiences in an easy way, but really following throught with automation and a whole load of video’s with detailed instructions. This product is dummy proof and I love that!”

Stefan van der Vlag

“All I can say is WOW! Just.. WOW! Connectio has really has done it for me this time. When using this strategy (retarget people who clicked on my emails) we’ve seen 500%+ ROI on our ads!

It’s really cool! It not only integrates with my favorite auto responder, but it uses the Facebook™ Ads API… And well to get that you need to go through an extreme vetting process!

With Connect Audience you can now really dig deep and even retarget people that opened , or unopened your message, clicked your link, put in special rules for your retargeting… Like intersecting, and more! I can easily see this doing 10x my current retargeting profits. Thanks for crafting another much needed piece of the puzzle!”

Viv Neti

“We created a segment of customers who purchased within the past 3 years, and evenly split the segment into two groups:

Group A: Control, received single channel campaign (email campaign)
Group B: Test group, received multi channel campaign (Facebook™ ad + email campaign)

For one week we targeted a Facebook™ ad. After the Facebook™ Ad campaign completed both groups were sent the same email campaign.

Below are the results of the email campaign:


The email conversion rate is significantly higher and the email campaign was more effective when using a Facebook™ ad to warm up the subscribers or bring awareness of the brand and products prior to sending the email campaign.

Going forward our email marketing strategy will integrate Facebook™ Ads to generate awareness and we will use email marketing to capitalize on that awareness. “

Steve O’Connor

“I got access to ConnectAudience earlier and it’s a great tool! Connectio is great at explaining how to use the software and the support was quick and helpful. We use it a lot of our Facebook™ ads and it’s amazing, especially in conjunction with UpViral. Easily made our money back within a week. Thanks guys!!”

During this special offer, you also
get the following exclusive bonuses!

Exclusive Bonus #1

Our Own ‘Insider’ Email Retargeting Strategies Revealed

You’ll get an in-depth video course that will teach you how to effectively use ConnectAudience. We’ll cover several proven strategies, and exactly how you can utilize them to profit.

The objective is to help you determine the best of several proven strategies that are right for you and your business.

Among some of the strategies we will cover include:

• Segmenting ideas
• The types of ads to create
• Branding Strategies
• Bribe Strategies
• Video ad strategies
• And much more!

(a $297 value)

Exclusive Bonus #2

Retargeting Ad Swipe File

Creating effective retargeting ads that bring your visitors/subscribers back to your offers can become quite the art. To get you off to a great start with your ads, our team researched and compiled this swipe file. It features 46 retargeting ad formats that have been proven to produce results again and again!

These are ads that have been tested and tweaked by major industry players as well as elite marketers so you know they’re winners!

These swipe files will give you the inspiration and ideas that will help you create your own winning retargeting ads without starting from ground zero!

Best of all, we compiled this awesome swipe collection in a way that they will work for a wide range of markets and niches.

These swipes will save you tons of time researching and testing ads… guaranteed!

(a $67 value)

Exclusive Bonus #3

Definitive Guide on Facebook™ Retargeting

We’ve put together an extensive guide on everything there is to know about Facebook™ retargeting. This 24-paged guide will make everyone who’s planning to get started with retargeting, an immediate expert!

(a $97 value)

Exclusive Bonus #4

The Ultimate Facebook™ Ads Guide

We’ve created an extensive 80+ paged guide on Facebook™ Ads where we take you by the hand about everything there is to know about running profitable Facebook™ Ads campaigns. All the way from what kind of ads to create, targeting to pick to optimizing your ads to it’s maximum potential.

(a $197 value)

These bonuses are only available if you
purchase ConnectAudience during
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Already have an active list and email sequence?

Here’s a fast and easy way to start making
more money with ConnectAudience!

Just follow these simple steps…

1. Make a game plan to run ads based on the email series for your promotion. Set up one set of ads for an audience who opened but didn’t click, as well as one for those who didn’t open the emails, or clicked, etc., depending on your preferences.

2. Use ConnectAudience to create the custom audience that will target your subscribers based on where they are along your email sequence.

3. Simply set up your ads on FB™ to work with your custom audience, per your preferences.

For example, have one ad run for all subscribers who are between email #1 and email #2. Then run another ad for those that are between email #2 and #3, and so on.

And that’s it!

By just implementing this basic-but-effective strategy alone, you will get more sales without sending more emails.

Your revenue per subscriber should only increase dramatically!

Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg. You will be amazed at all the other easy ways you can custom-tailor your marketing efforts with ConnectAudience, increasing your sales and profits even more!

This application is 100% web-based and hosted in our secure cloud. Due to significant infrastructure demands, as well as the constant development needed to keep it on the cutting edge, the price will increase for its official launch! 

Consider yourself lucky if you can get in before the rest of the world can. We hope you’ll take this offer and utilize it to build your business even more!

And of course, we want your success stories to share with our future customers when we launch to the public!

So act now to take advantage of this incredibly low price. Because this is a serious one-time-offer. If you don’t take advantage now, this pricing will be gone!

Our commitment to you:

Our team will continue developing ConnectAudience so it becomes a major industry powerhouse!

This innovative product is in constant development. With tons of additional features, capabilities and tools planned, that will continue making ConnectAudience more and more powerful.

We are committed to maximizing your investment in ConnectAudience any way we can! We will also rely on your input and ideas to make it even better!

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Lenny Ramirez

“I been blown away with Connectio’s support and development team, you definitely need that with every tool you put your money in. You always get a reply to any question in a matter of hours and sometimes from the founder himself! I buy anything that he produces that fits my business because of this. He’s been supporting and adding features and integrations not just to ConnectAudience but all of his tools for years now. So UNSEEN in this industry!”

David Dekel

“This is one of the most innovative pieces of software I’ve ever seen. It brings a type of innovation to the marketplace that will allow you to hyper-target your campaigns that you run on Facebook™ to the point where you minimize your ad spend to levels I haven’t seen before, while producing more results, more revenue and more sales through the ad campaigns that you run.”

Dan Wegner

“Facebook™ is amoung the most effective ways to reach just the right audience for a broad range of products and services and ConnectAudience makes doing Facebook™ marketing a snap. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a quick and easy way to reach out and connect with their audience.

Damon Nelson

I love this software. It is cloud based and is basically a “set it and forget it” type of tool. Whenever I start building an email optin list or a webinar signup, I just add a new retargeting audience to ConnectAudience and the software then updates Facebook™ daily with new optins. I use it primarily to retarget “lookalike” audiences to my current customers. I’ve been successful using this strategy in adding new customers to my sales funnels and webinars. The training is great and the dashboard is organized in a way that is simple to understand and quickly get started. I highly recommend using this software if you have an email list and a Facebook™ account.”

Allan Simmons

“I am a complete novice with facebook but Connect Audience has allowed me to show very targeted ads to people who last used our service either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years ago based on the last job date we have on our database. A key benefit is that because ConnectAudience is linked to my Infusionsoft system it updates the audience daily, so those who do respond and book a job or quote after seeing the advert are automatically removed from the audience automatically, with no manual input required. The KEY thing is, the response to those ads which specifically mention “Hey, it’s been almost X years since we heard from you…” have been the best performing ads of ANY Facebook™ advertising we have ever done. Typical costs per click through have been around US$1.88 and our average sale is around £140.00 “

Kate Saunders

“I buy just about every software this team releases for two reasons: 1. He uses them in his marketing and they always rock. 2. The founder not only supports and updates his software consistently, he often integrates new softwares with them making them exponentially more effective and powerful for my marketing efforts.

ConnectAudience is no exception, and in a marketing world where social media platforms are changing frequently, it’s a huge relief to know that they’re on top of this, and keeps his platforms up to date.

Technical details have often derailed my efforts in the past, and ConnectAudience has been a life saver for me with respect to FB™ audiences and maximizing their effectiveness.

Uffe Kirkegaard

“ConnectAudience is a very powerful tool. I particularly like the ability to target my Facebook™ ads to people on a specific email list of mine, and have the audience synchronized automatically with my autoresponder daily. Between the online tools I use, the user interface of ConnectAudience is one of my favorites…”

Mark Peters

“ConnectAudience allows you to really dig deep and even re-target people that opened , or unopened your message, clicked your link and you can put in special rules for your re-targeting.
This is a tool I will always keep using. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t buy this today! “

Tamas Mezosi

“If you ever plan to advertise for your clients or for your own products/services on Facebook™, then signing up for ConnectAudience app is a no-brainer. We constantly get 3-400% ROIs (sometimes even higher) on targeting lookalike audiences of our subscribers who clicked on email offers.”

Bruce Stewart

“After using ConnectAudience for a few days in my Facebook™ campaigns I went from struggling Facebook™ advertiser to a highly satisfied advertiser. I was surprised at the difference the ConnectAudience software was able to deliver and the dramatic increase in new subscriber rates coupled with the ease of use.
With its crazy auto updating features I am now able to spend more time on other areas of my business. Thanks for developing this great tool.”

Tom Tran

“Yes, great support & training for an awesome tool that is a game-changer for follow up & cross-channel marketing.”

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