25 Weirdly Specific Facebook Ads Targeting Ideas You Didn’t Know Existed

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With over 1,5+ billion monthly active users, Facebook advertisers can pretty much reach whoever they want, whenever they want it.

A gigantic opportunity.

But it’s not all good though, as many advertisers seem to struggle to show their message to the right audience: those who’re potentially interested in their product or service.

Even though Facebook gives advertisers the opportunity to target their ads to very specific groups of people…

… many advertisers simply go for a combination of “location”, “age”, “gender” and a few interests.

A good start, but it’s not there yet. It’s no secret Facebook knows a LOT about it’s users…

… so being a marketer it’d be a crime not to use that, right?

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of 25 things you can target using their “Demographics” and “Behaviors” targeting options:


Here you go… 25 things you can target using Facebook’s demographics & behavior targeting:

1- Target New Generation

From the Millennials to the Baby boomers, you can target the hottest generation of this era.


Target Advertisers – Clothing / Fashion, Gadgets, Gaming, Media Houses etc


2- People with upcoming Anniversary

Reach out to people that have a special day coming in their life. Target people that have an upcoming anniversary.

Upcoming Anniversary

Target Advertisers – Greeting Services, Event Planners, Restaurants, Recreational Activities etc.


3- Target by their rate of Technology Adoption

If your product or service is too high-tech or even the completely opposite, you can target audience on how they adopt technology.

Technology Adopters

Target Advertisers – SaaS, HighTech, Vintage, DIY etc


4- Target by household members

Now you can target your ad to people that live among a family or have separate households.

Household Composition

Target Advertisers –  Kitchen Accessories, Home Appliances, Furniture, Cleaning Services etc.


5- Friends of People with Anniversary

Sometimes all you need is a small reminder to remember your loved ones anniversaries and special days. Target friends of people that have an upcoming anniversary.

Friends of anniversaries

Target Advertisers – Greeting Services, Online Gift Stores, ECards, Event Management etc.


6- Target Small Business Owners

Facebook is home to hundreds and thousands of small business owners. If you are a banking, insurance or selling an app for small businesses, you can reach a broad number of potential customers.

Small Business Owners

Target Advertisers – Banks, Insurance, Freelancing Platforms, Web Hosting, Marketing Agencies etc.


7- Target people when they have a new job

Now using Facebook, you can target each individual that got a job recently.

New Job

Target Advertisers : Photo Albums, Fashion / Clothing accessories, Online Learning platforms etc.


8- Target people in new relationships

Find and target people that are recently engaged or married and are building their relationships.

New Relationship

Target Advertisers –  Greeting Services, Online Gift Stores, ECards, Event Management, Restaurants etc.


9- Target people that create Events on Facebook

With Facebook Ads, you can target all people that have recently created an event on Facebook. This can be good targeting for businesses that deal in event management service.

Event Creators

Target Advertisers – Event Planners, Caterers, Decorators, Entertainers, Movie Makers etc


10- Target people that traveled recently

Target all people that recently returned from travelling. Though there can be many businesses that can target recent travelers but if you are into photo album creation business than you can’t miss out these people.

Recently Travelled

Target Advertiser: Album Creators, Doctors / Physicians, Travel Agencies, Airlines etc


11- Target Parents

From couples that are just about to become parents to couples that are parenting for last 25 years, you can target all types of parents.


Target Advertisers –  Doctors, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Insurance, Travel Agents etc.


12- Target people on their Technology Interest

The technology targeting for Facebook Ads is vast. You can target ads based on the type of computing devices or consumer electronics they have show interest in. Such as , you can target all people that have shown interest in Ebook Readers.


Target Advertisers : Hardware / Software Vendors, Cellphone Vendors, Ecommerce Stores, Online Services etc.


13- Target people based on their political interests

Want to segment and reach your audience based on political views? Facebook Ads let you weed out your audience on their political following too.

Political Affiliation

Target Advertisers – Political Parties, Political Organizations, Media Houses etc.


14- Reach people using Facebook Payments Platform

This is a must have targeting for businesses that are selling something on Facebook or they have paid apps on Facebook. The Facebook Payments targeting enable you to reach all people that have recently made a payment, are high end of the spending or all people that have used the Facebook Payment Platform at least once.

facebook payments

Target Advertisers – Facebook App Developers, Online Retailers, Ecommerce, Facebook Pages selling something etc.


15- Target on type of Browsers they use

If you have a Chrome or Safari Extension, you should really consider targeting your ads on the type of browsers used. This will enable you in laser targeting prospects that use only your preferred browser.

Browser Used

Target Advertisers – Browser Extension Developers, Developer Tools, Productivity Apps etc


16- Target people that responded to your event

Similar to page likers and app users, you can target friend of people that responded and interacted with your event.

PEople responded to your event

Target Advertisers – Event Creators, Event Managers, Webinar Organizers, Trade Shows etc.


17- Target people from their Email Domain

Do you want to target only Gmail or AOL users? With Facebook Ads Targeting, you can also target audience on the type of email service provider.

Email Domain

Target Advertisers – Autoresponder, Email Marketing Apps, Marketers, Email Apps etc


18- Target people living away from home

E-greetings, money transfer, communication, shopping, travel and more similar advertisers can easily target people living abroad and away from their hometown.


Target Advertisers – E-Greetings, Online Services, Money Transfer, Travel, Insurance, Immigration Consultants, Restaurants etc.


19- Mobile device users by brand and device

Facebook reports more than half of its users access Facebook via their mobile device. Mobile Device Targeting by Facebook enables you to target audience based on the type of mobile device (brand, OS, features), tablet owners, new smartphone buyers and much more.

Mobile Device Users

Target Advertisers – Mobile App Developers, Mobile Accessories Stores, Mobile/ Cellphone Vendors.


20- Friends of people that like your page

A person is most likely to engage with your ad or page, if their friend have. Using Facebook Connections Targeting, you can target people that are friends of people that like your page.

Friends of people that like your page

Target Advertisers – Page Owners and all type of businesses.


21- Target by their Computer’s Operating System

Similar to browser, you can also drill down to the type of operating system you audience is using. Perfect if you are selling a desktop application.


Target Advertisers – Computer Vendors ,Repair and Maintenance Service, Desktop Software Vendors etc.


22- Target Sporting Fans and Events

Does your business has potential in global sporting events? Use Facebook Seasonal And Events Targeting to reach audience that has engaged with content related to the mega sporting event.

Seasonal Sporting Events

Target Advertisers : Media Companies, Sports Team / Franchises, Event Organizers etc.


23- Target all type of Travelers

From frequent travelers, business travelers to people currently travelling, you can target all type of travelers.


Target Advertiser: Album Creators, Doctors / Physicians, Travel Agencies, Airlines etc


24- Target people who used your app

Target audience that is friends of people using your app. They are most likely to interact with your app, if their friend is already doing it.

PEople used your app

Target Advertisers – App Developers, App Testers, App Vendor.


25- Targeting made out of advanced combinations of connections

If you want to create a custom audience out of your connections and their friends, you can use Advance Combinations to create your own segmentation.

Advanced Combinations

Target Advertisers – Any business that is looking for a very unique set of people.


Of course there are many options to target… and we’d love to hear your ideas! What’s your favorite and/or more bizarre targeting option you came across?

P.S. To get the most out of these 25 targeting ideas we’d recommend to unlock & watch the video above – it’ll make all the difference!

P.P.S. Is it okay if we over-deliver? Here’s a free bonus video to triple the effectiveness of your ads using a single targeting technique:

  • Liane Carmi

    Fantastic list – got lots of great targeting ideas for my niche just skimming through. Thanks for putting this together!

  • Tavis Yeung

    awesome stuff as always Wilco! (why did you have to share this with everyone lol :P)

  • Sam

    Nice one Wilco! 🙂

  • Cash Queens

    A great list of ways to drill down the targeting on the FB ads. I’ve been doing this with great success, and mentoring others to do so too, so it’s always nice to see fresh ideas – thank you

  • gourmethiker

    Great article… some great ideas in here!

  • Ronnie Nijmeh

    Excellent post! Definitely some hidden gems in the interest/behavior targeting options!

  • rockhopper

    Thanks Wilco, there are quite a few “new targeting techniques” that I must carefully note. The link to the video takes us back to this same page..

    • Once you’ve entered your email, the video should appear automatically inside the blogpost (at the location where the opt-in was before).

      • Hi, I was unable to see the video too. I tried both Chrome and Firefox, any suggestions other than Internet Explorer?

        • Hmm – I’ll check with the creator of that WordPress plugin that I’m using for that feature. Should be working (for me it’s working in every browser I tried).

  • Wilco you are the man as usual!! Thank you for this great tool and of course sharing your knowledge.

  • Dope post Wilco. I think my most valuable takeaway was targeting by email address – never even knew that was an option.

    • Thanks a lot, appreciate it! And yeah, that’s a pretty good feature to use 🙂

  • John Boggan

    Very good post. I will be sharing

  • JeffreyLStaniforth

    I’m wanting to target potential buyers of domain names (i.e. Finance, Stock Market, real estate to name a few). Looking for a targeting strategy to start putting ads (niche based) in front of individual’s/decision makers. Any direction would be most appreciated.

    • I’d target communities around domain name trading (Sedo etc) – see if they match an “interest”. I’d say that the money is also in a certain demographic (certain age-range), so I’d research on that as well (and if you can’t find it – do a split-test to see which one converts best).

      You could target founders/CEOs by their job role.. but I think you’ll be narrowing it down too much at that point. I’ve been in the domain game as well, and often it’s one of the marketers or people from other departments who bring it up to the decision makers… which means you want to be in front of those people as well.

      Good luck!

      • JeffreyLStaniforth

        Big thanks… all excellent advice… I guess the more of an idea I have of potential buyers the easier it is going to be to target them. Like the idea of targeting Sedo and the likes, also need to research company decision maker titles/roles. Thanks again, most appreciated.

  • Thanks Aman, appreciate it!

  • I prefer to use the Power Editor, yeah!

    • Awesome. Thank you.

    • You can also use Ad Manager – Facebook is continuing to improve the Ad Manager so it’s equally as friendly as Power Editor.

  • Aaron

    FB added behavioral retargeting to their native videos so it’s now possible to retarget people based on how long they watch a video on FB or on your website. Since FB video is so powerful, will you be adding this to ConnectRegaret?

  • moto_lady

    There is any target or combination of targets in order to find the beginners into a certain hobby? For example, the beginners in tennis, or in motorbiking, or in cooking…

    • Something you could do is find interests in that field that only advanced people in that market will know. Let’s say you’re targeting golf – I’m sure there’ll be some things/brands that will mainly be known by people who’ve been doing it for a while. You could then target golf-interests, but exclude those “advanced” segments.

      There’s no 100% success rate, but definitely worth a test!

  • Simon Hartland

    I’d love to target people that are relocating to my town. I’ve narrowed my audience to – people who live outside my state – with behavior, “likely to move” – with additional interests of my city and county. I thought there was a way to target based on online behavior off of Facebook – like people that are using websites like zillow, trulia, realtor.com etc. but I don’t seem to be able to segment that way – am I missing something? TIA

    • Unfortunately, you can’t retarget websites you have no control over (I wish!!).

  • Oren Ceasar

    Hi, I have a specific target audience which is people that own e-commerce websites and or sell merchandise on Instagram, any advice on how to target them???

    • You could target Facebook advertisers interested in Shopify, for example? Just a thought to get you going 🙂

  • Jeanne Whitesides

    I’m curious how to target FB users who have “liked” the Pantsuit Nation page, or other political pages. Is it possible?

    Thank you for the article!

    • Catherine Vargas

      Yes you can do that it all depends if the page is registered on Facebook. For example in the part of interest just type the name of political FB pages you want to add into your demography. If they don’t show up that means they are not registered on the Facebook database that means you gotta look for other pages then.

  • Marat Aminov

    Hi, thanks for useful tips. I just trying to solve one case: How can I target WordPress site owners? or WordPress developers who specialised on WP site developing. Do you have any ideas?

  • Olivier Madel-Felicite

    Can we target people who are in specific groups or pages ?

    • Yes and no, sort off… You can’t target groups YET (that’s coming), and for pages it varies (although even when you can target a page, you can target JUST the fans. Instead, Facebook makes an assumption who’s interested in that (which means even non-fans will be included).

  • Mike Albert

    Hi Wilco…any idea how to target businesses that sell on Amazon…if i try targeting “Amazon”, that shows people who like to buy (rather than sell) on Amazon. Thanks.

  • Kyle Kaizan

    really great content wilco! sadly most of these features are not available in my country yet :'(

    id be able to resolve most of my targeting problems pretty easily if they were available. (well i assume it would be easy)

    i ran an ad for my local biz targeting males aged 25-35 living around my area. but the responses i got back were from both men AND women. some didnt even have any similarities to my target audience. at first i thought they were fake profiles from india or phillipines.

    i resolved this by targeting my audience with “people who live in” the location instead of everyone in it. i started with a small area first then moved out to a larger area and slowly the whole city. i let facebook optimize after that, it got a much better response rate and ROI. (this is where i learnt how to do this: https://goo.gl/MVbYrh )

    after that i started using targeting via email address of my customers and let facebook optimize the results for me. its been working well so far.

    hopefully these features will be available for me to use soon… definitely gonna bookmark this page for future reference!

    thanks again wilco!