The biggest mistake to avoid when running Facebook Ads

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When you log into Facebook and see all those ads popping up in your newsfeed, you probably think all those advertisers are making a ton of money. But the truth is that most advertisers aren’t making any profit because their ads aren’t working. Only a small percentage of advertisers are turning huge profits and

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20 Clever Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

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Facebook is on it’s way to becoming the largest referral platform for website traffic. Last 2015, the social media powerhouse successfully overtook Google and owned 40% of website traffic in the World Wide Web.

Businesses all over the world hope to turn a slice of Facebook’s 1 billion+ users and gigantic

How To Create Instagram Lead Ads in 13 Easy Steps

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If you’re taking your online business seriously, building an email list should be on your priority list.

After all, Derek Halpern said that “if you’re not building an email list, you are an idiot!” (and you don’t want to be an idiot, right?!).

You’ve probably already seen all the common, rehearsed list-building strategies that everyone is already using…

… which is

10 Reasons To Retarget Your Subscribers With Facebook Ads

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I am pretty sure you would agree with the fact that as a marketer, you dream of building a huge online presence and getting more personal with your audience.

These are among the gazillion reasons why you build an email list and run an email marketing campaign.

However, building an email list is only half the battle…

Getting your email subscribers to convert is

4 Simple But Effective Ways to Increase Your Facebook Ads CTR

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When running ads on Facebook, you obviously want to know how your campaigns are doing – and you want to push for the best results possible.

Even though ROI (Return on Investment, e.g. dollar in VS dollar out) is the most important metric, it often takes time before you have enough data.

That’s why many people focus on their CTR

The Ultimate Facebook Lead Ads Cheat Sheet

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Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to build high-quality leads from your Facebook audience. It’s the easiest way to generate leads from Facebook Ads.

By just tapping few clicks on a lead ad, their details are automatically captured without the need for filling out an form.

If you want to know what Facebook Lead Ads are and how they

Boost your Content Reach with Facebook Ads

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Inbound Marketing, or commonly referred to as Content Marketing, is now a favorable ways of creating awareness around your brand. Content Marketing is also known for creating and growing a much needed engagement with the right audiences.

However, all this comes with a lot of frustrations.

Companies starting off with their content strategy find that, despite investing a handsome amount