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Facebook Ads that don’t convert, maybe it’s time to...

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Discover how a revolutionary new tool can help you legally and ethically “hijack” Facebook’s multi-billion dollar AI infrastructure, and use it grow your following, increase engagement, and boost sales.

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If you're sick and tired of:


Wasting your money

Wasting your money on underperforming FB Ads.

Spending countless hours

Spending countless hours inside the Ads Manager trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Struggling to break-even

Watching how others in your field are profiting from their FB ads, while you’re struggling to break-even.

Then this the most important page you’ll visit today.

Contrary to what many “gurus” say, running FB ads is easy.

What’s hard is running PROFITABLE ads that bring high ROI on each $1 invested.

And the truth is, there are many things “working” against you on achieving that goal:
  • People’s attention is getting shorter and shorter and you’re having less and less time to capture it. According to Microsoft study, human attention span is 8 seconds!
  • Facebook constantly makes changes inside its Ads Manager and its algorithm. This makes it harder for you to always be on top of what’s working now.
  • Due to increased competition, the cost of advertising is constantly going up. Because of this, it’s getting harder and harder to be profitable and justify higher ad budget.

And all this brings you right into the classic catch-22...

You can’t afford wasting money on underperforming FB ads… but you can’t afford to stop, because you’ll lose your flow of traffic, leads, and customers.


Luckily for you, there is a way out.

There is a way for you to:
  • Run profitable ads on a budget.
  • Get higher ROI on your ad spend.
  • Drastically reduce your costs per click and acquisition.
And you can have all that WITHOUT:
  • Having to take yet another FB Ads course or joining a mastermind.
  • Learning how to do anything other than what you already know.
  • Spending hours and hours inside the Ads Manager, figuring it all out.

All this is possible thanks to a simple principle that “gurus” and “experts” don’t talk about, even though they regularly implement with their own FB ads.

But before we dive into details,

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Some call us a “Facebook Ads wizard” after seeing the results of our campaigns. And who am I to contradict them. 🙂

Over the last few years, we’ve helped 20,000+ clients with their marketing. You may know some of my clients, such as Mike Filsaime, Nicholas Kusmich and many others.

For the past 6 years, Connectio has specialized in Facebook™ marketing. We’ve created a number of award-winning softwares designed to help business owners get top results from Facebook™ advertising.

Our company mission is to help business owners around the globe become more effective with Facebook™ ads.

These products include:




Stefan van der Vlag

All I can say is WOW! Just.. WOW! Connectio has really has done it for me this time. When using this (retarget people who clicked on my emails) we’ve seen 500%+ ROI on our ads!


Josh Ratta

ConnectLeads isn’t just the fastest way to gather leads directly from Facebook™ to your autoresponder using Lead Ads… it’s also the ONLY way! I really can’t imagine running Facebook™ Lead Ads without ConnectLeads. Highly recommended for all marketers & people wanting to build lists FAST!


Ronnie Nijmeh

WOW, ConnectRetarget is killer! With a couple clicks, I can create custom audiences that would normally have taken me months and an engineering degree to figure out.

It’s SUPER simple to use and target based on really useful filters. CRAZY powerful!

Luuk Olde Bijvank

Normally it takes us multiple hours of research to find those laser-targeted interests in a new niche. ConnectExplore automates it for us, saving us hours of time!

We used ConnectExplore on a new Shopify store in a new niche we’ve never entered before. So far, we’ve made $9633 pure profit – on just one item!

This new store has now over 20 items, making $8K/day… and it all started with ConnectExplore. Fully recommend using it!

Our products have been featured on:


And I've been personally featured on Entrepreneur,

and other publications.


For one of the campaigns I did - that produced roughly $1.4m in revenue - I was awarded with prestigious 2-comma club award.
Now, I’m not telling you all this to brag. I don’t need that in my life
I’m telling you this to show you that everything I’m sharing with you comes from real-life experience, and not theory.

Back to our main topic.

As you’ve experienced it yourself, it’s getting harder and harder to run profitable Facebook ads. More competition. Higher prices. Shorter attention span. Constant changes inside FB’s ad platform. All these things have a devastating effect on your business and your finances.

The question is, what should you do about it? How can you turn the odds into your favor?

How to make sure that your ads are in conjunction with Facebook’s wishes, and that they’ll bring great results for your business?

Surprisingly, Facebook clearly said what
they want and what will they favor.

You see, Facebook is a public company. And as such, they only one primary goal - to keep their investors happy.

And to keep their investors happy, they need to show that they’re generating revenue and profits.

And since their main source of revenue is advertising, they need to have an engaged user base to whom businesses will advertise.

To put it simply: in order for Facebook to keep the investors happy, they need to keep their users happy! And what makes Facebook users happy?

And what makes Facebook users happy?
Mark Zuckerberg wrote it in one of his posts:

Mark Zuckerberg


We built facebook to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us. That's why we've always put friends and family at the core of the experience. Research shows that strengthening our relationships improves our well-being and happiness.


But recently we've gotten feedback from our community that public content -- posts from businesses, brands and media - is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.

In other words - people don’t want ads! They want to interact with other people!

That’s why Facebook constantly decreases the organic reach of your Page’s posts. For example, in 2013, your Facebook Page could easily reach approximately 12% of fans with each post. In 2018, that percentage dropped to 1.2% average.

Facebook even stated on their official blog:

“As we make these updates, Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease.”

But here’s a part that everyone seems to missed…

“Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed.”

That’s right!

Facebook explicitly told us that it’ll reward the Pages and posts that generate interaction.

In other words, those that get engagement.
“OK, that’s all great. But how does all this helps me run profitable ads for my business?”

Fair question. Let’s connect the dots. What facts do we know so far?


Fact #1

It’s getting harder and harder to turn
your ads into profits.

Fact #2

People don’t want ads, they want interaction -
to be heard, to be engaged, to be listened to.

Fact #3

Facebook wants its users happy and will
reward Page posts that get engagement.

Combine these 3 facts and you’ll come to ONLY ONE logical conclusion:

You should take your best-performing Page posts that get engagement and turn them into ads!

With that approach - instead of wasting your hard-earned money running
ads that you don’t know if they’ll work or not - you’re doing several things right:

You’re promoting content that you know people love
With the existing engagement, your target audience will feel invited to engage further
You’ll warm the cold audience with engaging content

You’re leveraging your posts and time you invested in creating them
Because of that engagement, the cost per click (or view) will be much lower
You’re giving both people and Facebook exactly what they want


And because of this, you’ll once again be able to:

Run profitable ads, even you have a tight advertising budget
Get higher ROI on your ad spend
Drastically reduce your costs per click and acquisition

Look at what this user (who wishes to remain anonymous) had to say about this strategy:

"... get them ready with education and emotion first … and then when you ask them to do something, the take up rate is huge compared to trying to do it cold…."


There are two ways you can do it:
the hard way, and an automated way.

Here’s the hard way first.

1 Post your content to
2 Continuously check your posts from Facebook
3 Once you see a post that gets more engagement, continue with the next step.
4 Go to Facebook Ads
5 Create new campaign
6 Decide on the objective (such as video views, traffic, etc)
7 Create ad set
8 Set ad set targeting. Add Custom Audience that you previously created. Dial into specific audience
9 Set your budget
10 Set your placement
11 Create a new ad
12 Select “Use Existing Post”
13 Go back to your Facebook Page
14 Copy the unique post ID from your address bar
15 Go back into the Ads Manager
16 Press the “+” Icon and Paste the ID
17 Create the ad

(Then start over from start – this is an ongoing process)

“But wait, why can’t I just use the “Boost
Post” button that I see below my posts?”

Great question.

The Boost Post button IS NOT optimized for conversions!

That means that one you use the Boost Post option, your post will be shown to people within the parameters you’ve set. And that “ad” will be optimized to show your post to as many people as possible. Instead of showing to the people who have the highest chance to complete the action you want (to click, for example).

Bottom line is, if you want your ads to convert, ALWAYS use the Ads Manager. Sounds like a pain at the bottom of the back, right? Well, that’s because it is. It takes a lot of time. A lot of patience. And some tech skills. Except for some tech skills, I lack all of this other stuff.
That’s why I created an easier way.

A Simple-To-Use Tool That Uses The Power Of Facebook’s Infrastructure To Turn Your Best Performing Posts Into Ads - On Autopilot

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".... what used to take a lot of time I can now set up ONCE in literally 5 mins and forget about it …."


Dimitris Paraskevopoulos


Started using ConnectAutomate few months ago for boosting specific posts on my FB pages, especially those with higher engagement like for example contests & giveaways. I have 5 pages for my business and what used to take a lot of time I can now set up ONCE in literally 5 mins and forget about it, while whenever there is need to adjust some settings in the tool it’s a matter of seconds! Even more important is the fact I get much better results with the same ad spend as before, since the tool automatically creates fully fledged FB ads with targeted custom audiences for each page (which I happen to create with another one of Connectio’s tools, ConnectExplore). On the reporting side, love the fact each boosted post is created as a new ad set within same campaign for every page, which makes it so much easier to see at a glance how your metrics change over time. Nice work once again Connectio, thanks for this great tool!


"... to have something like this is a game-changer…"

Rene Rink


To have something like this automated is a game changer. And I do game changing marketing. So I know what I'm speaking about. This gives me so much more peace of mind and freedom, because I know those posts I'm bringing out on my fan page, which are vital to my business, actually get seen by the right people. ... And by the way, I have a fantastic ROI on my ads. Because only good stuff gets boosted and bad stuff gets de-activated. So I don't waste and I don't burn money anymore.

And I just want to say thank you and keep on the good work I've been with you for since I've started my career four or five years ago started with UpViral and all the ConnectIO products. I love them. I recommend them and everybody who's not choosing this for a few cents per day to work with those programs is missing out big time. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Michael Cooch

ConnectAutomate automates the Facebook advertising portion our Content Marketing strategy and ensures that we are getting the most from our content...without having to lift a finger or hire anyone to run our ads. Brilliant!

ConnectAutomate does all these steps for you - on autopilot.

For you, ConnectAutomate monitors every post you publish on your Facebook Page, whether it’s a video, a link, text status, or an image.

Using the data from Facebook Insights combined with our proprietary, advanced algorithm (for which we’ve invested 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars to develop), ConnectAutomate determines which posts are the best-performing and have the highest potential.

It’s like hiring Facebook to run your ads for you!

Every time a post that meets the criteria is identified - by your rules and conditions - it’s turned into an ad type of your choice, automatically. There’s no need for you to watch stats, to guess anything, or to spend time setting up campaigns and ads.

Just connect your Facebook Page with ConnectAutomate, set your targeting rules, and you’re done.Set it. Forget it. And watch the traffic and sales rolling in.

That means NO MORE:

Guessing which posts to “boost”
Wasting money on low-engagement posts
Manual checking the statistics to decide which posts to leverage
Manually setting up the ads from the Ads Manager
Get Access to ConnectAutomate Today!
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Take a look at the demo video below to see

ConnectAutomate in action.


Get Access to ConnectAutomate Today!
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As you can see

Using ConnectAutomate is as simple as 1-2-3:


Define The Rules

Define the set and forget rules you want Connect Automate to follow when deciding which posts to promote.

Target Who Matters

Set up granular targeting for each rule to make sure your ads only go to the people who most want to see them.

Keep Delivering Value

Spend more time creating organic posts and adding value to your audience, while Connect Automate takes care of making sure it gets seen.

Get Access to ConnectAutomate Today!

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"... saves me a lot of time and headaches …"

Gary Newman

ConnectAutomate comes with the features that

Will make your life and business much easier:

Unlimited Facebook Pages

You can connect as many Pages as you have or wish.

Unlimited “Boost Post” Rules

We don’t want you to make compromises. We want you to get the best results possible. That’s why you don’t have ANY restrictions on how many rules you can use.

Filter Post Types

You want to track and promote only videos? Or only text posts? Or images? No problem. You can filter out only the post types that you want.

Keep it relevant

Maybe turning a post that was relevant two years ago into an ad is not the smartest idea. Inside ConnectAutomate, you can choose a timeframe from which you want your posts to be tracked.

Auto-optimizes towards your conversions

After you set the rules, you’re free. ConnectAutomate takes everything from there. Our algorithm will monitor the results of your posts and your ads, and make necessary changes to get maximum conversions.


Connect Automate creates a history of every rule you create and how it performed. So you can see at a glance which rules might help enhance other campaigns.

Create dynamic ad sets names

Maybe you want to take a look at the analytics yourself. Or you want someone to help you understand your numbers. With dynamic ad sets names, you’ll always know what’s what.

Set & Forget Rules

Choose from a selection of “If/Then” rules to tell Connect Audience what to look for when choosing which ads to promote.


Connect Automate monitors your organic posts 24/7 waiting for them to trigger your set rules. Once triggered your ads will be created and sent to Facebook for approval.


Make sure each “Auto-Boost” is fully optimized for your desired outcomes, whether that be conversions, sales, or engagement, by selecting a predetermined targeting for individual sets of rules.


Connect Automate keeps you in the loop with e-mail updates when specific rules trigger. That way you’ll always know what’s happening, and the only surprises will be pleasant ones.

Full control

Nothing is hidden from you inside ConnectAutomate. You have full control over everything that’s happening inside.

Thanks to its features and ease of use, you can use ConnectAutomate to achieve different goals with your ads.

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Here are a few examples of what you can do:

Example Use Case #1: Turn “Cold" Audiences into Customers at a Profit

This is something I do on a regular basis. Personally, I love talking to a camera and I create a lot of videos. I then use these content videos to build a custom audience of highly engaged people.

These are the people that showed interest in what I have to say. And are most likely to be interested in what I have to offer.
Here's a personal example:

I used one of my video posts as an ad and I spent $146 on promoting it. There was no pitch or CTA in that video. Nothing do after you watch it.

I just wanted for people to watch it, so I could create a custom audience from those who did. I’d use that audience for the second part of my test.

After that first ad campaign was finished, I started Phase 2 of my testing. I ran a second ad, but with a twist. For the audience, I used people who watched the video from ad #1. So they were warm(er) audience than usual.

But my ad #2 was also a content ad. They’d watch the video, get some value, and then click the link to see the landing/sales page.
On those two ads combined, I spent a total of $274. And I made $1,182 back in revenue. That’s 431% ROI!

But you don’t have to use video. This works on any post type of your choice. And ConnectAutomate helps you create a custom audience of your most engaged fans - automatically. You can then use that newly created custom audience as a target for your ads. Or you can use your custom audience to create a lookalike audience - a group of people who are the most similar to your most engaged fans and followers.


Get Access to ConnectAutomate Today!
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Example Use Case #2: Give your posts the exposure it deserves!

You already know that Facebook has practically killed the organic reach. A very small portion of your fans actually see the posts that you’re publishing.

Which is too bad, because those people follow your Page for a reason. Maybe they like your company. Or your products. Or your content. Or maybe they just want to stay informed until they come to a point at which they’re ready to buy.

Either way, they are an important and valuable asset. And Facebook is not allowing you to reach to them.

That’s where ConnectAutomate can help you. You can set a rule that, once a top-performing post is detected, it’s automatically turned into an ad, targeting all of you Page fans.

Get Access to ConnectAutomate Today!
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Example Use Case #3: Turn Your Audience Into Raving Fans!

Taking a cold audience to a sales/landing page and asking them to take some action is hard. Why?

Because they don’t know you. They don’t like you (and how could they). And they don’t trust you. Yet. So before you try to pitch them anything - even if it’s a free offer - you need to warm them up. To get them to know you a little bit.

To see that you’re a person of value, and not just some pitchman who wants their money. And what better way to warm them up than with the content that is proven to work!

Inside ConnectAutomate you can set a rule that basically says:

“Every time a high-engaging post is detected, turn it into an ad and promote it to my target audience.”

You can run other ads to that audience, create a lookalike audience, or continue engaging with them with your other pieces of content.

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Example Use Case #4: Pre-frame and pre-sell your target audience

Not everyone in your target audience is equal.Or, to be precise, not everyone is in the same stage of the buyer’s journey.

Some are red-hot leads. They about your type of product/service. They probably know about you. And they just need to see a good deal and they’re ready to buy.

But most of them are not at that stage. Most of your audience is either just become aware of the problem they want to solve, or are just looking for possible solutions. You need to pre-frame them and pre-sell them on you, your solution, and your product/service before they even reach your pitch.You do that with a carefully created content. And you use ConnectAutomate to promote that content to the right audience.

What? You don’t know how to create that type of content? Don’t worry, I’ll help you. More on that in a second.


These are just SOME of the examples of how you can use ConnectAutomate.
You’re only limited by your imagination.

Get Access to ConnectAutomate Today!
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And to prove you that ConnectAutomate can do all for you, and more.

I'm giving you my unconditional, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

Get Access to ConnectAutomate Today!
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But all the awesome things that ConnectAutomate can do for you and

An unconditional, risk-free guarantee are not everything you get!

Act now, and you’re also getting these exclusive fast-action bonuses:

Content Formula - My Proven Process For Comming Up With Killer Content Ideas And Creating Them With Ease, Even If You’re Tight On Time And Money ($497 Retail Value)

Inside Content Formula, I’ll show you my simple, step-by-step process for need some details on CF to use as bullets.

Everything that you’ve seen here today:
ConnectAutomate - a revolutionary new tool that uses the power of Facebook’s infrastructure to fill your funnel with red-hot leads - on autopilot
Content Formula - my proven process of coming up with ideas for, and creating killer content for your Page
Unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee...

Bonus 01: The Outsourcing Field Manual


What's inside

Does this strategy work? Yes!

Is it what Facebook™ wants? Yes!

Do I need to post regularly to get the maximum benefit? (sadly;-) Yes!

Let’s face it: curating & posting ‘high-value’ content unfortunately isn’t exactly the $100/h high-leverage type of task YOU as the business owner should do.

It’s more like a $5/h task … which you should outsource.

But often, ‘outsourcing’ is easier said than done.

And that’s why you’re getting exclusive access to our in-house “Outsourcing Field Manual”:

A 30min behind-the-scenes training on
  • how we do our own outsourcing,
  • how we hire,
  • how we train, and
  • how we make sure people actually deliver!
Plus, you’re also getting the
  • exact template we are using for hiring,
  • including hiring-questions,
so you can make sure you only hire talent that will deliver those ‘mundane’ jobs, whilst you focus your energy and efforts on the high-leverage tasks that take your business to the next level.

Bonus 02: The Content Formula Masterclass


What's inside

Remember that remark from above:

“get them ready with education and emotion first … and then when you ask them to do something, the take up rate is huge compared to trying to do it cold”?

(if not, go and read it, because it shows you WHY the whole ‘2-step-process’ works so beautifully in practice)

Now, at this point you may be thinking: “that’s great, but HOW exactly do I first put out ‘education & emotion’-content … and then follow up with content that ‘asks’ them to do something?

Well, we have you covered with our own “Content Formula Masterclass”:

It’s a
  • 90min in-depth training,
  • split over 6 modules that cover everything from the
  • underlying psychology,
  • the customer journey, through
  • content ideas (you even get a list of 292 specific ideas, so you (<- ha, your outsourcers!;-) never run out of things to post, all the way to
  • how to structure all of this as a strategic campaign. Best of all: you’re also getting
  • a real-life case-study that shows all of this in action.

Get Started & Boost your Facebook Game Today!

Unlimited Facebook Pages
Unlimited “Boost Post” Rules
Unlimited Set & Forget Rules
Unlimited dynamic ad sets names
Auto Conversion-Optimization
Content Formula Bonus
Outsourcing Formula Bonus


$47 / month
Get Started

Special Offer


$564 / year
$297 / year
Get Started
Get Started
14-day refund guarantee

“I can honestly say that without the Connectio products, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do with Facebook Ads. I use it almost on a daily basis!

It’s very simple and easy to use, and they keeps it updated. If something changes within the platform, they’re right on top of it. Highly recommended!”

joakim Kate Saunders


“The key thing that tripped me up over the years has been traffic generation. Getting into Facebook Ads has always been a challenge… until I came across Connectio.

Another thing… I’ve been Connectio’s customer for years now and his customer support is fantastic. He’s a stayer. He’s been around for many years. If I have a question or I don’t know how to use it properly, I send them a message and they always help me out.

His software is incredibly reliable, his support is always there and reliable as well.. and the key thing is, the software solves a REAL problem that I’m facing in my business."

joakim Nic Lucas


“There are 3 main things that I love about the Connectio products:

The most excited thing compared to other tools, is that they always create things that solve a real problem for marketers.

The second thing that I love is how easy to use it is. It’s super user-friendly, and I really mean that.

The third thing is the customer support. It’s fast, it’s professional and it’s marketing-centered. They are always there to help.

I highly recommend to check it out because these tools… just work!”

joakim Benet M. Marcos


“I own all Connectio products, and I couldn’t recommend them more!

It’s not just about the products itself, but also about the team. One of the things when you’re in internet marketiwng world when you buy a new product you’re always concerned about…

1) Will it work? - 2) Will the team provide upgrades and support?  - 3) Will they be around long-term?

You don’t have to worry about that with Connectio. I’ve been using his platforms for years and I can’t say enough about his products, about the team and about what they do.

If you’re thinking about buying a product from Connectio, you definitely should.”

joakim Mike Ray


Just imagine…

You could wake up tomorrow morning not worrying about low-performing ads.
You won’t need to spend hours and hours inside Facebook’s Ads Manager, trying to figure out what’s working and what’s not.
You won’t be wasting money on Facebook Ads anymore.
You won’t have to guess what kind of ads should you run.

Starting from TODAY, you can focus on things that are important and that you care about - bringing value into people’s lives.

And you can let ConnectAutomate take care about promoting that value, and bringing you new leads and clients.
Try it today.
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