Facebook Geotargeting: Why and How You Should You Use It

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Are you looking to show your ads to a specific group of people? Do those people live in or travel to a certain location? If your answer is yes, then you ought to use Facebook geotargeting.

In this guide, we’re going to learn:

What Facebook geotargeting is Reasons your business should use it How to define the locations to …

Facebook Ad Fatigue: 7 Ways to Overcome It

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Everyone can pretty much agree on this:

When you’ve got a new shiny thing you get so fascinated by it.

You brag about it, use it, and even stare at it multiple times a day!

But like all things, your stuff gets old. Eventually, you ignore it. Meanwhile, new items catch your attention.

The same phenomenon describes Facebook ad fatigue.

My 9 Biggest Lessons of 2019

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Want to increase your ROI? Build a bigger and stronger team? Improve your focus?

2020 has finally arrived ?? and the best way to start the year as an entrepreneur is to set new goals. Believe me, I understand that you are excited to put your goals into action… because I am too!!!

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ad Placements

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When creating Facebook ads, advertisers make different optimizations:

They pick an objective, choose an ad format, write good copy, target the right audience, and more.

But here’s what’s often overlooked:

Facebook ad placements.

You may not think about where to display your ads until you tackle it in the ad creation process — at the Ad Set level (see