7 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Will Make Your 2020 Successful

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It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the advice on the web as to what to prioritize when it comes to getting more leads, building awareness, and overall growing your business.

Perhaps you’ve been told to do SEO… or join forums… give away coupons… write blog posts regularly. You may have a list of 101 marketing ideas but still, don’t know where to start!

However, we know this to be true: That most online consider social media as the perfect place to hang out and share information.

Facebook is undeniably the number one social media site worldwide, with 2.23 billion monthly active users. Imagine the opportunity.

Here are the 7 benefits of Facebook ads, if you need good reasons why Facebook is worth spending your advertising dollars on.

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The Benefits of Facebook Ads (Why You Need It This 2020)

1. Organic reach on Facebook has declined.

Is Facebook organic reach truly dead? A lot of people ask this question. If you’re actively posting on your Facebook business page, you should have noticed that fewer people are interacting with your organic (non-paid) content.

Below, you can see the chart that Convince and Convert created from a study by Ogilvy.com. While organic reach declined from 12% to 6%, their stock price increased to nearly 70%.

benefits of facebook ads despite declining organic posts

So what’s with the decline? With their machine-learning algorithm, Facebook figures out how people interact with your content and will, therefore, reward engaging content by showing it more to people who love it.

Key takeaway: You can rant about how Facebook is digging into your advertising dollars, but with the data we have combined with your goal to get results the shortest time possible, Facebook ads are the way to go.

2. Facebook Ads will amplify your content’s reach.

You can get through Facebook’s declining organic reach by consistently sharing meaningful and engaging content that your audience loves.

However, your reach is only limited to people who liked your page, unless, of course, if these people share your post.

Unlike organic reach, Facebook advertising benefits you in that it shows your content to those who have not liked your page but have similar demographics, characteristics, and interests to your current fans.

3. The targeting is superb. ?

You can be as broad or as specific as you’d like to be when looking expanding your audience. This is one of the biggest benefits of Facebook ads. You can basically target people based on anything – even aspects you’d never imagine:

  • Basic info such as age, location, gender, work, etc.
  • The device they’re using and internet connection speed
  • Facebook ads they click on
  • Their income level (Facebook comes up with an approximation)
  • People who love to travel
  • Past website visitors or app users
  • People whose birthdays or anniversaries are fast approaching

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4. Facebook is always adding new features.

Facebook said it themselves: They’re constantly updating and adding more features each month to improve the way you run Facebook ads.

In April 2019, Facebook updated some of the parts of its Ads Manager to enhance its look and feel. They’ve also added a combined search and filter bar for you to find ads and campaigns.

With all these changes coming our way, we can expect your ad campaigns to get better and better especially if you know how to maximize Ads Manager’s features.

5. Show your content to people who are likely to convert.

A lot of people new to Facebook ads feel intimidated because they basically don’t know how to make Facebook ads work for them. But the option to boost your post seems to make reaching a much wider audience too easy:

Now, here’s the thing: If you’re not careful, you can waste your money on boosted posts. To prevent that from happening, you need to make sure that each post that you boost is already performing well.

So instead of boosting right away from your Facebook profile, head over to Insights and pick the posts that have the most engagement, like this:

Just recently, we launched a software that would automate the process of turning your best-performing Facebook posts into ads. Here’s more about ConnectAutomate.

6. Spend less and get the results you want.

Almost everyone who starts advertising on Facebook will ask, “How much should I spend?” One of the benefits of Facebook Ads is that you can advertise on any budget and achieve your goals.

Setting up a Facebook pixel helps you identify people who are more likely to convert, the actions they’ve taken on your website after visiting your ad, and the ads that are working well. By doing this, you get to lower your Facebook ad costs.

7. Retarget people who’ve engaged with you.

Ever considered remarketing? Facebook remarketing is about showing ads to previous website visitors. The reason why remarketing works is that you’re targeting people who already interacted with you in one way or another… which means that they are interested.

You can remarket to visitors who’ve read your blog posts, visitors who abandoned their shopping carts, and those who signed up for your webinar. In fact, you can also remarket to your email list subscribers.

Bonus Material: Facebook Ads Case Studies (+38 Lessons)

Are Paid Facebook Ads Worth It?

Considering the benefits of Facebook Ads, We can say that Facebook is the best social media advertising platform. 2.23 billion people hang out on Facebook, and it makes perfect sense to reach them where they are. Facebook allows you to reach your prospects and anyone who’s likely to be interested in your products. If you properly plan your campaigns, you don’t need to spend much to make Facebook Ads work for your business.