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Anthony Rudder

“I am in the midst of a launch for an online nutrition challenge that has 1000 contestants and has brought in over 7 figures so far. ConnectRetarget has helped immensely with our ability to keep those prospects who have shown continued interest in our sales and landing pages engaged and seeing our targeted Facebook™ ads. There is nothing like this out there and along with the founders’ other great tools that work together so well with ConnectRetarget I wouldn’t have any funnel live without ConnectRetarget helping us achieve higher conversions!

Brad Stephens

“ConnectRetarget is truly revolutionary for any kind of online business. Never before have I been able to create such specific retargeting audiences. Everyone knows the power behind retargeting but when you’re able to pinpoint exactly who to retarget and why, it becomes so much more powerful. “

Retargeting – connecting with people who visit your sites and leave without taking action, has just become easier & more powerful than ever…

Why It’s Getting Tougher to Profit
From FB™ Advertising lately…

There’s no disputing FB™ ads are a great way to targeted traffic to your offers.

However, more and more businesses are running FB™ ads these days.

It’s getting more difficult to make your ads stand and people to take action…in fact, some days, it seems like the FB™ Newsfeed is nothing but ads!

With all this fierce competition for ad space. FB™ is charging more for ads. The ‘penny click’ glory days from FB™ ads a few years ago are long gone.

In fact, it’s becoming harder to get a good ROI from FB™ ads these days.

Here’s why:

More people than ever are LOSING money with paid advertising

Unless you target perfectly, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table while losing leads, customers and sales.

Consumers are becoming more “blind” to retargeting ads and often your campaigns just get ignored.

Making more sales and profits online seems like an exercise in frustration.

The Easy Way to “Take Back” Your Traffic
For a Massive Increase In Profits!

Basic retargeting flat out works for major brands, 49% of the world’s biggest brands and 68% of marketing agencies devote SPECIFIC budgets to retargeting.

Why? It’s powerfully effective. Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert than one-time visitors to a site. Huge companies with unlimited budgets and high priced ad designers only convert 2% of 1st time visitors with paid advertising … so without retargeting, what chance do us little guys have?

Major brands are using retargeting to:

For FAR Less Than “Traditional” Advertising Costs

Retargeting must be a part of your marketing toolkit. . . because it takes advantage of a key psychological fact…

FACT: Most Customers Need To See Your Message SEVERAL Times Before They Buy From You

“The ‘Rule Of 7’ states prospective buyers need to come across an advertiser’s message at least seven times before they take action”

Retargeting is the easiest, most cost effective way to get your message across. It gives you another chance to get in front of your visitors and stand out from your competition.

What makes retargeting even more powerful is consumer response: 89% of people seeing retargeting ads have either a positive or neutral reaction to them … meaning most consumers don’t find retargeting disruptive. . . unlike pop-ups or sliders which most visitors find seriously annoying.

Retargeting is just a better way to get noticed and get your sales message seen again.

The Retargeting Numbers Don’t Lie:

Retargeted customers are 4 TIMES more likely to convert than 1st time site visitors

Retargeting boosts ad response up to 400%

Consumers “abandoning carts” before purchase are over 3x more likely to return and complete purchase if they’re served retargeting ads

“Kleenex” Maker Gets A 50-60% INCREASE In Conversions With Retargeting

Kimberly-Clark, the company behind Kleenex, Huggies and Cottonelle, is a big believer in social marketing and retargeting.

VP of Digital Marketing, Jeff Jarret, says the company retargets because “it is clearly an opportunity to target an interested consumer.” And with over 18 BILLION in global sales in 2015. Kimberly-Clark is obviously on to something…

Many other household brands get incredible results with retargeting as well. We all know Amazon is a major retargeter, but here’s a few other examples:

BodyGlove, specialized eCommerce vendor, turned a $114 FB™ retargeting campaign into over 18 THOUSAND dollars in sales

AppSumo gets up to 200% ROI with retargeting campaigns

Online education course provider Udemy increased conversion rates by 38% with retargeting

The Competition’s Heating Up…
Can the Average Marketer STILL Gain A Big ROI with

So you can…

IF you’re setting up retargeting properly to begin with… IF you’re willing to pay designers and copywriters to create multiple sets of images and ad copy to test against each other… IF you’re willing to lose money just to get data… and IF you have the patience and the bank account to setup, test and monitor campaigns which may NEVER gain any traction…

Then the answer is “yes.”

Still, it’s much tougher to gain traction with retargetng than it was a year ago.

There are 2 developments which are working against even the most successful retargeters:

FB™ ads are getting more expensive – in Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent corporate address, he made very clear increasing ad revenues is one FB™’s biggest priorities.

With increased competition, it’s becoming more of a challenge for FB™ retargeters to create unique audiences.

With these challenges in mind. I thought up a way to give you dramatically BETTER way to retarget your visitors…

How to Stay Ahead Of The Curve For
LONG TERM Results With Retargeting

Hey Fellow Entrepreneur,

We’ve got some great news to help you turn YOUR campaigns into lead and profit generating machines.

Having been a full time online marketer for over a decade, I’ve got in the trenches experience about what works and doesn’t. My biggest lesson learned?

Why ‘Joining The Crowd’ Hurts Your Business…

For example, if everyone retargets visitors EXACTLY the same way …
And more and more people join the party …
Consumers quickly experience ad blindness and overall response decreases.

Pop-ups, sliders and “exit pages” are all examples of this. They were great until everyone began using the exact same technologies. Successful marketers put UNIQUE TWISTS on these conversion methods to maximize their results over the long term.

So I’ve made it my mission to take the latest traffic & conversion methods and make them more effective. My goal is to allow everyday marketers like you and me to get the best possible results.

Thanks to tens of thousands of students using my other successful products – including UpViral, ConnectLeads and ConnectAudience – my methods have been featured on:


For the past 6 years, I’ve been focusing HEAVILY on FB™ marketing. I’ve been around since the early days of retargeting.

After seeing the trends in the market and examining my own results, I discovered:

Copying Big Brands’ Retargeting Campaigns
Isn’t Working For Most Businesses

Copying what GLOBAL brands are doing and expecting the same results isn’t working anymore. After all, most of us don’t have Amazon’s budget to run unlimited tests, or have full-time designers and copywriters on staff to crank out ad creatives.

Meanwhile, I noticed my ad costs slowly increasing. It was taking more time, testing and effort to create custom audiences while keeping my expenses under control.

I went back to the drawing board and broke down every FB™ campaign I’d ever run, over 5 years worth. And discovered…

The SIMPLEST Retargeting HACK To
Explode Your Leads, Sales & Profits

It all comes down to the proven principle of sending the right message at the right time.

With standard retargeting, every person who lands on your site is added to your custom audience… regardless whether or not they bounced off your page in .05 seconds or stayed on your site for 5 minutes.

There’s a significant difference in how interested these two visitors are in your products and services . . . and they needed to be treated accordingly.

I knew there had to be a better way. After a lot of experimenting and intensive sessions with my development team, I came up with the answer:

Retargeting ULTRA TARGETED Traffic

We created a platform to tap into SUPER ENGAGED and targeted audiences which makes retargeting SO MUCH easier AND more effective.

Even complete beginners can start seeing positive results on their VERY 1ST campaigns. Experienced retargeters can significantly reduce their ad costs and get more leads and sales almost immediately.

Why “Risk” Your Ad Budget On An
Untargeted Audience?

Now you don’t have to. With my new retargeting platform, your ad costs DROP while your ROI goes through the roof.

Our goal was to create a retargeting platform so powerful and easy to use nothing else on the market could touch it. It had to have these features:

Let complete BEGINNERS to FB™ retargeting set up profitable campaigns in minutes

Allow experienced retargeters to dramatically increase their ROI

Work with ANY platform: WordPress, Shopify, ClickFunnels, LeadPages or ANY other site builder

100% comply with FB™’s terms of service so users will have zero risk of having their accounts banned

This is exactly what we created…

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying:

Andrew Norton

“This is a real game changer! I was hooked from my first campaign, using “time on site greater than 20 seconds” as a fast way to put my ads in front of the most engaged audience. This immediately lowered my cost per sale from $11.85 to $3.78 – performing more than 3 times better compared to my other retargeting audiences!

The built-in template library is already stocked with ideas to improve your marketing such as retargeting (on desktop) those who visited initially on mobile, something that makes a lot of sense in the context of E-Commerce conversion paths.

Needless to say I’m hooked! :)”

Andrew Murray

“There is no doubt that retargeting is where the big ROI is in marketing. But you have to know what you are doing. To a normal marketer, understanding how to retarget and what they should be retargeting is nearly impossible.

What Connectio has done with ConnectRetarget is to allow normal marketers to use retargeting effectively and not get overwhelmed.

Finally anyone can use retargeting and gain the benefits of marketing to their hyper-active customers with precision.

Amazing breakthrough. Everyone needs to start using this.”

Ronnie Nijmeh

“WOW, ConnectRetarget is killer man!

With a couple clicks, I can create custom audiences that would normally have taken me months and an engineering degree to figure out.

It’s SUPER simple to use and target based on really useful filters.

My favorites are creating custom audiences based on Google Analytics UTM variables, Time on Site, and Date on Visit.

They’re all awesome, but here’s why those three are most valuable to me:

1. We use AdEspresso to create our Facebook™ ads and they automatically add UTM variables so we can track our ads. It was always a real pain to figure out how to retarget people based on a specific successful ad. But with ConnectRetarget, I can easily click which UTM sources I want to retarget, and #boom. Easy.

2. Time on Site is SUPER powerful. Justin Brooke, one of the top paid acquisition guys out there said he was reducing his retargeting ad costs by a TON simply by retargeting only those who stayed on the site for longer than 45 seconds. The typical way to create this audience was to “delay” the Facebook™ pixel from showing for 45 seconds. But with ConnectRetarget, we can use a simple drop down to select “Time on Site” is at least 45 seconds. SUPER easy way to cut down wasted ad costs. #mindblown

3. The Date on Visit is super helpful for me since I run “fixed-date” promotions. That means I can run ads based on when they visit a certain page and get more specific with my advertising, mentioning expiry dates that are relevant to them.

LOVE everything you put out. It’s user friendly, easy to use, and CRAZY powerful!”

Login to the dashboard. Create ultra targeted audiences in minutes. Retarget with ease for a huge boost in leads and sales.

Get Instant Access to ConnectRetarget

The SECRET To Marketing Success Comes From Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

And this retargeting platform puts YOU in the right place every time …

With ADVANCED behaviour-based custom audience building retargets ONLY your most engaged visitors. . . which boosts your ROI SIGNIFICANTLY.

Did you know. . .

Most FB™ Retargeters Are Not Effectively Creating Their Custom Audiences?

Why? Because traditional retargeting treats EVERY website visitor the same. So you end up serving the SAME ads to massively DIFFERENT audiences. For example:

One person lands on your site by accident, and leaves instantly.

But another person hits your site, loves what they see… and spends several minutes or more checking things out.


Send All Visitors The SAME Ad And YOU LOSE…
But Target SMART And Your Profits Skyrocket

Some people have no interest in what you have to offer.

Others are interested in your offers, and get distracted before they can take action.

The phone rang. The dog needed to go out. The neighbor knocked on the door … just before these visitors could hit the “buy now” button.

Imagine the power of serving targeted ads to visitors based on their ACTUAL behaviours.

For example: someone hits your site after clicking a YouTube link. The next time they’re on FB™ or InstaGram, they see a VIDEO ad from you.

Another visitor comes to your site from Reddit. And you retarget them with an ad mentioning Reddit itself.

When you can remind visitors of EXACTLY how they came to your site, your ad conversions go through the roof. Specifically retargeted visitors are 4 times more likely to engage with your ads.

ConnectRetarget Lets Anyone Exploit The Full Potential Of Behavioral Retargeting – Regardless Of Experience

See Exactly How In This Quick Demo Video:

Get Instant Access to ConnectRetarget

Send The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time For More Leads, Sales And Profits

People hitting your site by accident? Forget ‘em.

Instead, connect with your most ENGAGED users with our advanced BEHAVIOUR and ACTION – BASED retargeting.

Connect With Your HOTTEST Prospects To Maximize
Your ROI With Behaviour-Based Retargeting

The ConnectRetarget Platform INCLUDES Multiple Pre-Made Audience Templates – Just Select Any Template And Your Target Audience Is Automatically Created For You:

Google Search
Creates audiences from traffic referred directly by Google – the ‘holy grail’ of profitable organic traffic

All Search Traffic
Visitors referred by Google, Bing and / or Yahoo are specifically looking for solutions to their problems, which makes them a lucrative audience for retargeting

Social Media Traffic
Match your ads to the social network referring your your visitors (FB™, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn or YouTube) for better conversions

Most Engaged
Focus campaigns on visitors who have spent more than 2 minutes on your site or have viewed more than 2 pages of your website

Highly engaged
Tap into this KEEN audience of visitors who spend over 3 minutes on your site or view more than 3 pages of your content

Mobile visitors
Laser target the 50% of users who visit from a mobile device, and serve them ads when they’re on a desktop device

Direct traffic only
Creates a custom audience of users who come to your site without a referrer – people ACTIVELY looking for your product & services

Scrolled content percentage
Target a select group who has scrolled through at least 25% of your site’s home page

(and many more)

Or Create Your Very Own Custom Audiences With Our Intuitive Drop-Down Interface:

Time On Site – lets you target specific users who spend a specified amount of time on your website or offer page

Engagement – creates an audience of visitors based on how far they scrolled through your page

Browser Language – perfect for selecting audiences by country or native language for niche campaigns and geotargeting

Referral Source – easily craft campaigns based on specific traffic … serve video ads to visitors from YouTube, and image-intensive ads to visitors from Pinterest, for example

Number of Visits – easily create audiences based on the number of times users visited your sites

Date(s) of Visit – perfect for running scarcity and time sensitive campaigns

Device specific – custom audiences for users coming from mobile, desktop or tablet

Campaign – run targeted ads maximizing conversions for people coming from specific campaigns you’ve run, such as FB™ ads, solo ads or private deals

Not only can you choose these audience targeting options individually, you can also COMBINE them in any way you choose. This gives you a unique advantage over your competitors, because you can dial in your audiences with such precision and ease with ConnectRetarget.

Create An Unlimited Number Of Custom Audiences So You Can Run Laser Targeted Campaigns
Which Convert Like Never Before!

Hyper Selective Retargeting Boosts
YOUR ROI In 2 Ways:

You reduce your ad spend. The tighter your target audience, the less you’ll spend on ads.

Your conversions, sales and leads SKYROCKET. Now you’re engaging visitors with messages which make sense to them.

Let’s Take A Quick Look At What’s Included:

Maximize Your FB™ Campaign Profits In 3 Simple Steps!

User friendly dashboard makes it child’s play to set up highly profitable campaigns in any niche.

WITHOUT any previous skill or FB™ marketing experience.

Software Laser Targets Your Marketing
For Position ROI Every Time:

Get more traffic, increase engagement and boost conversions – there are MULTIPLE audience templates for you to plug in and use to engage your target audience

Simple integration with your FB™ ads account – our platform makes it easy to target your pre-selected audiences and set up powerful ad campaigns

Make Your Own custom audiences – with our intuitive drop-down filters, you can create your own targeted user groups based on specific behaviours

Save your favourite templates – to use over and over again on new sites and new campaigns to save time and make profits even faster

Retarget users from SPECIFIC campaigns – want to customize an ad for visitors from FB™, solo ads or private promotions? No problem … it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Plus Our Exclusive FB™ Retargeting Training

Beginner, intermediate or advanced – EVERYONE will see immediate benefits from this step by step, video-based training on how to use FB™ retargeting for MAXIMUM profits. We’ll walk you through how to setup your campaigns efficiently and effectively

Insider strategies based on over 5 years of running FB™ ads, with case studies and more to ensure you get the most out of every single campaign you set up.

And if you’re new to retargeting, no worries – we’ve got you covered. We’re including a complete “Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting” PDF so you can get up to speed on how retargeting can significantly increase your bottom line.

This training could be a course all by itself … there are a lot products out there charging more than this ENTIRE training package for just a tiny portion of what’s covered here …

And now you have reassurance you’ll be able to get the most out of ConnectRetarget – no matter what your current level of retargeting experience is.

Here’s why retargeting with our platform can significantly increase your conversions. . . no matter what your niche is.

Advanced Retargeting – How to Recover
The 98% Of Site Visitors Who Leave
WITHOUT Taking Action

Without retargeting, you’re throwing away 98% of your traffic. We’re here to change this for you.

NOT with some flash-in-the-pan gimmick that’s here today, gone tomorrow. But with advanced technology PROVEN to convert more site visitors into leads, customers and profits.


Window Shoppers Are Nice.
BUYERS Pay The Bills

Quite simply, ConnectRetarget turns MORE of your window shoppers into buyers. With an effective strategy to convert previous site visitors into long term, loyal customers.

This platform is based on the PROVEN concept of ad retargeting, but takes it to an entirely new level. Meaning an explosive increase in leads, conversions and sales.

Who Is ConnectRetarget For?

Current retargeters who want to maintain their competitive edge and increase conversion results on every campaign

eCommerce vendors who want to turn tire kickers into buyers and MAXIMIZE profits

Product sellers looking to give prospects multiple chances to pick up what’s on offer

Affiliate and CPA marketers promoting quality products who need to maximize ROI on their campaigns

List builders and bloggers who need to convert site visitors into profitable leads

Social Media Marketers looking to increase their following and viral traffic


Anyone NEW to retargeting wanting the easiest way to exploit this powerful form of marketing


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Exclusive Bonus #1

Our Own ‘Insider’ Retargeting Strategies Revealed
– An in-depth retargeting video course where we share advanced (yet easy to implement) strategies proven to work very well for us… and can be applied to any niche!

Gain access to our most effective strategies, including:

  • The “hidden survey” strategy
  • The “never-ever” strategy
  • The “content extortion” strategy
  • The “webinar maximizer” strategy
  • The “funnel flow” strategy
  • The “triple-proof” strategy
  • And much more!

Our retargeting strategies have never been revealed before. . . and you’re about to be one of the first to gain access.

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Exclusive Bonus #3

Retargeting Ad Swipe File – The best FB™ retargeters don’t create ads from scratch . . . they borrow from what’s already working! It’s why we’re giving you our Facebook™ Retargeting Swipe file with 100+ examples of proven retargeting ads to be used for your ad creation inspiration.

(a $77 value)

Exclusive Bonus #4

Definitive Guide on Facebook™ Retargeting – We’ve put together an extensive guide on everything there is to know about Facebook™ retargeting. This 24-paged ebook will make everyone who’s planning to get started with retargeting, an immediate expert!

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Stefan van der Vlag

Running “Story Telling” Ads on Facebook™ is an important part of our business, and with ConnectRetarget we can dive in even further! I’m now able to tap into to very specific behavioural patterns of our site’s visitors. This leads to even better targeting, better story telling, and being able to target the most passionate people in just few clicks. And well … most importantly more revenue 🙂 This will save loads time too, because I don’t have to put up complex Retargeting systems inside Facebook™ that only allowed me to achieve 10% of what I’m able to do with ConnectRetarget right now. Thanks a lot!!