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Taking Lead Generation on Facebook™ To Entirely New Levels!

Add new subscribers to your email lists – automatically and dynamically – directly from inside Facebook™ using Lead Ads!
Your subscriber list grows in real-time as Facebook™ users click to subscribe. They don’t even have to type in their email address!

Feed new subscribers into your autoresponder and funnel instantly, with no additional work needed – via Facebook™!

Fully integrates your Facebook™ ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency – No wasting time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc. ConnectLeads handles it all!

Cloud-based Software – Nothing to download or install. Use via any web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

And more!

With ConnectLeads, you will…

Save countless hours of time…

Skyrocket your ROI while slashing lead costs…

Increase profit while boosting productivity!

ConnectLeads makes it easier than
ever to do all this and more!

Now that Facebook™ has unveiled its awesome new lead-generating technology with FB™ Lead Ads (see below), it’s time to raise your A-game!

ConnectLeads gives you an easy-to-use system to build your subscriber lists automatically on Facebook™ via its hot new Lead Ad feature.

No need to be a Facebook™ ads expert, hire outsourcers or spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on dedicated apps. With ConnectLeads, you will have everything you need!

Now, virtually any business can leverage Facebook™ ads to the max!

With NO technical experience or special knowledge needed.

(Check out the demo further down this page to see exactly how it works!)

If you haven’t yet noticed by now…

Getting leads via the “old school”
ways just gets harder every day…

Especially when it comes to mobile users!

Research shows that mobile users are typically not willing to type in their email address to subscribe to a list or receive an offer. Even if they really want it!
Worse, they may still “click” on an ad even though they likely won’t subscribe, thus increasing overall ad costs while eroding opt-in rates!
Research also shows that mobile users will gladly “tap” to subscribe or access an offer, without any manual data entry beyond those actions!

ConnectLeads helps you leverage FB™’s
mobile traffic, with total ease!

If you’re not maximizing mobile traffic
on FB™, you’re missing out big time!


According to FB™’s latest stats, there are now 844 million active mobile users – every single month!


Even more surprisingly, over 655 million users (about 44% of all Facebook™ users worldwide) only access Facebook™ (and the rest of the internet) via mobile devices alone. They don’t use PC’s at all!


Average conversion rates via conventional online marketing channels are as much as 44% lower on mobile than via desktop PC’s (according to Monetate).


FB™ Lead Ads provides the data already pre-filled for the user. With just two taps, the desired data is captured by the advertiser. Best of all, without the user ever leaving Facebook™! This is a game-changer for mobile advertising.

So to sum it all up…

For virtually half of all Facebook™ users (and counting), your only real shot at getting their attention is via mobile!

That’s where Facebook™ Lead Ads comes in!

This powerful new ad feature provides the data for the user when they respond to an ad.

With just two taps, the desired data is captured for the advertiser.

Best of all, without the user ever leaving Facebook™.

This is a game-changer for mobile advertising.

ConnectLeads takes your mobile marketing to the next level,
regardless of what business you’re in!

ConnectLeads makes it super-easy to get mobile users added to your list – instantly!

By taking advantage of Facebook™’s powerful new Lead Ads technology, you can capture subscribers’ email addresses automatically via their Facebook™ accounts, on the fly.

No filling in forms or cumbersome typing needed on the users’ part…

Just two taps to subscribe to an offer and confirm.

ConnectLeads automatically adds them to your desired subscriber list.

Not yet familiar with FB™ Lead Ads or how they work?

Here’s a primer…

Needless to say, Facebook™ Lead Ads have
taken the marketing world by storm!

“Initial tests on Facebook™ have shown costs as low as 1/3e of the website conversion objective campaigns. It’s a win-win situation: the user receives a better experience without having to leave the Facebook™ app, while you receive higher conversion rates with automatically populated fields.”

Michael McEuen

“In early A/B testing, Facebook™’s native lead ads outperformed link ads driving to the website to fill out a lead form in terms of total leads and conversion rate, while driving a 4x reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics.”

Kim Kyaw
Manager Digital Marketing
Land Rover

Here are just some of the ways companies and
marketers are leveraging Facebook™ Lead Ads!

Facebook™ Lead Ads provides a simple, effortless way for users to respond to ads that interest them.

With no extra steps!

Yet, despite this incredible power that Facebook™ gives you with Lead Ads, there’s just one problem…

The subscriber data from Facebook™ is exported to you via a .csv file, which you have to download via your ads manager.

Then, you have to upload that new subscriber data to your autoresponder to get the new leads properly added to your subscriber list.

Needless to say, this can add significant time, workload and increase risk of human error.

Now let’s take a look at how ConnectLeads resolves this,
while maximizing the power of Facebook™ Lead Ads, with intelligent automation!

ConnectLeads interfaces directly with your autoresponder via Facebook™’s Ad platform API.

Do you see the possibilities that are now within your reach with the combined power of Facebook™ and ConnectLeads?

Let Facebook™’s latest ad technology
pay off for your business!

By having your autoresponder account and Facebook™ Lead Ads synchronized via ConnectLeads, you can increase subscribers, while lowering costs!

ConnectLeads features an easy interface to manage all coordination between your autoresponders (works with virtually all the major autoresponder and CRM service providers), and Facebook™ Lead Ads, with pinpoint accuracy.

This makes managing your leads a breeze!


Here’s the hard, cold truth:

Most marketers and business owners fail miserably at generating leads and building a profitable subscriber list. Especially when it comes to mobile users.

And with mobile devices taking the forefront while PC’s fade in the background, it’s only going to get harder.

Worse, studies show that taking a mobile user outside of Facebook™ dramatically reduces conversion/subscription rates.

This is especially true for mobile users on slow data connections. The more delay they experience to load a landing page, the lower the chances of conversion.

In fact, KissMetrics recently found that even a ONE second delay in page response can reduce conversions by as much as seven percent!

Evolve your marketing to take advantage of the latest
innovations, or continue to see diminishing returns.

Unfortunately, most marketers spin their wheels and bleed resources, desperately trying to build lists the old school ways. It’s futile, resulting in lost time, wasted opportunities and plunging sales.

Make no mistake, getting quality leads is the lifeblood to any business.

Let’s face another fact:

Facebook™ has long been the 800 lb. Gorilla to be reckoned with. Especially now that it dominates over 1/5th of the entire world’s web traffic.*

Think about that… just one site alone now controls over 20% of the entire world’s internet traffic!

Then… factor into the equation the increasing use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The most recent research by ComScore shows that well over 60% of all internet usage is now done on mobile devices internet-wide as of July 2015.

This makes being able to market successfully via Facebook™ and mobile devices nothing short of critical to your business’ survival!

*According to Alexa, 2015

Thanks to ConnectLeads, getting Facebook™
to pay off for your business is easier than ever!

ConnectLeads helps you work smarter, not harder!

To add your subscribers to your autoresponder manually from a FB™ Leads Ads campaign, you would have to follow these steps:

A. Download your new subscribers from your FB™ Lead Ads campaign’s csv file from your FB™ ads account…

B. Open it in Excel in order to check that the email addresses are formatted correctly…

C. Upload the new csv data to your autoresponder to update your subscriber list with new subscribers.


This entire process may take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on various factors.

And, it would need to be done on at least a daily basis if you’re running Lead Ads continuously.

This process also needs to be completed on each campaign and subscriber list that needs to be updated. One at a time!

If you’re like most marketers, you probably have multiple campaigns and funnels running at the same time. Therefore your workload increases even more.

Or… you can do it the smart way!

Use ConnectLeads to complete all these tasks for all your ad campaigns… automatically in real time!

ConnectLeads handles everything involved in getting new subscribers added to your autoresponder from your Facebook™ Lead Ads, with no delays.

Best of all, it provides you with a full array of custom data management functions and capabilities, with even more to come!

You can even segment your lists automatically and dynamically, based on data provided by Facebook™ for your subscriber. With no additional input required by the subscriber, and zero management required by you.

There is no better way to manage your leads
from Facebook™ Lead Ads… at any price. Period.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about ConnectLeads…

Joakim Hansson

“Before I used ConnectLeads I gave up on Facebook™ Lead Ads, (even though my cost per lead was 50% lower with lead ads), simply because I had to manually download the leads from FB™ and upload to ActiveCampaign. Now, with ConnectLeads, it’s all automated and works like a charm.

Stefan van der Vlag

“At first sight Facebook™ Lead Ads seemed like the marketers dream! I mean, it’s NEVER been THIS easy to collect verified leads on Facebook™…

… until I realized there is NO way to get those subscribers into my email list 😮

And then… ConnectLeads came along! The perfect solution at the perfect time. Thanks guys, you guys solved my entire problem. Your software now helps me siphon leads from Facebook™ DIRECTLY into all my auto-responders!”

Abbas Sarfraz

“Before using ConnectLeads I *almost* gave up on Facebook™ Lead Ads because I had to manually download & import a bunch of CSV files every day (and still got complaints of slow response).

Now I’m using ConnectLeads I couldn’t be happier! Leads are added to my email list in real-time without any manual input from my part.

Even used it to get webinar registrations for my live workshop, which worked like a breeze!”

Josh Ratta

“ConnectLeads isn’t just the fastest way to gather leads directly from Facebook™ to your autoresponder using Lead Ads… it’s also the ONLY way!

I really can’t imagine running Facebook™ Lead Ads without ConnectLeads.  Highly recommended for all marketers & people wanting to build lists FAST!”

Let ConnectLeads take your marketing to bold new levels!

If you are just starting out in
marketing online…

ConnectLeads will help you get the most out of your Facebook™ ad campaigns. Maximize mobile traffic to help you build a solid list of qualified subscribers, at the lowest possible cost.

In fact, with one of the exclusive bonuses we’re providing, we’ll show you how to slash your lead costs dramatically.

If you are an experienced
internet marketer…

You may find yourself getting frustrated by diminishing returns, poor click/open rates and so on.

With ConnectLeads, you will find yourself getting more subscribers for lower cost, thus helping you grow your lists far quicker than other methods! And remember, with our incredible bonuses, we’ll show you how to slash your lead costs even more!

If you are a small
business owner…

You will find yourself getting more potential customers and clients, for far less than you have been paying for standard Facebook™ clicks, Adwords and even media buys!

Run online promotions, introduce upcoming events and provide other incentives to get customers to engage with you. You’ll see your business getting more leads, referral business, goodwill and sales!

Get higher quality leads…
for a lower cost!

One of the main reasons why you’ll get better quality leads via FB™ Lead Ads is because Facebook™ collects the primary or principal email address that people use when they register. This means less subscribers using “throw-away” or secondary email accounts that they never check.

Furthermore, with FB™ Lead Ads, no landing pages are needed. You can easily request information from the user directly via what FB™ already has for them on their database. Geo location, occupation, interests, and more.

With a normal landing (squeeze) page, the most you can ask for is a name and email address!

This allows you to segment your list in ways you never could before, from scratch!

It also allows you to better target subscribers with future mails. Especially to those on your list who will be open to your offers, based on interests and demographics.

According to Hubspot, segmentation can dramatically improve click and open rates by almost 40%, while reducing unsubscribe rates and increasing deliver-ability by as much as 28%.

Stats like that can only mean higher sales and more profits!

Since users respond to your ad via two easy taps, conversions are significantly higher than standard opt-in forms. This means higher relevance scores on your ads by FB™ and lower CPL!

And with ConnectLeads,
you get even better results!

Since ConnectLeads will instantly feed subscribers into your funnel, they get an immediate response. No delays due to waiting to add the subscriber manually with the next CSV batch.

Why is this important?

It’s simple isn’t it? The respondent wants what they requested right away. The sooner the better.

According to Harvard Business Review…

“…firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead.”

Harvard Business Review, 2011

It’s clear that following up quickly has a huge impact on the subscriber.

And unless you’re using ConnectLeads, your FB™ Lead Ads subscribers will simply not get that instant response.

And that makes a difference on conversions!

When it comes to marketing on Facebook™,
ConnectLeads puts you on the leading edge!

Here’s the thing…

Everyone’s looking for ways to reduce costs and increase sales, while working less.

Think about it, if you can slash your costs while spending less time managing leads…

While at the same time being assured that your leads always get a timely response from you…

What effect would that have on your business?


ConnectLeads delivers efficiency.

By automating the process, saving you time, getting your subscribers into your funnel instantly and removing all the guesswork… ConnectLeads instantly makes you a super-efficient marketer!

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Why is ConnectLeads such a game-changer?

Your leads go directly (in real-time) into your autoresponder/CRM account upon action!

Easy setup – simply select the desired Lead Ads and set up your list with just a couple of clicks!

Most major autoresponders and CRM platforms are natively supported (new ones are being added all the time!)

Will work on virtually all other platforms by pasting in some simple HTML code!

Prospects can even sign up for your webinars within FB™ with a couple of taps!

Highly customizable field mapping capabilities!

Add extra fields or questions via lead ads, all data feeds right to your list – perfect for segmenting!

Real-time data and analytics – see exactly how many new leads you are netting on a daily basis and more!

Super-easy and intuitive dashboard that will have your ConnectLeads fully setup in a matter of minutes!

Boost your sales using unique coupon distribution

ConnectLeads even helps you to automatically distribute unique coupon codes to everyone who signs up to your list – making sure you won’t just get more leads…

… but you’ll get a ton of extra sales in the process as well.

ConnectLeads is natively compatible with the
following autoresponders/CRM platforms, and other apps:

* We fully support HTML forms, which means you can connect ConnectLeads with any autoresponder.

More To Come! – Our team is continuously updating ConnectLeads with more features. All done seamlessly and behind the scenes in the cloud. No downloads or installations ever!

ConnectLeads gets Facebook™ paying off
for you with low-cost leads,
in minutes!

Check out the demo!

Start maximizing your Facebook™ ad campaigns,
while lowering costs and saving time/money!

Armed with the awesome power of ConnectLeads, you can now supercharge your ad campaigns to generate the subscribers who will be most responsive to your offer.

Best of all, you’ll be communicating with them via their most preferred platform – mobile!

It’s a whole new world of possibilities!

Now you can build highly-targeted subscriber lists for a very low cost with virtually no risk!

Here are just a few different ways that you can
immediately put ConnectLeads to action:

Use it to get new subscribers to your newsletter!

Use it to promote your ebook or special report as a lead magnet from within Facebook™ (NO squeeze or landing page needed!)

Offer instant deals, coupons and other incentives in exchange for instant opt-in!

Marketing B2B? Use Lead Ads to conduct surveys to develop qualified leads!

Run contests and giveaway promotions – People enter by subscribing with a simple tap!

Planning a webinar? Use FB™ Lead Ads and ConnectLeads to promote your webinar – users can instantly register via two taps!

There are countless other possibilities!

Joakim Hansson

“So I ran two campaigns with the same ad to the same audience. One was optimized for lead conversions and the other for the new Facebook™ Lead Ads.

Lead Ads gave 100% more conversions at 60% lower cost per lead…

Facebook™ clearly favors the new objective. The reach was also double with the Lead Ads objective!

If it weren’t for ConnectLeads I would’ve given up for Lead Ads, simply because I had to manually download the leads from Facebook™ and upload to ActiveCampaign. Now, with ConnectLeads, it’s all automated and works like a charm!

Demian Caceres

“I tested Connectio’s Facebook™ lead generation strategy and the same exact campaign went from $5 per lead to 0.40 per lead. That’s some huge savings and bigger ROI with just this simple tweak!

Without ConnectLeads this wouldn’t have been possible because it’s the only tool in the market to capture the leads from FB™ Lead Ads into your autoresponder.

So either way, get Connect Leads and your marketing will be upgraded big time!”

Start Increasing Your Sales With ConnectLeads Today…

With Absolutely NO RISK!

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Note: you will remain locked in at this pricing for as long as you actively maintain your license!

Consider this: Just one successful campaign using
ConnectLeads can easily cover the cost of the app.

From that point on, ConnectLeads will continue to be more
profitable with every new campaign that you run!

Nathan Hague

“I got 44 leads for job candidates for half the price and 10,000% less hassle than any other source to get applicants. Laser targeted and only took 48 hours. Love it! $1.60 per qualified job applicant? I’ll take that ANY day of the week!”

Janek Mehta

“I’ve tested this for my client in the Fitness niche. We’re getting leads for them at $8.50. After launching Lead Ads we are down to $3.96 🙂

Matthew Longley

Our commitment to you:

This innovative product is in constant development. With tons of additional features, capabilities and tools planned that will continue making ConnectLeads even more powerful and robust. We are committed to continue supporting and developing it to keep up with Facebook™’s developments and upcoming trends/innovations.

We are also committed to maximizing your investment in ConnectLeads.

Also, bear in mind that we will also rely on your input and ideas to make it even better!

During this introductory offer, you also
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In-Depth, Extended FB™ Lead Ads training

This highly specialized, intensive training will tell you everything you need to know about FB™ Lead Ads. I will also show you how to fully implement ConnectLeads to get the most out of every campaign you run!

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NOTE: These bonuses are exclusively available to customers
who purchase ConnectLeads during this introductory offer!

This application is 100% web-based and hosted in our secure cloud. Due to significant infrastructure demands, as well as the constant development needed to keep it on the cutting edge, the price will increase in the near future!

Consider this introductory offer our way of making ConnectLeads accessible to any marketer or business owner, regardless of budget.

We hope that you’ll take this offer and utilize it to build your business.

And please remember… we want your success stories to share with our future customers!

So act now to take advantage of this incredibly low introductory pricing!

Mitchel van Duuren

“With the help of ConnectLeads I added 820 subscribers for free to my email list. On the 2nd campaignff, I added another 460 leads for just $0.05 each – inside the health/paleo niche!

This is going to be a game-changer in my business. I am going to jump all over this while it’s still new and fresh and my target audience is not used to it.”

Luuk Olde Bijvank

“Been testing out ConnectLeads over the last week – and…. wow!! Never seen anything like this.
After implementing the bonus strategy I immediately lowered my CPL from $1.24 to…. $0.16!!
That’s just a first attempt without split-testing, so lot’s of room for improvement.

Thanks a bunch!”

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