Whose Email Strategy Do You Think Converts Better?

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Dean Jackson and Sam Ovens are, hands down, two of the best marketers I know!

When it comes to nurturing and generating sales from your email list, there’s SO MUCH TO LEARN from these guys. ?

(Back story: Months ago, Dean and I had breakfast together, and there he revealed a cool strategy that helps marketers get conversions from their emails.) 

I also know the strategy that Sam uses to get conversions.

So… I did a case study to find out whose strategy will get me EXTRAORDINARY results for my business.

And I was surprised by the outcome… ?

Can you guess who won?? Find out by watching the video above.

(Dean, Sam, if you’re watching/reading this, I hope you’re cool with it!!)


Whose email strategy do you think converts better? Dean Jackson’s or Sam Ovens’?

That’s what I’ve been testing out over the last month. And in this video, you’ll see the results. I’ve been testing it out, you get the exact stats. And there’s a reason why I’ve been testing both of these methods. Because obviously, if you have an email list, you want to try to get as many sales out as possible. You want to get, and then from your email list, you want to funnel them into becoming a client of yours. But if you’re just like me, like obviously, Yes, we can start selling stuff, but I hate that. I really don’t like that. So I’d like to, I like to send out valuable emails, content emails to create a closer relationship with my audience, but at the same time, I still need to pay the bills.

So how do we actually do that? How do you send out emails to your email list without being pushy without having to sell and yet they will still convert into sales? So that is what we’re going to go into. And now just in case we haven’t met before, my name is Wilco de Kreij, I’m the founder of Upviral and Connect IO, so if you want to grow your business, obviously, check that out. UpViral will help you get more word of mouth around your business. And if you’re running ads and you don’t hate money, then check out Connect IO, it we will increase your ROI. If you do hate money, don’t check it out. It’s not for you. It’s only for those who actually like to increase their ROI on their ads.

Now, that having said, like I said, I’ve been testing out various strategies. And the reason why I’ve been doing this, it actually started out a couple months ago, while I was having breakfast with Dean Jackson, right. So we were at Joe Polish’s “The Genius Event”. We were having breakfast there. And we were talking and he was talking about this concept of the super signature, right? So what it actually is, is that you will just send out an email with valuable content, right? And even though there’s nothing for sale in that email itself, you want to give people you know, a way to actually do business with you. So at the very bottom of the email, he would add what’s called a super signature. In other words, multiple links of like, if you have, for example, multiple products, like hey, if you want to, here’s how we can help you. If you want to get more word of mouth, like click here to check out UpViral. If you want to improve your Facebook ads, check this out, right?

So I was like, cool! That sounds like a really good idea. And here’s actually one of my emails where you can actually see it on my screen. So there’s like a valuable email with just content, you can see it’s quite long, which I’ve been sending out to my email list. And at the very bottom, I say something like, hey, PS, if you’re looking for business growth, here’s how I can help you. And there’s this like multiple ways where people can actually click on. So this one will take them into a training about Facebook ads, which will then, if they want to, will give them an offer to get into Connect IO. This one is if they want to improve the retargeting ads, as well and different products we have at Connect IO. And this is just to check out my YouTube channel just to increase the relationship and hopefully get them to watch this video as well.

Right. So this is one of the things I started doing. I’m like, all right, that sounds like a really good idea, right? Sending out valuable emails, right? Yes, every now and then I send out an offer, but I prefer to send valuable emails. And still while people are reading that give them an option to do more if they’re reading it. Like, this is like a really cool, dude, I want to do more business, right? So I copied Dean Jackson’s super signature, and started out sending out various emails, right. So that was one thing I did. Also, I saw what Sam Ovens was doing, he was actually doing something different. Let me just grab the whiteboard. So he was also sending out valuable emails, but in this case, it was actually a video, right? So it was like an email. This is like an email, as you can see right here. And then in that email was like a link to a video, right? And instead of just sending those people to, for example, YouTube, he would actually have that on his own website, where that video would play and it would be a transcript as well.

So people can actually read along in case they preferred to actually read. And there’s nothing like spamming or no, no no sales page, no sales button, but there was like a small little widget on the side to let people go into a different kind of funnel, right. So it’s like, that sounds like a really cool idea as well. Right. So, on the one hand, we got an email from Dean Jackson or DJ, which I call the super signature. This is like Sam Ovens, SO. Dean Jackson’s is just like a valuable email. And then at the end, there was some links, like, Hey, here’s how you can do more business with us, with a link to a funnel another funnel. While with Sam Ovens it was like, alright, the call to action of this email was like the value is not in the actual email, the value is in this video, right need to click on Go to your website, where that video is actually located there. That’s the value.

And then from there, they can then opt in to one of the funnels, right like they can, for example, enter the name, email address. So obviously, as a marketing nerd, I’d like to test things right. So here’s an example of an email I sent out and as you can see, in that actual email, I tell them like I share the truth about Facebook ads so you can watch it through about Facebook ads here and again here so I add the same link three times in that email. It’s all to get people to this very page. And once I will actually open it up, this is what they would see the truth about Facebook ads which Exactly what I told him in the actual email. And as you can see right here, there’s the video, there’s a transcript. And here on the side, boom, that’s the widget, just like Sam Ovens did. Like a little widget where people can actually say like, hey, free Facebook ads training, hey, all you need to do is enter email address, and they would go into my funnel. They would get a free 20-minute training video. And then after that, they would go into the funnel, and I would give them an offer to join Connect Explore, and even if they would actually want to just watch this video, and then their mouse goes all the way to the end. Boom! I’m giving them the option as well.

So in other words, from there, I then send them into my funnel, if they actually opt in. So we started doing this on various emails. So some emails had the ‘Sam Oven style’ right? Some emails had the ‘Dean Jackson style’. Both of them work. like both of them. The main primary goal of these emails is not to sell anything right? The main primary goal is to deliver value to create goodwill in the market. So obviously, if we were to just send out an email with like a straight offer like hey, we’ve got something for sale, that would always convert better, right? But you can only do that so much. So if you were sending out valuable email, valuable content, what would still at the same time result in most sales? Like I said, we tested that out, and we put it into a spreadsheet to see which one actually works best.

And as you can see right here, I sent three emails out using the Sam Ovens style with the value based videos. And I sent six one out 6 emails out with the super signature, right? We started tracking the numbers to see where did those sales come from, as you can see right here, the average revenue per email that we sent out with the Sam Ovens style was $2,300. Even though we were sending out valuable email, we didn’t pitch anything, we didn’t push people into buying something. And yet every email still resulted in over $2,000 simply because, you know, we’re sharing valuable, right, we’re staying valuable, we’re helping people out without asking for it. And if they want, they can continue down the path and actually, you know, take us up on an offer.

And here if you look at the super signature emails, the six emails we sent over there, as you can see that the average result was $750, which is quite a bit less. And in fact, it’s three times less right? So by doing this right here by following Sam Ovens’ strategy we made three times the amount of money. And obviously there’s all kinds of different reasons why that could be the case. It could be because, you know, people just like video, but even here, we’re sending out videos as well, right? So all these different factors that go into play, but the bottom line is, right bottom line is that this top strategy, right sending people to a valuable video with some kind of a call to action, in our case, enter your email address, you could also try out different kinds of things, it actually outperforms just having the super signature by three times which is obviously
pretty good.

And there’s two big lessons to learn here. First of all, if you have any valuable videos, don’t just send them out like, don’t send out an email like hey, check it out on YouTube, or at least also try this, put it on your site, put it on your blog, have some description, perhaps if you want to do that. But most importantly, add a good call to action for people who watch your valuable content. And then give them an option if they want to continue and check out what you have to offer. Give them an option right there and then right.

And secondly, the second point and takeaway of this, whenever you’re sending out emails, or whenever you do something like this, don’t just pick one strategy, right? Like, even if I say this is what you need to do, don’t just assume that is it. But always every once in a while, look back, right? And ask yourself like, was that actually the right thing? Like, I started out sending out these emails, right? If I were just like, I’m just gonna send out the Dean Jackson style emails. That’s it. I’m good, right? I would have missed out on three times the amount of money three times which is a freaking lot. Right. But because I tested out a couple of these, tested out a couple of these, looked at the numbers, right?

How do we actually, how did the sales actually convert? That’s when I realized this is actually much better, right? Still we’ll send out emails like this as well, because sometimes just easier. There’s always input and output. Right? But that’s really what I wanted to share you all. Now, does that mean that Sam Ovens is a better marketer than Dean Jackson? Definitely not. Like they’re both great guys. They’re completely in a different market. But hey, I’m a marketer as well, so it obviously doesn’t hurt to use them in this video as well. Right?

So hope you’re cool with that, Dean. I hope you’re cool with that, Sam, and with that having said, I’ll see you all in the next video!