Six Big Mistakes Most Email Marketers Make

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If you were to ask what the best thing in marketing is at the moment, you’ll be given a whole barrage of different answers.

Lots of people will tell you all about the latest tech, like how Facebook Messenger is awesome, or how push notifications are the absolute best.

But at the end of

Best Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads: Communicate, Engage, Convert Like Never Before

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At Connectio, we understand this vast digital world presents both opportunities and challenges for companies to connect with their audiences. Yes, technology and the many channels and platforms now available have significantly increased the ways businesses can communicate with customers.

However, as we see with many clients we work with, bigger doesn’t mean better, and fighting to keep a message

GDPR Must Do’s for Facebook Advertisers (5-Point Checklist)

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You’re a marketer. You use Facebook ads to grow your business. You’ve also likely heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and are probably freaking out about how it’ll affect you, your business… and your Facebook Ads account.

Rightly so, because with the recent hearings it’s likely that Facebook will enforce advertisers to follow the new privacy law as

Got Inactive Email Subscribers? Here are 10 Ways to Re-Engage Them

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Meet Brian. He’s a regular marketing guy.

Like most marketers, Brian struggles to keep his subscribers engaged. No one takes action from his emails.

Some don’t bother to open. Others do but don’t click.

Brian scratches his head. How could this be possible when they signed-up? Why don’t they respond? He asks himself.

Having a list of unengaged subscribers –