Facebook Engagement: 12 Practical Ways to Increase It

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Facebook engagement refers to any action that people perform on your Facebook page.

Examples of these actions include reactions, comments, shares, and clicks.

But why should you care about engagement? And how do you get engagement on Facebook?

You’ll find everything you need to know in this article.

Why Is Engagement Important on Facebook?

If you’ve been around on Facebook

A Guide to Using Facebook Lead Ads to Grow Your Business

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Are you on a journey of acquiring leads for your business? Because by now, you understand how important lead generation is.

Having leads means having potential customers.

It starts with you offering a free resource or incentive in exchange for your audience’s information.

Once people are on your email list, you can start building a relationship with them by providing

Goodbye Facebook Relevance Score: 3 New Metrics to Track Your Ad Performance

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Have you been using the Facebook Relevance Score to measure ad quality? Because here’s what you should know: Facebook has killed relevance score on April 30 and replaced it with three new metrics, namely…

Quality ranking Engagement rate ranking Conversion rate ranking

Overall, these metrics are called Ad Relevance Diagnostics. You may be wondering, “Why the replacement?” Here’s

Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working? (10 Reasons Why)

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“Why are my Facebook ads not working?”

You ask in disbelief because you don’t see the results you’re expecting.

When people run Facebook ads, they expect their ads to work right away. It doesn’t really matter if it’s their first time.

And if they don’t work, panic sets in.

Ad Targeting On Facebook: Ideas to Get You Started

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Have you ever seen a Facebook ad in your news feed and thought, “Hey, how did that ad know my most recent purchase?”

When it comes to ad targeting on Facebook, advertisers have plenty of options. You can target based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

But keep in mind:

It is by targeting the right people with the right message

The Facebook Pixel: What You Need to Know

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Are you just getting started with Facebook Ads? If so, you need to learn about the Facebook pixel.

You may have heard people say that the FB pixel is confusing.

But even if it is, you would want to take advantage of it if you knew its massive potential for helping you

Facebook Libra: What’s the Buzz About It?

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It’s been three months since Facebook announced its plan to launch Libra in 2020. By now, you may have already heard about it.

But if not, here’s what Libra is:

It’s a cryptocurrency that allows you to buy things and send money with very low or nearly zero transaction fees.

Whether this cryptocurrency fails or succeeds remains in question. But

10 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Stand Out

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How many times did you think you created an “amazing” Facebook Ad only to realize after a few days that it was a total flop?

There’s a high chance your ad wasn’t grabbing your audience’s attention. It wasn’t catchy enough. The reality is, it’s harder to cut through the noise these days.