How I Get My Funnels To Convert (Behind The Scenes)

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Are you trying to figure out how to make your marketing funnel successful?

Because in this video, I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes to show you exactly what I do to improve my sales funnel conversion rates.

Sneak peek:

I’ve been working on a funnel where I invite people to join my workshop. I created two versions of that funnel, and one converted much better than the other – 32% versus 16%. 😮

So I did a deep dive to really understand what was happening.

I CHALLENGE YOU to do the same with your own funnels.

If you do this, you will be able to uncover valuable information that can make a huge difference in your conversions. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Tools I mentioned in the video:

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Today I’m going to show you how to get high converting landing pages how to make sure that once someone clicks on your ad, for example, they find you on Google, that they’re actually going to end up doing business with you. And what I’m really gonna do is I’m actually going to show you behind the scenes, what that actually takes.

My name is Wilco de Kreij, and right now I’m actually having a bit of a problem with one of my landing pages not converting. So instead of just always telling you guys like, “Hey, this is what you should do. This is how I do things.” This time, I’m going to give you a quick, sort of behind the scenes, I’m literally actually what I’m going to do right now. Just gonna go to my computer…

I’m going to show you exactly what I’m doing what I’m thinking why I’m doing it now be recording the video and multiple steps along the way as I figure it out, because as you’ll see, I’ve got a problem. I don’t know yet how to fix it. And instead of just saying like, Hey, this is what I’ve done. I’m going to do the analysis and to review with you. So let’s just hop over to my PC and I’ll see you there.

So what’s happening exactly… Well, right now, I’m working on a funnel where I want people to, like I give people the option to register for a workshop for an online training, like a webinar, however you want to call it right. And as I mentioned before, like there’s two things you can do, you can just create a page and guess it’s gonna work. Or you can actually test it out, right?

And the way we do that is what’s something called split testing, right? So if a visitor, this is a visitor, if they actually go to your page, they’re not just going to see one variation, they’re not just going to see this page, but 50 50% chance either some people will see version A, some people are going to see version B, right? And based on that, you’ll know after a while, like hey, this, you know, maybe converts at 30%, while this one actually converts at 20%. So obviously this one is much better. So from now on, we’re going to use that one. That’s currently what I’m doing as well.

And instead of just always talking about the theory, I also want to show you guys exactly what that actually means, right? And how that actually works. Because right now, we already had a page running right, this is the page so we already had. It’s built on a landing page builder called Convertri. I love the tool it is freaking fast like if you reload this this is like loading super, super fast.

However, part of me wants to go back to WordPress I’ve always been running on WordPress. The only reason why I prefer WordPress over Convertri is because I can just make simpler, faster changes to the page simply because I’m more used to the editor right and I’m not as used to Convertri so nothing bad against the Convertri. Convertri is an awesome tool if you want to have a fast page, then boom like you load the page and it is done like it loads really, really fast. And because I want to move to WordPress back to WordPress where you know, I can just make faster changes. I built a quick page here on WordPress, which is obviously as you can see, it’s completely different, right, not the same. And I figured instead of just moving back to WordPress, what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to do is split that between these two, right? So 50% of people are going to see this page right here. And then 50% of people are going to see this page, right. And then after a while, I’ll actually see which page actually converts.

Now, let me just do a quick analysis because just so you know, I’m doing a full transparency like this is how the split test is setup because you also see like, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need to use all kinds of fancy tools, like some people do. Like I use Google Optimize, for example, as well. It’s an awesome tool to do a split test. In this particular example, what really we’re doing is we literally rotate the traffic. So we have our own little link rotator. If you go to that link that will basically select a one person goes to this page, another person goes to this page, one person goes to like, it just rotates it right at random. And because of that, like what we have here, like this page, I can see the statistics for this one on Google Analytics, how many people visited this page, as well as for the other page.

And then on EverWebinar, which is the tool where people go to if they actually opt-in, we can actually see how many people actually signed up as well. Right. So I’m just going to go and select this part of the URL inside Google Analytics right now. And I will see and we just started this test a few days ago, actually, you’ll see that… As you can see, it has 166 unique visitors.

What I’m actually going to do is I’m going to go for a tool., right where you can easily add stuff and so we got 166 people the reason why big 166 right here, right from the unique pageviews and not the total pageviews. This is like this, if someone refreshes it, it will this will be added up. I just wanna know how many unique people we’ve got. And as you can see, there’s some vague stuff over here as well. And that’s just because sometimes our ads they add more things to the page but there’s still visitors to the same page. Just pick everything for that URL.

So now I know that we had 166 unique visitors to this page right here right. Now to see how many people have opted in for this, what we’ve done is inside our webinar tool, in this case, Ever Webinar we’ve created 2 duplicate webinars – the exact same webinar, but just separate, so we can see the statistics separately as well. So I’m just going to see just in time, go, and as you will see, got 53 people who signed up. So out of the 166, we got 53 people so far, so good. Now I’m also going to check for the order page, right? Because then you’ll see the issue that I’m having. Again, I’m just being fully transparent. I just want to show you what it’s going to take because we’re going to go a lot more in-depth right.

And as you can see, and actually this should be starting at the 26th because that’s when we started to drive traffic before that was just test traffic and all that

So 199 people and which resulted in 31 signups. So as you can see, the old paid this one that we had is converting twice as good, right? So this one we’re getting less like we’re getting half of the amount of leads, as you can see right here 32% of people opt in to go to the first page. 16% goes to the second page.

Now, here’s the challenge I really want to talk to you about, right because so far, it’s so good. It’s like we’re doing a split test. Maybe you’ve done that in the past as well, where you test out something what’s working. But what’s really interesting is to really understand what is happening, why is something happening because the easy thing for me to do right now is to realize, right, we just need to go with this page because it’s converted to twice as good. But as usually there’s more information hidden somewhere.

And that’s really what I tried to reveal, right? Because even though the page looks different, I wouldn’t expect this page to convert twice as bad, right?

So what I’ve done is I’ve used a tool called Hot Jar. Hot Jar is a tool where we… it’s an awesome tool inside of Hot Jar, what you can actually do is create heat maps, right? So I created a heat map. And what it basically does like it will look at like what how people behave on your page or like, so if they’re on their mobile and where they actually click. And as you can see right here, like out of the 56 people on mobile devices, as you can see, like it shows right here, like a lot of people click here, which makes sense, right? It totally makes sense. That’s the call to action button. I would expect people to click there, right? And let’s just see, there’s not much clicking going on the bottom one. And actually, there’s here there’s, that’s interesting as well, right. We’ve got this pop up for GDPR compliance for the cookie and people are clicking on that as well, right, obviously as well, but that could be a distraction, or we have to have that pop up for legal reasons.

But again, I’m just going through the data. So right here, we can also see how far people actually scroll down. So as you can see the average fold. So on average, this is what people see. So that’s good, right? So they see the button right before because you also always want to make sure that your call to action is like right inside the screen. And they don’t need to scroll down first. As you can see, people don’t really scroll down a lot because 75% percent of people only gets here while 50% of people only reach this point, which tells me that people don’t really scroll down like that. They just watch the page and that is it. 25% of people goes here. Like people don’t really go down like they don’t they’re not interested in that. In other words, you need to grab their attention right away right away for a second.

But here’s something interesting right when I go to desktop device, and I like I see people clicking all over the place. And right now, I don’t know why I honestly do not know like, there’s a lot of clicking going on here, which could be that it’s actually wrong from the heatmap software. And what they actually are clicking on is the cookie notification that I mentioned, like in the left corner, like we showed a cookie. But like all of this, I don’t know, right?

So, to go back to like, what I showed before is like, right, based on this, I could think, “Well, obviously, this new page does not convert, let’s remove it and think of something else we can do.” But there might be some other issue that is going on, right?

Another thing I’ve been checking and again, I’m going to give you all everything behind the scenes like perhaps the issue isn’t the page itself, but perhaps the issue is the speed, right? Because if I would check and again, like Convertri is super fast, right? If you haven’t heard about Convertri, just a quick shout out. It’s at as you can see right here. It is the fastest loading page I’ve ever seen. I’m going to actually prove that to you as well.

So, just gonna do a test and see if this is a tool, you can actually see how fast a page is loading, right? You can check the location as well, from which they look open, which location it’s actually loading. So as you can see, well, this one loaded in two seconds, technically 1.7 Mb megabyte, and usually you’ll be able to see like, what are the things that are slowing it down the most right. In this case, I’m not that much interested? This is interesting stuff though.

If you want to improve your site speed, this one is still loading. So this one again, two seconds and this one are actually not that big of a difference at the moment. But as you can see, like one of the 10 requests for this one only has 52. So my guess is that usually this one, the Convertri one still loads a lot faster, or at least it starts showing a lot faster. And one of the things I noticed here, and now I’m going in a little bit more nitty gritty is that on this page right here, right, our WordPress page, when they click here, there’s an opt in box. But if you if you’re really fast, and it just loaded the first time, then it doesn’t work yet. Like it takes like half a second or so for that code to load. And only then so in other words, if people click too fast on this button, maybe nothing happens.

So that’s where I’m at so far, right? I know that the new page isn’t converting well, but what I can’t seem to figure out is exactly why outside of the page might not be as good but I want to, like I don’t accept that as the answer. And that’s why I’m diving deeper like and as I mentioned before, I used as a guide all the screengrabs I just enabled something else as well, like a few minutes ago. I’m not sure if there are any any results with that but basically what you can do using Hot Jar as well. You can do recordings and that means that literally, you can watch someone’s mouse move and see how they behave on your page, right?

And it’s all anonymous, like you don’t know who they are and everything that might be anonymous. Like if they enter something, it’s all hidden. There’s nothing we can reveal from that. But it sometimes give you a good insight as well. So I’m actually going to check right now if there is any recording on the page. So there’s so far there’s been one like I said, I just did a couple of minutes ago. I’m just going to see if it’s useful or not. I probably should watch a couple more but I’m just going to watch it anyway.

Alright, this person actually, you know, under the name, email address, and then they start clicking.

Ah. See? This is why I’m recording this. This is why I’m doing this. Turns out, like, you see what happened he entered his name and email address right and he started clicking all over the place which is in line with what we have right here. So it seems there’s some kind of an issue which I haven’t seen happening, on my end it’s working.

So, wow that’s interesting like I said, That’s why I’m recording it behind the scenes video for you all for all of you to see what it actually takes.

And now the challenge is for me to figure out what’s going on and if I find anything interesting and I’ll definitely let you guys know, and let you girls know, but really the goal of this video is I know it’s a bit more chaotic and all but I just wanted to give you a behind the scenes on like, like, it’s one thing to test like if you want to improve your conversions. A lot of people ask me like, how do I know what’s gonna work best?

Well you test. It’s gonna take time. It’s going to take some effort. But even if you do a split test like I just showed you like it was obviously that this version was the winner it’s 32% converting while the other one is converting at 16%. I could have stopped there right? But you always want to go a little bit further you always want to try to understand what’s going on and part of that is common sense.

Like literally what I’ve been doing this morning is like I went to the landing page on my mobile phone because most people are on mobile. entered my name and email address, see if it works. Right right cool. I go to my iPad do the same thing just sometimes you’ll just find stuff that you didn’t think about. Or I asked some people my team as well like hey, can you please go to this page?

See if you find anything like anything out of the ordinary and even if that doesn’t give any answers like still like keep on searching and like I said a tool, like Hot Jar, it doesn’t have to be Hot Jar, that’s just an example but it will help you to see some other data. To see some other information because sometimes that will just give you amazing insights.

And something I’ve been doing as well is just talk to people, like literally like, for example, if they went through your funnel, or maybe they purchased your product, ask them on the phone like, hey, what made you actually make that decision? Right? Because usually, it’s not just split-test. Not just data, but it’s also like the information that’s behind it. Like why do people do certain things? Whether it is like a technical glitch on a landing page, like I’m having right now? or whether it is, you think you have an awesome funnel, but they joined because something completely different if they tell you that on the phone.

So really, what it takes to improve your conversion rates is to understand people all the way through, like if there are technical issues, try to understand that. Try to understand as much as you can, because, with all that information, you can make much better decisions.

So this is sort of like a behind-the-scenes.

If there’s any more information…. I’ll let you guys know and if not, this is the end of this video. Talk to y’all soon!