What Are Facebook Slideshow Ads and Why Use Them?

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No doubt about it:

Facebook video ads are great for engaging and entertaining your audience.

But sometimes, for an advertiser, video ads may not be a viable option for certain reasons.

One is that they could be quite time-consuming to create. Another is because some business owners feel uncomfortable on camera! Videos also tend to load slowly at slower internet connection speeds.

Either way, you know that you need more than just a static image to get your message across compellingly!

The good news is, you can still enjoy most of the benefits that video content brings — minus its drawbacks. What you need are Facebook slideshow ads.

Facebook slideshow ads enable you to reach your goal, whether it’s driving sales to your product or raising brand awareness.

This article will show you how to get started with this ad format. But first, let’s get to the basics.

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What are Facebook Slideshow Ads and How Do They Work?

Facebook slideshow ads are video-like ads that combine static images or videos to deliver a brand’s message. As Facebook puts it, “Make a video-sized impact without a video-sized budget.” Cool, right?

Anyone who desires a lightweight ad can opt for a slideshow advertisement as an alternative to video. Here’s an example of a slideshow ad from Felix Gray:

While creating your slideshow ad, you have the option to use photos that you already have or select from Facebook’s free stock image collection.

You can also add text to each slide for a clearer message. For example, when you’re trying to communicate the steps of using your product. To captivate your audience further, you may also add sound and stickers to the slides!

Creating a slideshow ad can be done in minutes using your desktop or mobile device. No problem.

Bottom line:

Facebook slideshow ads are easy to create, affordable, and fast-loading no matter the device and internet connection speed of your audience. Like videos, these ads offer an immersive experience.

Ways to Use Facebook Slideshow Ads

Now that you know what slideshow ads are, here’s how you can utilize them to meet the goals of your business.

1. Demonstrate steps of an entire process.

Whether you sell a product or service, a slideshow ad will be able to effectively show the steps to using it.

For example, let’s say that you offer roof repair services. In your slideshow, present a problem (such as a roof leak) and the next steps that a homeowner should take to find and hire the best roofing service in town — you.

The right images on your slideshow will be able to simplify any complex process.

2. Show the benefits.

Oftentimes you’ll want to show your audience how exactly they’ll be able to benefit from something. What kind of transformation can your product or service bring to their lives? If they follow your advice, what will they get in return?

Below is a screenshot of a slideshow ad from Dan’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting:

Ad source: Facebook Ads Library

The company created this ad to promote an article about the benefits of regular tooth brushing for dogs.

Here’s another slide from the same ad:

Ad source: Facebook Ads Library

As you can see, each image on the slide is accompanied by a text that clearly communicates the importance of dog tooth brushing.

3. Tell your brand story.

There’s no better way to share your brand story with the world than to do it with pictures. Facebook slideshow ads can be a powerful visual tool for doing that.

String together a series of relevant images to tell your story. Each image represents a phase of your company’s journey.

4. Show off your product or service.

Use slideshow ads to feature different variations of the same product or show off different items from your entire collection.

Or if you have only one product, slideshow ads will allow you to present different angle shots of that product. This way, your audience can appreciate it even more!

For SaaS businesses, slideshow ads are beneficial for showcasing the different services they provide to customers.

How Do I Make a Slideshow for Facebook Ads?

Let’s get started with creating your first Facebook slideshow advertisement. Follow these steps:

1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager. Now that you’re inside the ads manager, select your marketing objective.

You can use any objective for slideshow ads only if you’re running the ad on Facebook. For Instagram, available objectives are as follows: Traffic, Conversions, App installs or Video Views.

2. On the ad set level, choose your audience, placements, and budget and schedule. Click continue.

3. On the ad level, scroll down to Format. Click Single Image or Video. This option will allow you to create a slideshow.

4. Next, scroll down to Media and click Create Slideshow.

It will open a Video Creation Kit where you’ll be able to start creating the slideshow. You can see that there’s a pre-built template that meets any purpose — Promote a Product, Show Product Benefits, and more.

Take note that these pre-built templates can only be used for images. If you have video files to include on the slideshow, click the option Create Slideshow (just right above the templates).

See the screenshot below:

5. Option A: Select a template and click Continue. Start adding your images and customizing each slide.

Option B: Select Create Slideshow and Click Continue. Then you can add your photos or video. Feel free to customize the slides by adding text, music, and transitions.

6. When you’re done creating the slideshow, add your primary text, headline, description, website URL, and call-to-action (CTA).

Best Practices to Get Better Results with Facebook Slideshow Ads

We’re done showing you the process of creating a Facebook slideshow post. Easy, right?

For this section, we’re going to teach you some essential tips that will enhance the potential of your ad to capture your audience and make them convert.

1. Use a storyboard.

Think of a storyboard as a “roadmap” — a rough sketch of your slideshow. By using a storyboard, you’ll be able to properly plan what to put on each slide so that your entire ad makes sense when played by your audience.

Image credit: Boords

You can simply map out the content of your slideshow ad on paper or use an online tool like Boords.

2. Grab interest right away.

Keep in mind that most people have short attention spans. It’s important to hook them in within the first few seconds of your slideshow. Make sure it happens by placing your most interesting image or video at the beginning.

3. Design for sound off.

Most people watch Facebook videos without sound. That having said, be sure to create your slideshow in such a way that people can understand it without sound. Take advantage of overlay text and relevant images.

A quick tip: Use as few words as possible for each slide to convey your message!

4. Re-use existing content.

We can relate — putting together the visuals for your Facebook ad can be time-consuming. So instead of creating everything from scratch, why not use the images or video that you already have? For example, if you run a resort business, repurpose those beach shots.

Ad source: Facebook Ads Library

Just make sure that your images are clear and high-quality.

5. Use colors that pop.

Colors impact people’s impression of your ad. Make your ad slideshow ad stand out beautifully by using bold colors that match your brand. If possible, use color psychology to elicit the right emotional response especially when you’re telling a story with your slideshow.

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Final Thoughts

Strapped for time with video ads? Are you camera shy? Facebook slideshow ads are worth a try. They’re capable of presenting your offers and telling your story in a compelling way, just like video ads.

Finally… Don’t ignore other aspects such as audience targeting, retargeting, and opportunities to engage your audience further.

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