Get more out of Facebook Lead Ads with 3 cool new features

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Facebook Lead Ads has become the hottest lead generation tool for marketers since its launch last year. It provides a simple and effortless way to generate leads via Facebook. Just few clicks, no data entry, and the lead is scored.

Facebook Lead Ad Description

After its whooping success , Facebook has ramped up Lead Ads with 3 cool new features.

These new features are Carousel Lead Ads and Context Cards in addition to desktop delivery. Other than desktop targeting, Carousel Ads and Context Cards are Facebook’s move to improve the quality of leads for advertisers. They also instigate more confidence in prospective customers by providing more information about the product / service what they are signing up for.

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Advertise on Desktop devices

Facebook is now finally making this format available on desktop. This was long awaited and many advertisers were waiting for it to happen.

With the desktop delivery, the advertisers will be able to reach desktop devices in addition to mobile feeds. The ads will work similarly but provide quite a large room to showcase their creatives and reach desktop audience, which was impossible before.

Facebook Lead Ad on Desktop Devices

This is huge considering nearly half of Facebook users access it from Desktop (Desktop & Desktop+Mobile users) and in some regions desktop is still primary mode of accessing Facebook.

To set this up, simply enable “Desktop News Feed” at your Ad Set level:


Carousel Lead Ads

With the the Carousel Lead Ad format, advertisers can display up to five images and headlines in a single ad. Carousel Ads are not new but now Facebook has merged them with a signup or learn more lead button.

Use Carousel Lead Ads in Facebook

This feature is cool for brands that are selling multiple products or that have numerous images to show before the lead is convinced such as real estate.

(While publishing this article it’s not yet released in the Power Editor – we’ll update this once it’s available)

Context Cards

Context Cards is a new and very handy addition to the lead ad. The Context Cards add an additional page to describe more about the service, before they actually submits the form.

Context Cards for Facebook Lead Ads

This feature provide prospective leads with more confidence on what they are signing up for. Advertisers on the other hand can significantly improve their lead quality by signing up only people that really show intent to.

The context cards is mainly a way to implement double optin via lead ads. It provides more information about the business and re-asks user to hit the subscribe / signup button again to confirm their subscription.

(Just like the carousel ads this is not yet live. Facebook confirmed it should be live within a few weeks though!)

Connecting Facebook Lead Ads with your Autoresponder

When it comes to lead generation, prompt action on signups is essential. You are more likely to convert a lead if you approach them as quickly as possible after signup.

With ConnectLeads, you can connect your Facebook Lead Ads with your favorite autoresponder. So whenever, your leads signs up either via simple, carousel or context card lead ad on desktop or mobile, you can instantly send them the offer they signed up for.

What is ConnectLeads

You don’t have to manually download lead data and feed it your email marketing system.

So what is in it for advertisers?

The desktop delivery alone doubles the reach of ads. Using Carousel Ads, advertisers can showcase multiple images of their product and/ or use Context Card to show an additional page before they sign up.

With so much to offer, Facebook Lead Ads are quickly becoming the lead generation game changer. From Small Businesses to Enterprises, all are seeing great results with Lead Ads. They are able to bag high quality leads at fraction of the cost what they were paying earlier.

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