Facebook Lead Ads: Everything you need to know in one infographic

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Facebook Lead Ads are the newest addition to the suite of advertising solutions offered by Facebook. They provide an efficient way for advertisers to generate leads from Facebook, without the need for filling out long forms.

Land Rover, the British Automaker, experienced superior results than standard Facebook link ads and managed to reduce their social media lead generation cost by up to 4 times. Jon Loomer reported that Lead Ads cut his cost per lead in half, while Social Media Examiner reported that even when targeting high-end service professionals results appear promising.

So what is Facebook Lead Ads and how can you use them?

We’ve created an Infographic to help you understand what Facebook Lead Ads are. It covers the overview of Facebook Lead Ads and defines the step-by-step process of creating them. It also provides different Facebook Leads Ads idea and examples to help you get started with creating your campaign.

Facebook Lead Ads infographic

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So far it seems that Facebook Lead Ads are the “next big thing” for Facebook advertisers. The first results that are dripping in are very promising – and it seems to be the way to go to capture leads on mobile devices going forward.

What do you think? Have you created any Lead Ads on Facebook? What were the results? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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