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How to Double your ROI from Facebook using One Little Checkbox?

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Since its launch last year in October, Facebook Lead Ads is popular among advertisers and businesses to generate leads in a quick and simple manner.

Tab, tab, done.

Facebook Lead Ad requires just few clicks to signup a lead – with no data entry at all.

Without doubt Facebook’s most powerful feature for their advertisers.

It’s not all glory though..

Facebook Lead Ads don’t provide much room for advertisers to show detailed information about their product – making it difficult to convince people WHY they should opt-in.

Sometimes the ad alone is not good enough to convince them, and lack of information can hurt lead generation and conversion rates of follow-up mailings.

Until today, that is.

Facebook just released Context Cards, giving advertisers more leverage to convince their audience to subscribe (and be more engaged afterwards).

We have a created a step-by-step video that will show you what this feature is, and how to use it by enabling a simple check-box.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

This feature provide prospective leads with more pre-signup information about the product / service they are signing up for.

Even though it’s too early to give any numbers (Facebook released this feature today)…

… we expect this will significantly boost your ROI on the long run by getting higher quality leads onto your email list.

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