Boost your Content Reach with Facebook Ads

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Inbound Marketing, or commonly referred to as Content Marketing, is now a favorable way of creating awareness around your brand. Content Marketing is also known for creating and growing a much needed engagement with the right audiences.

However, all this comes with a lot of frustrations.

Companies starting off with their content strategy find that, despite investing a handsome amount in creating some great content, they are unable to reach their target audience. People are consuming their content. This raises alarms and creates a panic situation among the major stakeholders.

Fortunately, here is a great content piece to your rescue. It tells you how you can use your budget (believe me, it’s light on the pockets), to promote your content with the help of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are a great way to start off with your content marketing strategy. They are economical than other alternatives and offer the right amount of tweaking to get your content seen by the right target audience. If you are creating great content with the right audience in sight, then you should see that Facebook ads offer one of the best ways to promote your content. Facebook ads engage the right audience with your content, helps you create the right content as well, and, ultimately, lets you gather a lot of subscribers who enjoy sharing your content.

Here are 7 of the most awesome strategies that you can deploy to promote you latest and the greatest blog posts. The best way is to test them all and/or run A/B testing from these strategies and see which ones work best for you. You can use them all, a combination from them or a just one of them. It all depends on the need of your content and business goals.

Do keep in mind that the below mentioned strategies can be used for promoting ebook, whitepapers, webinars, videos, infographics, blog posts or any other form of content your company is producing.

Let’s get started promoting content on Facebook!

1) Target your Facebook Fans

If you have not made the blunder of buying unconnected fans on Facebook, then your fans on Facebook are some of the biggest assets to your brand. Your Facebook fans are people (or organizations) mostly interested in listening to what you have to say. They are your biggest brand advocates, other than your mother, of course. So make sure you are showing them the best of your content.


Yes, this means that you need to accept that your organic reach is on the declining phase. So you should not be afraid of spending a few bucks to promote your content to your fans.

2) Content Promotion To Fans of Related Pages and Competition

A major reason why Facebook ads are great for content marketing is because of their ability to target the perfect audience for your content. Spend some time in trying to figure out exactly who your ideal audience is that you would want to target. Once you have figured that out, use these details to create campaigns with your best content pieces to promote them.


You can target a certain group of people. Specifically, think about promoting your content to the following groups:

  • The fans of your competitors, who love reading about the niche of your blog
  • Fans of related companies in your industry who are not considered to be your competitors
  • People based on workplace of title of job


3) Promote Content to Previous Blog Visitors

There is a high probability that people who recently visited your website to read your articles, would visit again to read more of your content. You can use the Facebook re-targeting feature to show all the new posts to people who have already visited your website/blogs in the past 14 days.


The re-targeting feature by Facebook is one of the few, low on budget, campaign management tool that you can set and forget. Even if you are going for cost-effective measures, I recommend that you should spend at least $2 per day on Facebook re-targeting. You will be surprised how much of an impact it will have on the amount of your blog readers.

Facebook re-targeting feature helps you to go even deeper. It allows you to create audiences based on the different subject categories of your blog. With this, you can choose to re-target people with the new content like the one they read during their last visit to your website.

4) Target your Content to Your Current Customers, Leads and Users on Trial

You can use email addresses from your customers and potential leads to create updated custom audiences. If these people liked the service or product you offer, then they might prefer reading your content as well.


5) Reach out to Industry Insiders and Influencers

If you are able to get your industry influencers, with large social networks to share your content with their followers, then consider half of your promotion work done.

But, for your influencers to share your awesome new article, it is important for them to know about its existence. You can use Facebook ads to promote your content to thought leaders in your industry.

This can be accomplished by creating a custom audience from Facebook ID’s that are scrapped. Though a risky proposition, yet, it works effectively.


Another option, though not much effective, is to use niche audiences based on the traits of people you are looking to target.

6) Promote To Lookalike Audiences

Facebook is a blessing if used properly. One unique feature of Facebook is its’ ability to create similar audiences based on the existing audience set by you.


You can try and promote your content to similar groups of audiences from the following groups:

Your fans on Facebook

Audience of your customers, trial users and leads

The re-targeting audience of people who visit your site the most.

Just a word of caution here: When creating lookalike audiences, start off with the smallest possible reach. This ensures that the demographics of your selected audience match the ones of the lookalike audience created by Facebook.

7) Produce and Promote All Types of Content

When promoting content using Facebook ads, do not limit yourself to blogs only. In fact, if you use your Facebook ads to promote an eBook you published, or an ad to send the audience to a landing page for a White Paper or an online course, seems more effective than just promoting your blog.


Because, a variety of content on your social media page, is going to help you gather e-mail addresses from your target audiences with ease. Additionally, your tracking will help you find out what type of content is preferred by your target audience and where your focus should lie.

You can expect e-mail submissions for an eBook or a white paper download or a podcast to be quite strong from leads that are already quite familiar with your brand. Therefore, this strategy works best with fans, lists of customers and people visiting your website, i.e., re-targeting.

[Bonus Material: Facebook Ads Generator] 

It’s Your Turn Now!

How are you capitalizing on Facebook Ads for your content promotion? I would love to see you people share your best tips in the comments below.

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