10 Reasons To Retarget Your Subscribers With Facebook Ads

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I am pretty sure you would agree with the fact that as a marketer, you dream of building a huge online presence and getting more personal with your audience.

These are among the gazillion reasons why you build an email list and run an email marketing campaign.

However, building an email list is only half the battle

Getting your email subscribers to convert is the other half.

It’s also the most important part.

How would you feel if you found out that people simply opened your emails and forgot about them later?

Frustrated, right? Because you know how much effort you’ve invested just to craft a single piece of email.

Here’s what I did (And you should do too!) to maximize email marketing…

I retargeted my subscribers with Facebook Ads using a tool. 

In this blog post, I’ll be showing you what I did using a tool to effectively retarget my audience through Facebook Ads and 10 reasons why you should start doing it today.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting is a highly effective marketing strategy that allows you to follow your audience by showing them relevant ads after they have entered your website.

According to Retargeter.com, retargeting enables brands to reach out to people who don’t convert right away.

How Did I Retarget My Email Subscribers?

Retargeting is good but has a limitation. If you use retargeting alone, you cannot track whether your emails have been opened or your links have been clicked.

Showing Facebook Ads to your audience without tailoring them according to how they interacted with your emails won’t bring you the best results – you’ll be wasting money at the same time.

The special tool I used…

I used ConnectAudience. ConnectAudience automatically synchronized my email list to Facebook Ads manager and targeted people according to their unique behaviors.

With ConnectAudience, I was able to target people who:

  • Opened my message and clicked on my link.
  • Opened my message but did not click my link.
  • Did not receive my email.
  • Did not buy any of my products yet.
  • Belonged to a particular country.


The targeting options were simply endless. Being ultra specific, this brought me massive results – specifically increasing my sales.

Earlier, I did a case study in which I promoted UpViral to my email list. I actually cut my email list into half (Group A and Group B) to find out whether showing Facebook Ads to a specific group would increase my revenue. In this case, I showed the ads to Group B.

Because of retargeting Facebook Ads to Group B of my email list, I got 50% more revenue and 2021% ROI.

10 Reasons To Retarget Your Subscribers With Facebook Ads Today

1. You are able to reach out to people when they’re free to engage. 

It’s undeniable that people are always busy during the day. You and I are busy. And that’s nobody’s fault.

However, the downside of this is the risk of your emails not getting opened. People don’t just don’t have much time to check out your valuable offer.

Or they may have opened your email, read it a bit, and decided to look through it more later for some reason. After their work, instead of going back to your message, they stayed on Facebook instead to socialize with their friends.


Retargeting them with Facebook Ads helps remind them of your offer while they’re skimming through their Newsfeed – regardless of whether they’re having a coffee break at work or having a day off at home.

2. You amplify your frequency. 

How many times do you have to deliver your marketing messages to your audience before they are ready to convert?

Multiple times. 

Based on reasearch, technology shoppers refer to 14 sources of information before they can arrive at a buying decision. On the other hand, younger shoppers use 21 sources of information.


According to ConversionXL, most decisions are made subconsciously.

Email marketing combined with Facebook advertising increases your frequency in displaying your brand message to your audience, thereby tapping into their subconscious mind.

Before you know it, you make a sale.

3. You make your brand look bigger than it is. 

When you make your business available across multiple platforms, it sends out the message that your business is everywhere.


Also, displaying your ad on Facebook increases your popularity owing to the face that over 1 billion people use this social platform.

What your subscribers don’t realize is that they are able to see your ad because you’ve targeted them as part of your email list.

4. You’ll never be forgotten. Ever. 

The moment you’ve automatically imported your email list to a Facebook Custom Audience using ConnectAudience, you’ll be able to target your subscribers – including those who unsubscribed from your email list.

I know it’s quite saddening to get unsubscribes on your list.

But no worries.

You can give those people multiple chances to convert by maintaining your brand visibility with your ads displayed in their Facebook Newsfeed.

5. You’ll be able to create a Lookalike Audience. 

Wouldn’t it be great to discover and reach out to thousands and even over 1 million audiences who have characteristics and interests similar to your current subscribers?

Using Facebook Ads, you can take advantage of Lookalike Audiences. This means that you can create a profile of your target consumers based on people on your list.


Facebook Lookalike Audiences is a powerful feature of Facebook because it allows you to target potential customers that resemble your current audience.

6. You gain people’s trust. 

Staying connected with your email subscribers by simply “being there” on social media builds online trust.


Nowadays, people simply put their trust on businesses who are on Facebook.

And since you’re in their inboxes and Facebook Newsfeed, they know that they can reach you immediately in case they need your product or service.

Being in a social platform where most people interact, you’ll be able to get free recommendations from your target audience who always see your ads.

7. You save money on advertising. 

The cost of running Facebook Ads decreases as your clicks increase. This means that the more you get engagement on Facebook, the less money you’re going to spend on advertising.


For this reason, it would be a smart move to target your email subscribers or new audiences with similar traits on Facebook as these people have the huge potential to convert.

8. You build social proof. 

Your current customers are your brand ambassadors on social media.

By running Facebook Ads that show client testimonials to people on your list who haven’t converted yet, you’ll be able to exert your influence and demonstrate your credibility without being pushy.


Above are the Facebook Ads I ran to increase UpViral’s social proof.

These ads had a huge effect on my subscribers who were exposed to them. My conversions increased by 50%.

9. You’ll be able to reach your audience no matter the time and place. 

Regardless of where your subscribers are in the world, you’ll always stay connected to them as long as they’re on Facebook.

In today’s era of digital connectivity, most marketers are using email marketing and social channels together.


Reaching out to your subscriber base via Facebook Ads does not have any geographical and time restrictions.

10. You increase your campaign response rate. 

Retargeting people on your list through Facebook Ads means that you are reaching out to people who have already been exposed to your brand messages – especially those who made an effort to open your emails and click on your links. rate

Showing your ads to your current subscribers gets you a much better response rate than targeting people who have never heard about you or won’t likely be interested in your offer.

What’s Next For You?

Has your email list died? I hope not!

If you want to build an engaged email list (which I’m sure you do), I encourage you to take your current marketing efforts to the next level by retargeting your email subscribers with Facebook Ads.

And with the help of ConnectAudience, you’ll be able to automatically import your email list to Facebook and create a super targeted Custom Audience – which of course, would be impossible to do using other platforms.

Hopefully, I gave out enough reasons for you to get started today.

What are your thoughts on this blog post? Have you struggled to see email conversions lately?