[Experiment] How cutting my email list in HALF resulted in 2021% ROI FB Ads

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This case study reveals how I got 50% more sales (along with a 2021% ROI) by splitting my email list in half.

Recently, I was promoting UpViral to a segment of my email list. Before sending the emails out, I did something… unusual.

The experiment we did

As part of an experiment, I split the email segment randomly into two halves. Let’s call them group A and group B.

Group A – This group only got emails about the promotion.

Group B – This group got the same emails…. while also seeing UpViral-ads on Facebook during the promotion.

More specifically, if anyone from group B opened any of the emails, they were automatically added to a Facebook custom audience using ConnectAudience. So if they opened up the email without actually purchasing UpViral, they’d see ads on their Facebook timeline.

Below you’ll see a more visual explanation of this experiment:

The Facebook ads we ran

If anyone from group B opened any of the emails, we showed 2 different ads to them.

  • During the promotion, we ran a testimonial carousel ad for social proof.
  • On the last day, we ran an “It’s closing” video ad for scarcity.

The social proof ad was nothing more than some customer testimonials. Super easy to create, yet incredibly powerful.


We spent a total of €32 on this ad (= ± $35).

In the video ad that we ran on the last day of the promotion, we used a simple trick to get the message across, even if they’d have audio disabled:

A $10 chalkboard with the text “LAST DAY!” on it.

Here’s a screenshot:


We spent a total of €44 on this ad (= ± $49), making the total ad spend roughly $84.

The Results

For both groups, we used different UTM-tracking URLs so we were able to see which group made a purchase.

Have a look below for a screenshot of our Google Analytics account:


As you can see, we grossed $1782 in EXTRA sales by spending $84.

That’s a 2021% ROI right there.

The group who got targeted with Facebook ads converted 50% better compared to those that were not targeted.

As you can see, the overall engagement was better as well. People spent 56% more time on the page if they were in the group who got targeted with ads.

The case study above is just one of the many examples and use-cases of email retargeting.

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