10 Powerful Ways to use Facebook Lead Ads to your Advantage

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Facebook Lead Ads are becoming the hottest lead generation tool for businesses globally. Lead Ads enables people to show interest in a product / service by submitting a pre filled form to the advertiser.

In case you don’t know about Facebook Lead Ads, they are a great way to build high quality leads from Facebook . It’s simple and data entry less process provides advertisers with an effective way to generate low cost leads.

By just tapping few clicks on a lead ad, the leads details are automatically captured without the need for filling out an form.


Be default you can get name and email of the visitor but you can also add custom fields to capture more data.

This can be the already available data ( in Facebook) such as age, gender or phone number or it can be any data the user has to enter manually such as annual income, answer to a survey or any custom data or question.


In the simplest of use cases, Lead Ads enables businesses to collect contact information and hear from people that are interested in their product or service.

Instead of sending them to a landing page and asking them to fill out a form, Facebook Lead Ads pre-fill that information right inside the Facebook. The users just need to hit the submit button and voila, the form data is sent to the advertiser.

However, businesses often found it difficult or confused to use them. They run out of ideas in using the Facebook Lead Ads and consider them as standard ads – which they aren’t.

Don’t worry, as we have compiled 10 ways you can use the Facebook Lead Ads to generate leads.

1 – Get more blog subscribers

Newsletter or blog signup is perhaps the most popular way to use Facebook Lead Ads. Using Facebook Lead Ads you can find subscribers for your newsletter or blog via Facebook.


2 – Receive Inquires for your product or service

Find people on Facebook that are interested in your product or services. Use Facebook Lead Ads to gather contact details of people have shown interest in getting a quote / offer / inquiry on your product or service.


Some examples for Facebook Lead Ads for product / service quotes include;

  • Insurance Quotes
  • Auto / Car Quotes
  • Free Consultancy

Tip – You can use custom questions to gather data such as annual income, car make etc.

3 – Giveaway Premium Content

Content Giveaways is probably the best way of generating leads. It enables in giving users valuable content while getting their contact information.

With Facebook Lead Ads, you can showcase your premium content to a broad audience who are hungry for value-driven content.


Some of the types of content you can give away

  • Checklists
  • Content Templates
  • Whitepapers
  • Surveys
  • Guides
  • Reports
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Handouts
  • Toolkits
  • Case Studies
  • Resource Kits
  • Catalogues and more.

4 – Find Participants for your event

Are you looking for participants and attendees for your business event or trade show? With Facebook Lead Ads you can easily capture more attendees, exhibitors / advertisers and/or speakers for your event.


You can use Facebook Lead Ads for;

Get Webinar Attendees  – Register attendees for your webinars.


Bring more people to your Conferences – Target attendees and speakers for your conference.


Trade Show- Bring visitors and exhibitors to a trade show or business expo.


Tip –  Add a custom question that will ask the registrant as what type of attendee they are. Such as are they advertisers / exhibitors, speakers or general audience. This will help you in segmenting your lists and the following emails / communication.

5 – Attract people to your Online Contests

Running an online contest requires participation from many people to make it successful. With Facebook Lead Ads you can reach and add new participants easily.


Recruit Contests Participants – Add new participants to your contest. When combined with UpViral (which integrates directly with ConnectLeads) you can instantly add new participants from Facebook Lead Ads, for any of your UpViral campaign.

Here’s a video that shows you how to run contests inside Facebook Lead Ads.

Handout Discount coupons – Hand out giveaways or discount coupon codes via Facebook Lead Ads.


6- Generate leads from a specific region

If you are looking to generate leads on a geographic level, Facebook Lead Ads will help you there too.

With Facebook’s targeting and segmentation capabilities you can target people that live in a specific zip code, city or country.

Some of the ways to use geotargeting with Facebook Lead Ads are;

Local lead generation – Get contact information of people that live in a specific area, city or country. Use custom question to take an appointment time from people.


Get people to Sign Petitions –  Receive votes, affirmation or signatures from people on a cause you are working.


7 – Get more Leads for your software

With Facebook Lead Ads you can get Free Trial Subscriptions for your software without the need for them to go on your website.

You can use Facebook Lead Ads to;

Sign Up Trials Users – Signup people for the trial version of your software or app.


Send Software Download Links – Get more downloads on your software or app. Send the download link to your software in the email.


8 – Sign Up people for Trainings

Are you offering free training as part of your lead magnets? Or you have paid training courses? Either way you can use the Facebook Lead Ads to get more people to register for it.



9 – Service & Club Memberships

Is your business providing and targeting services to end users or consumers? Are you looking for more members at your physical business?

You can use lead ads to sign up people for your club, vocational center or association memberships.

Volunteers Sign Up  – If you are working on a cause, you can find and get in touch with number of people interested in volunteering with you.


New members for Gym & Clubs – Find new members for your club, fitness center or vocational service.


10 – Find Business Partners

Just as finding Facebook Lead Ads is great for finding new leads, members or customers, it can also be used to find business partners and affiliates.

New Business Associate’s –  Use Facebook Leads Ads to search for and reach potential service providers and associates.


Onboard new Affiliate Partners –  Find people that interested to recommend your product / service to their audience.

Automating Lead Follow Up

Either you are adding new blog subscribers, signing up users on your SaaS app or are finding business partners, following up with a lead instantly is important.

A study by Harvard Business Review revealed that following up with a lead in first hour after signing up increase the chances of conversion by 7 times.

But with Facebook Lead Ads, you are just collecting contact information, you are not following up- not instantly.

With ConnectLeads you can instantly follow up with any lead that signs up on your Facebook Lead Ad. ConnectLeads enables you to connect your autoresponder with Facebook Lead Ads and you can send in an email as soon as they sign up on the lead ad.



Lead Ads make it very easy to find and connect with people that are interested in hearing from you.

From finding customer, business partners, event attendees to running online contests, Facebook Lead Ads can be used for wide range of business use cases.

How are you using Facebook Lead Ads?