10 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Stand Out

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How many times did you think you created an “amazing” Facebook Ad only to realize after a few days that it was a total flop?

There’s a high chance your ad wasn’t grabbing your audience’s attention. It wasn’t catchy enough. The reality is, it’s harder to cut through the noise these days.

But what I discovered recently will change the way you design and write your Facebook ads.

Here’s what I did:

I researched the Facebook ads of 10 successful entrepreneurs and compiled a list for you.

Check out this video to learn what their top strategies are so you can implement them right away.

When you’re running ads on Facebook, one of the things you need to make sure of is that your ads stand out, right? So that if someone is just, you know, they’re walking on the street, and they’re just browsing on their phone, or whatever they do, and they see your ad. Then you need to make sure that they stop scrolling down for just a second. Enough, long enough, to grab their attention. And then the rest of your ad can actually hook them in into whatever you have to offer whatever story you have to tell.

And, obviously, there’s a lot of competition and a lot of things happening on Facebook. So it’s not always easy to come up with like things to stand out and used to be like, all you need to do is just some bright colors and a red border around it, and you’re good to go.

Now things obviously change over time, so it’s not always as easy anymore. And what I personally do as an advertiser is, whenever I see a Facebook ad that stands out in some shape or form, I save it, I just save it for later on to be inspired, right? To just as a reminder, I’m not saying to copy anyone’s ads, definitely not. But it is good to pay attention to see what other advertisers are doing.

And in this video, I’m going to go over some of the things I recently noticed that some advertisers are doing. So I’m going to go through 10 different Facebook ads that I’ve recently seen on my own Facebook timeline. And I’m going to share with you what they’re doing to stand out.

And the first thing I noticed is someone using the profile image to stand out. So right here you see an ad from a guy called Kevin David. And instead of using a normal picture, he’s had some kind of weird laser beam, right. But that’s something that is just you know, just grabbing attention is different. And you may actually stop scrolling down. So that’s the first one, using a profile picture to just do something weird or funny or crazy that will just get noticed.

A second one that I noticed is from Sleeknote. And as you can see in this ad their advertisement actually looks very slick. Like a lot of times on Facebook, it’s pictures and videos. And right now everyone’s doing that. So the fact that they just use a really simple, simple basic image on between old busy pictures and whatever people post on Facebook these days, this is something that does stand out, right. It just, it’s not really as big of a pattern interrupt as some things. But still it does stand out and and really grabbed my eyes. So that’s right here. It’s just a simple graphic, instead of a, you know, a picture or video, something like that.

And the third thing I noticed recently is from Rachel Pedersen, and this ad, it’s actually about the copyright here because she’s saying I’m in Alaska this week having so much fun catching salmon, right? In other words, she is starting out with a completely unrelated story to grab the interest. Now, I don’t know about the targeting of this ad most likely, it’s already you know, some kind of a retargeting audience, or they already know, they already know, what this is. Because otherwise it may not grab the attention of the of the right people. But I already know Rachel, I’ve seen her before. She’s like, she’s awesome at what she does, right? So if you haven’t followed her, like, highly recommended. But when I saw an ad with a completely unrelated story, it had nothing to do with her service, her business or anything like that. For me, it grabbed the interest, right? It’s something different, it was a pattern interrupt. And obviously after that, she hooks the story into whatever she wants to say, because obviously you don’t want to do something random, right? So like she says, there’s something really cool about this culture in Africa, they do not waste anything. And then as it goes in. And then actually said, like, she’s all about, like not wasting anything. And, you know, her having a good offer on some kind of a product, right. But that’s a cool strategy as well to hook with, with an unrelated story to grab the attention.

And the fourth thing, which is actually as old as I don’t know, as marketing, probably, is to call out your audience, right? And there’s an example from Sam Ovens, who literally says, “Are you a consultant coach or service provider struggling to get clients?” So he’s calling out exactly who he wants to target so if someone is actually a coach or a consultant they may think, “Okay, yeah, that’s actually me, right.” And on top of that, he also includes the problem as well that he’s actually solving, struggling to get clients.

You see the same right here from Frank, if you sell anything online, you need this book, right? It’s like you he’s calling the audience out. Like, Oh, if you sell something, then this is for you. And that makes people like, right, cool.

So another strategy that you can use in the first text in the first line, call out whoever your audience is to grab their attention.

Next, I want to jump over from copy to more like visuals, right? So and this is something I saw in an ad from traffic and funnels. I also great guys to follow, by the way. And as you’ll see, if I play this video, they’ve got a flashing background. Now, obviously, I don’t know if this is doing well, but most likely it actually is because I see it has 500 likes, so probably they’ve been running this ad for a while. So hopefully that will grab the attention, right? It will, it will stand out because people are like, What’s that? It’s just something different.

And in line with that as something else you can do is use contrasting colors, right? Yes, it still works, actually. So Ezra Firestone recently run an ad. And as you can see right here, the background is red, and blue. And I’ve seen multiple of his ads do that, actually. And my guess is that it actually worked. These are obviously very contrasting colors. So just something that stands out on the timeline. So as you can see, he has a video here in the middle and at the top he has text so like, meme style, right? So blue, red, very contrasting. So that’s another thing that you can try out to stand out on the Facebook timeline.

Now going back to the copy of the actual ads, something I saw Maxwell Finn do is he said, like gurus have aparently invented cloning, or they’re simply liars, right. And what he’s doing, he’s just, he’s just using sarcasm, right, he’s just using humor in the very first part, like and sarcasm is also something that can easily like, first of all, grab their attention. But the way I see it also increases stress. Because if you’re just, you know, if you just throw rocks at whatever people think as well, like that’s just BS it’s not true. Like, here’s the new truth, people tend to follow because you have a real clear your opinion about it, right. But using this using sarcasm or humor in the very first part of your ad or anywhere else in your ad for that matter. It’s always a good pattern interrupt to get the attention, as well.

And something I just briefly mentioned, as well was at something that Dean is doing as well, which is what I call the “meme style” ad. And I’ve used this countless times what’s been working really, really well, which is to have a video, like right here in the middle of the section. And then on top of it, you put text on top and below, right, and right here, using the white background, I’ve been using a black background, as you saw, Ezra has been using a blue and red background. But the point is that you have some extra space. And because of it your video is not just you know, the 16×9 dimensions, not just widescreen. But it’s actually higher, so it actually gets more space on a mobile phone, when they just browsing through, it actually gets more space. So that’s another thing right there. And following up on that another thing that will grab the attention is actually showing the result that whatever your service or your product actually delivers. So instead of just focusing on the story, or the interesting hook, like right away go to the result like this is what our service or tool or whatever you’re selling actually provides.

And a good example of that is, for example, Aaron Fletcher’s ad right here. He’s basically sharing a strategy to get new leads and customers and he’s sharing the results he’s sharing, like in his email, email inbox, a ton of leads that he’s actually getting. So that’s like the end result. And right away, people can visualize, like, hey, if I follow this guy, that would be the end result. And it doesn’t have to be like this could be anything. But the point is sharing the end result, and showing that as the very first thing and people are like, “I want that,” right? And they’ll recognize it that they actually want that.

So there’s another right there. And then finally, another thing I saw is from Jason Hornung. And that’s something I’ve seen in the past week really as well, is to take something that you already have, and show it in a completely different format. And in this case, what he’s doing is he actually printed out his e-book. So it’s an e-book. And you could just show your e-book, right. But instead he printed it out, right, put it in a binder. And then he recorded it. And it may sound crazy, but sometimes as you can see right here. So as you can see, he’s just going through his e-book on paper. And because it’s in a different format, it’s just you know, it’s grabbing the attention. So if you have something, it could even be put it on the TV and record your TV, because it looks different compared to just showing your PDF right in a video or in a screenshot, right. So put whatever you have on a different medium in the offline world and record a quick video, because it just, you know, it makes it so much more makes it different. Again, it’s just a pattern interrupt.

So there you have it. 10 different ways that I’ve recently saw on my Facebook timeline to stand out some kind of a pattern interrupt to make sure your Facebook ads get noticed, right.

To use a.. some kind of a weird profile image, to use a clean image like something completely different compared to like videos or photos or whatever right? To lead with a completely unrelated story to grab the attention of your audience. Or to actually call out who your audience is in the very first line. Like say who they actually are.

Play around with the background of your video, like a flashing background, like I showed you, or use a different like color like the blue, the blue-red back in the background, something that’s really contrasting, or start with sarcasm or humor right in the first line of your ad.

Use meme style videos with the text on the top and the bottom and show the results of what your product or service actually delivers. And show whatever you have to offer in a different medium on a TV printed out like record that in a quick video. Right?

These are things 10 things I recently saw on my timeline, and I hope it helps. So If you haven’t checked it out and you want to get more results with your Facebook ads. I highly recommend to check out connectio.io and with that having said I’ll see you all soon.