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Account disabled

Decision final. No appeals. 

Your ad account is closed


If you hold your breath every time you log into your Facebook ad account, worrying that you might see the words “account disabled,” then you should listen up. 

Because it happens to more marketers than you’d think. 

Even when they try their hardest to play by all of Facebook’s rules. 

If you don’t want to ever see those words in your own account, then watch your inbox closely in the next coming days. 

Because there’s something coming that will help you avoid any future Facebook account bans…

And could even help you win back your account if it’s already disabled. 

Better yet? This strategy has been proven to win back accounts left for dead in nearly any market imaginable. 

So be sure to open my next email where I’ll reveal more details. 

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iOS 14: Play to win, don’t play not to lose

Don’t let iOS 14 eat your advertising profits

Don’t let Apple eat your profits

The next-gen Facebook advertising is HERE

The ONE thing you need to win the iOS 14 game


It’s not a pleasant thought but what would happen to your business if Facebook put the ban hammer on your ad account?

Would you lose:

  • Most (or all) of your traffic overnight?
  • Years of irreplaceable customer data?
  • Tons of sales in the busiest quarter for most businesses?

Yikes! I don’t even wanna think about it. Especially this close to Black Friday! 

Facebook’s been on a rampage lately, banning ad accounts right, left, and center. It’s scary out there right now!

Here’s a few horror stories I found about it on Reddit:

“Facebook has been a complete nightmare lately. I do lead gen for small business, and last month I had to deal with 12 business manager accounts getting disabled for no reason.”

“My account was shut down for 3 months, and it’s been a long road back. Laid off 3 people and haven’t hired them back.” 

“ I had one of my business manager accounts diabled yesterday for absolutely no reason. And I mean no reason. This business manager had been sitting idle for the last 3 weeks - no ads running, no upcoming bills, no ads rejected in the last year, nothing.” 

So when my friend Wilco de Kreij told me he was opening up the doors to one of his wildly successful courses, [link]Protect Your Ad Account [/link]

My ears pricked right up! 

Wilco got an insider’s look at why your Facebook ad account can get banned straight from a Facebook employee. 

Even if you try to follow all of Facebook’s TOS it isn’t enough to protect your account. 

Because there are hidden factors behind account bans that few people know about! 

So Wilco put together an in-depth course that contains everything you need to know to keep your account safe…

And what to do, when to do it, and who to talk to if your account becomes disabled! 

Plus all the checklists and SOPs his own team uses to keep their ad account safe. 

He also wanted to share with me that lots of people who have taken this course reported back that they’ve had their accounts reinstated after going through his steps!

If your business runs Facebook ads (or you’re thinking about using them) then I highly recommend that you check out [link] Protect Your Ad Account [link] right now.

Wilco is only opening up sales for Protect Your Ad Account for 24 hrs - and if you wait too long you’ll be out of luck! 

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P.S. Be sure to [link]check out the amazing bonuses [link] that come with Protect Your Ad Account [/link]

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Subject Line:

Last chance to protect your FB ad account

Protect Your Ad Account closes tonight

Final chance: Protect Your Ad Account


Real quick - I wanted to let you know that Wilco de Kreij’s amazing course, [link]Protect Your Ad Account [link] closes at midnight PST tonight. 

And here’s why you should check it out:

  • Facebook has been on a rampage in the last couple months, banning ad accounts that on the surface were 100% compliant
  • This is the worst possible time of year to lose your ad account - just before the holiday buying season kicks off
  • Wilco not only covers how to keep your ad account safe...he also shows you exactly what to do to recover your account if it does get disabled

Protect Your Ad Account already has tons of raving fans.

There are tons of [link]testimonials on the sales page [link] from business owners who won back their ad accounts by following everything Wilco lays out in the course. 

So you know what Wilco is teaching here really works - it’s not just some theory. 

Plus, he’s generously providing access to the same checklists and standard operating procedures his own team uses to safeguard his company accounts! 

And not only that, he’s giving purchasers access to a private Facebook community full of helpful business owners too! 

If you’re running Facebook ads, or if you’ve already had your ad account shut down, then I highly recommend Wilco’s Protect Your Ad Account training! 

But you’ve gotta act fast - Wilco is shutting the doors to PYAA at midnight tonight!

[Sign off]

P.S. A few people have asked me if there’s a payment plan available. The answer is yes - [link]check out the sales page for full details. [link]

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