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the 3 deadly mistakes of FB Ads?
3 mistakes you’re making (I’m not even guessing)
3 mistakes Facebook WANTS you to make
Why your interest-based ads… suck?


You know what’s funny?

When setting up Facebook Ads, it seems that Facebook WANTS you to make mistakes.

Not just any mistake though… just these 3 mistakes.

Granted, they probably don’t really want you to make them, but they’re making it damn hard not to! That’s why almost every Facebook marketer is making these 3 mistakes on ALL of their interest-based campaigns.

My friend Wilco de Kreij just posted a video online that reveals the 3 mistakes you’re probably making as well.

Watch the video here.

No opt-in or anything like that – just a free video to watch and learn =)



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Are you ‘Interested’ in more eCom sales?

Here’s how YOU make eCom more ‘interesting’

[eCom] ‘Interested’ in spending less on ads and making more?


If you’ve been advertising on Facebook for your ecom business, you’ve probably seen your ad prices rising… fast. It seems that the competition is getting fiercer every day, right?

Seems everyone and their dog have jumped into the ecom ring.

So what’s the answer?

What can you do to keep costs in line while outmaneuvering your competition?

Well, one answer is to find interests to target that other people haven’t caught on to yet.

Here’s your secret weapon to discover highly profitable untapped interests:


Wilco de Kreij and the Connectio Team have come out with an amazing new interest targeting tool called ConnectExplore. It’s much different than any other targeting tool you’ve seen before.

Because it runs off of the FB Ads API, the results it returns are pre-verified by FB.

It eliminates ANY guesswork about which interests can be targeted profitably. And uncovers hidden interests other tools can’t access.

Even more importantly, you can skip split testing interests entirely.

Until now, you’d have to set up individual interests in separate ad sets to see which ones were performing. But not any more.

ConnectExplore shows you exactly which interests in your ad sets are performing best.

No more guesswork.

And it also removes any underperforming interests with a single click. Optimizes your campaigns for better performance . . .

Lets you laser target eager prospects so you spend less money in the process.

=> Check out the demo video now

As an eCom seller, you already have a ton of product ads out there.

So why not make your life a little easier . . . and much more profitable?

Get ConnectExplore while you can still get in at low LIFETIME pricing!

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P.S. You’ll also get a free 30-day trial to ALL of his advanced FB Ads tools. But hurry – it won’t be around for long!



No more FB interest split testing?

This makes FB split testing obsolete

The end of FB split testing?


One of the biggest challenges of creating ad test for FB is knowing which interests are working to get clicks and engagement – and which aren’t.

To split test properly, you have to set up dozens of ad sets containing only one interest per ad set. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

At least you did until now:


Wilco de Kreij and the Connectio team have just come out with an amazing new tool for anyone who runs FB ads. It’s revolutionary because:

It helps you you find tightly related interest groups to target (that other tools can’t won’t ever find.) Better yet . . . .

It has superior analytics to other targeting tools.

And for good reason. ConnectExplore is tied directly into the FB Ads API.

(Very few software vendors are able to pass FB’s tough tests in order to access it)

And having access to the Ads API changes everything. It allows ConnectExplore
to have features few other softwares can match in terms of targeting and analytics.

You can see at a glance exactly which interests inside your ad sets are generating likes, clicks, leads and sales . . . so it helps keeps your ad costs rock bottom.

On-going optimization of your ad sets is finally a breeze. Remove any poorly performing interests with 1-click to target only the most motivated niche fans.

If you don’t have time (or the stomach) for setting up dozens of split tests, check out the ConnectExplore demo video now.

=> Link

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P.S. You’ll get a special, 30-day free trial offer to ConnectSuite with your purchase
of ConnectExplore. Try all the tools you’ll ever need to become a master at FB marketing.

Grab YOUR trial fast – it won’t be around for long!


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At this price-point the last day will be the biggest day of all. Mail hard on Monday the 9th of January!

Over the last few days I sent you a few emails letting you know about the special offer for ConnectExplore – a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of interest-based targeting (= easy way to turn your campaigns into profits).

Today is the very last day you can get a lifetime account. After today, there’s no going back.

So… this is it… You have until midnight (EST) to decide:

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