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Below you’ll find a range of swipes to be used for your inspiration during the launch.

Pre-launch swipes

Prior to the launch we’ll drip out 3 pre-launch videos, which you can promote using the following swipes.

Send this email out on July 1st on 10AM ET/NY.


[Free Video] Profitable Retargeting Made Simple
[Free Video Series] Maximum Conversions, Minimum Spend
[No Cost] Template For Top Converting Retargeting Ads
[Free Video Series] Converting For Profit: Part 1
Do me a favor and steal his best converting FB Ad


Maximizing conversions to your offers and lead pages is one
of the best things you can do to improve the bottom line.

My colleague Wilco de Kreij has been a full time online
entrepreneur for 12 years, and he takes conversions
more seriously than anyone I know.

He’s created numerous award-winning tools to help fellow
marketers, many of which are used by thousands of
people daily.

Wilco has just created a 3 part video series about retargeting
and how you can improve your conversions and profits.

>> You Can Watch Part 1 Here

In this 1st video you’ll discover:

  • The marketing “rule of 7” and what it means to your business
  • The huge flaw of traditional retargeting that means most
    advertisers pay more and get less, and how you can avoid
    this happening to you
  • Wilco’s template for his best EVER converting retargeting ad, that
    you can use yourself WITHOUT paying for designers or graphics

There’s no cost to see the video and nothing for sale. Just straight
talk from a conversion master.

>> Check Out The Video Now!

I’ll be in touch shortly once the 2nd video in the series is ready.

Alternative close (for affiliates only sending 1 pre-launch mail):

Once you’re registered for the 1st video, you’ll automatically be
notified when the next part of the series is ready.

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Launch swipes

Below you’ll find 5 swipes for your inspiration to mail once we go live (7th of July).

This swipe is for affiliates who promoted the pre-launch videos.


Ultimate Retargeting Profits
Maximizing Sales From EVERY Visitor
Hacking FB For Unfair Profit


Hope you enjoyed the conversion videos I shared with you from my
friend Wilco. As you can see, this guy has PLENTY of experience
using FB retargeting to maximize profits.

If you picked up just a couple of tips from his training, you’re already
way ahead of the competition. But to take FULL advantage of the
conversion tactics he uses, you need the right tool for the job.

Fortunately, Wilco has just released the exact software he uses.

The same software that improved his results by 384% in just ONE campaign.
The same tech that literally DOUBLED his conversions while cutting his
expenses in half.

>> Click Here NOW To See This Amazing Tool In Action!

Turning prospects into buyers, leads and long term customers has never
been easier. Advanced targeting, at your fingertips. Connect with your
IDEAL audience for unfair profits. And save money while you’re making
more sales.

There’s nothing else like this out there. The proof is all over the page.

Finally, you can engage with your very best prospects for an effortless
increase in profits.

Complete step-by-step training and support to get you seeing real results,
Fast. You’ll be walked through everything step by step, even if you’ve
never run a retargeting campaign before.

>> You’ll Be Amazed By How Easy It Is!

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Extra Inspiration

More swipes to keep your promotion going throughout the launch!

Customize your swipes!

We realize many of you prefer to create your own swipes, which is great. To make your life easier, we’re including the following elements to help you build your own, unique messages.

Maximum Conversions, Minimum Spend
Profitable Retargeting Made Simple
Conversion Hack For 52% More Sales
Better Targeting For More Profits
52% More Sales For 43% Less Cost
Ultimate Conversions With Retargeting
More Buyers From Cheaper Ads?
Maximizing Sales From Every Visitor
Hacking FB For Unfair Profit
Turning “No” Into “Yes”
The Secret To 52% More Sales
Maximize ROI On EVERY Campaign
The Fast Track To Higher Commissions

Software DOUBLES Your Conversions
The Secret Behind Real eCom Profits
The #1 eCom Myth They Don’t Want You To Know
How To Double Your eCom Sales
FB Traffic That Pays You
Double Your ROI With FB Ads
The Hidden Costs Of FB Retargeting

Closing swipes

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