What is ConnectAutomate?

ConnectAutomate helps you identify 'winning' ads, and eliminates
losers so you only put $ behind likely winners

  • Turns Best-Performing Posts Into Ads

    ConnectAutomate is a rule-based software that identifies posts with high engagement, and turns those into ads - only ever put $ behind messages that are PROVEN to resonate with your audience.

  • Massive Time & Money-Saver - On Autopilot

    Automates the entire process from identifying 'high-engagement', all the way through to creating & submitting the ad, and monitoring the performance (aka: maximizing for conversions!)

  • The right content for the right audience at the right time

    ConnectAutomate targets prospects at THEIR stage of THEIR buyer's journey. No more worrying about 'cold', 'warm', or 'hot' leads ... ConnectAutomate puts the right content in front of the right audience at the right time!

What's The Funnel?

We've put together a strong funnel that'll result in high EPCs AND recurring commissions. You'll get 50% commission on all initial payments, PLUS 30% on all recurring rebills.


After buying ConnectAutomate, we'll show them a one-time offer: the "ConnectIQ Academy". It's our best-selling “everything you ever wanted to know about succeeding with FB™ ads”-course. This will be priced at $497. This is a one-time payment, and they will have life-time access.

In case they don't take advantage of that upsell, we'll show them a downsell: our “Perfect Ad Formula" for those who don’t want to have the full “everything FB™-ads”-package, but struggle with coming up with ads that convert, and continue to convert for a long time. This will be priced at $127.

What's The Timeline?

The launch is open from the 29th of May up to June 3rd at 11.59PM.

Leading up the launch, we'll have a webinar registration page open, which will be hosted on the 29th of May at 10AM ET/NY.

💵 Over $11,000 In Cash Prizes! 💵

Contest Rules: Teams of 2 are allowed if we’re informed before the start of the launch (May 29th 10AM ET/NY). Winners will be selected based on total revenue between the start of the launch and June 3rd 11.59PM. Minimum front-end sales apply to qualify. When this minimum isn’t met, prize money will be based on the amount of FE you got (e.g. 1st place with 40 FE sales gets $2000). Prizes will be paid out within 7 days after launch.

How To Promote ConnectAutomate?

Are you excited to get started? 💪 Let's do it.

Here's how to get your affiliate link.

Step 1: Sign up for our affiliate program at ThriveCart

Step 2: Once signed up, log in to your account and navigate to the "ConnectAutomate" product. You'll see your available affiliate links on that page.


What other marketers are saying...

With his high quality products and a proven track record of multiple 6 figure launches… Well, you just can’t go wrong with this true innovator! Expect high EPCs - and a bunch of thank-you emails from the customers you are going to send over!Stefan van der Vlag
Connectio takes a ton of pride into every product he brings to market. This always makes me super confident that when I promote one of his launches, that its going to be a killer product, that will convert insanely well and backed by outstanding customer service. I love promoting Connectio and always look forward to the next product he releases!Mark Thompson

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