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Subject: The secret to successful FB ads has been revealed


Running Facebook ads is not what it used to be.

The click-through-rates are down. The ad cost is up. And Facebook keeps adding new restrictions to what can and can’t be advertised, and in what way.

So we ended up in a paradoxical situation. On one hand, Facebook is the largest source of traffic and potential buyers in the world. But on the other hand, it’s getting harder and more expansive to make it work for you.

So what can you do? Should you ditch Facebook and move to some other platforms?

Hell no!

You can still run highly profitable, successful Facebook ads for your business.

You just need to know the “secret” of how to do it.

And my good friend, serial entrepreneur, and an extraordinary Facebook advertising expert, Wilco de Kreij, discovered that secret.

Now you too can discover it here if you click this link read every word on this short page >>>

Do it now, and start running profitable Facebook ad campaigns again.

Talk soon,


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Facebook advertising CAN be a real money maker.

Unfortunately, all too often it’s NOT.

Things have changed.

In the past, you could “throw out some salesy ads” and you’d be good.

That doesn’t work anymore.

Facebook has changed. Their algoritm has changed. Yes – even FB’s users have changed.

These days, your ads NEED engagement.

<< Here’s how to do that – automatically >>

Wilco de Kreij and the Connectio team have JUST released an amazing new tool called ConnectAutomate. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

It elimates most of the guesswork which Facebook Ads are going to work… creating winning, high-engagement ads…

…on auto-pilot ?

<< Check out the demo video here >>

This tool elimates all the hassle. You’ll get A) wayyy better ads without B) having to create all those ads up yourself.

As I said… it’s unlike anything you’ve seen.

The best part?

They’re currently doing an amazing early bird deal on it. This means you can get access to it at the lowest price possible.

<< Check out the early bird deal here >>

You can thank me later 🙂


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During Launch Swipes

Hey <name>,
Yesterday, I invited you into the early bird of <ConnectAutomate> (= link to sales page).
It’s a new tool that’s going to help you get WAY better results using Facebook Ads.
(In short, it’ll automatically turn your BEST posts into optimized ads – all without lifting a finger).
<< check out the demo here >> (= affiliate link to sales page)
Here’s the REALLY cool part…
This tool can be used in MANY powerful ways.
For example, you can use it to give your Facebook posts the exposure it deserves…
… OR you can use it to create high-ROI campaigns by creating audiences that are ready to buy.
Yesterday, Wilco did an in-depth training on exactly that.
<< You’ll find the recording here >> (= affiliate link to replay page)
I’d HIGHLY recommend to check out that training. There’s a TON of good stuff in the training that you will learn from.
(Yes, even if you think ConnectAutomate isn’t for you)
As you’ll see, he turned a -30% ROI FB Ad (so an ad that was losing money)…
… into a 603% ROI FB AD – without changing the actual ad!
So if you want more sales from Facebook Ads, do this:
Step 1: << watch the training >> (= affiliate link to replay page)
Step 2: << check out the ConnectAutomate early bird >> (= affiliate link to sales page)
Talk soon!
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Closing swipes

At this price-point the last day will be the biggest day of all. Mail hard on June 3rd!

Subject: GONE, today! Hurry up…


I just got a reminder from Wilco that his special deal that will help you run profitable FB ads expires today.

So if you’re sick and tired of wasting money on FB ads that bring mediocre to poor ROI… and if you want to run profitable ads that put money into your pocket, then <<check this IMMEDIATELY>>. (= affiliate link to sales page)

Once the timer hits zero, the price goes back up and all bonuses disappear.

So… this is it.

At midnight this offer will be gone.Get it here.

Talk soon,

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