What is ConnectAudience?

A powerful platform that allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook.

Want to retarget those who opened your email but didn’t click on a link? Easy. Those that didn’t open your email yet? No problem.

This is possible because ConnectAudience syncs your subscriber lists directly into a Facebook Custom Audience inside your Ads account.

Have a look at a demo here:

Case Studies

Case Study #1: $6.43 In, $1485 Out

Here’s what I did:

  • I chose a big ticket ($997) affiliate product, then sent a promo to a segment of my list.
  • Then I set up a FB retargeting ad that would show ads to anyone that opened that email. I set to for people to view the same offer via FB ads over the course of a week.

How did the test go?

Case Study #2: $84 in, $1782 Out

Here’s what I did:
Recently we did the ultimate test to confirm the effectiveness of running Facebook Ads in parallel to an email promotion.

While promoting UpViral to a segment of our email list, we randomly split them into two equal groups.

Group A: Control group who received only emails.
Group B: Test group who received emails + got exposed to Facebook Ads.

When someone from group B opened any of the emails, they were automatically added to a custom audience.

By adding separate tracking links into the emails we were able to measure the exact differences between both groups.

How did the test go?

In total, we spent $84 on Facebook Ads.

Here’s a screenshot straight from our Google Analytics account:

What other marketers are saying…

With his high quality products and a proven track record of multiple 6 figure launches… Well, you just can’t go wrong with this true innovator! Expect high EPCs – and a bunch of thank-you emails from the customers you are going to send over!Stefan van der Vlag
Connectio takes a ton of pride into every product he brings to market. This always makes me super confident that when I promote one of his launches, that its going to be a killer product, that will convert insanely well and backed by outstanding customer service. I love promoting Connectio and always look forward to the next product he releases!Mark Thompson

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