They laughed when I told them I'd make a million from Facebook Ads, until I did.

How I "Forced" Facebook To Feed Me 25,626 Customers


Wilco de Kreij - 12 Min. read

From not knowing ANYTHING about Facebook Ads to being listed on as “the Facebook expert” while getting 25,626 customers from Facebook Ads.


      What happened? 🤔

      I discovered something most Facebook advertisers don’t know about. Little did I know it would change the way I run my Facebook™ Ads forever.

      My name is Wilco de Kreij, founder & CEO of Connectio. Some call me a “Facebook Ads wizard” after seeing the results of my campaigns. Over the last few years, I’ve helped 20,000+ clients with their marketing. You may know some of my clients, such as Mike Filsaime, Nicholas Kusmich and many others.


      It wasn’t always like this, though.

      Before Making Millions On Facebook™ Ads... I Struggled For Years 😞

      A few years ago, I started looking at new ways to get customers into my business.

      As I discovered, the best way to produce consistent sales and maximum profit is using paid advertising — and Facebook is the best ad platform there is.

      After all...

      • It’s where your customers are (with over 2.4 Billion active users)
      • Their targeting is amazing (no matter who your customer is, you’ll be able to reach them)
      • It’s extremely scalable (once your offer works, you spend more to make more).

      Like everyone else, I bought tons of courses. Looked at all the ads my competitors were running. Learned from all the well-respected (but self-proclaimed) “gurus” just trying to get my Facebook™ ads off the ground.

      Despite that… I saw no results. Talk about frustrating.

      Here are my stats for 2016:


      After spending €1,400, I only made back €445.

      That’s a €956 LOSS  😢(not even counting product costs).

      I kept going, though. I had to.

      How was everyone else making their ads profitable, and why couldn’t I get there myself?

      Tried out everything and then some… but nothing was working.

      I was stuck 😞

      That’s when it hit me.

      Most advertisers are guessing what works (and so was I)

      Many advertisers seem to forget the Facebook Ads platform is an auction. A bidding game with massive competition.

      The ONLY way to win this game and run profitable campaigns, is to do things better than your competitors.

      My problem was… How?! After all, I’m just some Dutch guy with a broken accent.

      Most of the Facebook Ads courses I’ve seen did an “okay job” explaining the basics, but none of them revealed their best tricks & strategies on what actually works. Sure – learning the basic concepts was useful, but I quickly discovered it wasn’t going to make my ads profitable.

      Besides these basic strategies, some advertisers try to be “smart” by copying what other advertisers do. By doing that, they’re assuming their competitors know what the perfect Facebook Ad setup looks like.

      They couldn’t be more wrong.

      They’re guessing the ad they’re copying is perfect. What they’re actually doing is copying mistake after mistake.


      I did this, too.

      I hate to break it to you, but running “average” Facebook Ad campaigns isn’t going to cut it anymore. Those days are over.

      That’s when I Discovered
      how to "beat the game"

      Once I realised “average” wasn’t going to cut it, I kinda freaked out. How am I - just an ordinary guy from the Dutch farmlands - going to win against other advertisers with more experience?

      That’s when I stopped looking at what everyone else was doing.

      Instead, I started thinking outside the box.


      (☝️That’s actually a frame from one of my Facebook Ads 🤣)

      I looked at all factors of a Facebook ad campaign (targeting, copy, video, placements, bidding, etc etc etc) and wondered how to do these things better than ANYONE else.

      In short, here’s what I did:

      • I let go of EVERYTHING I learned up to that point.
      • Re-imagined ALL the best practices of what a Facebook campaign should look like
      • Split-tested every idea & strategy to discover what REALLY works.

      You’d laugh if you’d see the kind of things I’ve split-tested 😂.

      They weren’t all my own ideas, though.

      In 2017 alone, I invested over $35,000 in various high-level masterminds to discover strategies that you normally wouldn’t discover online.


      (Private mastermind with Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels)

      This proved to be well worth the investment.

      Obviously, I didn’t take new ideas for granted. Every time I got an idea, I A/B split tested it extensively. After all, testing is the only way to discover what REALLY works.

      Every time a split-test proved something is effective, I saved it to Evernote.


      That’s when I started noticing similar patterns across campaigns and industries.

      Turns out, that the things I did to optimize one campaign, improved conversions in all other campaigns as well.

      These optimization discoveries are universal.

      This changed the game for me.

      There isn’t just one “million-dollar secret” (spoiler: there are many)

      As I discovered more best-practices for various part of my campaigns (targeting, copy, videos, placements, etc), creating profitable campaigns became easy.

      Without planning for it, I had created a blueprint for successful campaigns.


      (Again, a snippet from one of my video ads 🤣)

      Creating a new campaign wasn’t guesswork anymore.

      Instead, I implemented all the proven-best practices I already split-tested.

      All the way from precise targeting tricks, winning ad copy formulas, effective scaling strategies, high-ROI retargeting templates, etc etc etc (the list goes on).

      The “secret” (not so secret anymore 😀) is to implement these proven best practices to make sure your campaings are performing better than your competitors’ - right from the start.

      Once I realised this… things went crazy.

      Here are the results of one of my campaigns:


      As you can see, I spent $155k with a nice $462k return.

      That's a 261% ROI. Or, put differently...

      Every time I put $1 in... I make $2.61!

      Here’s another campaign:


      As you can see, this one resulted close to €1.2M in revenue.

      (That's roughly $1.4M in USD).

      This campaign even got me a 2-comma club award:


      The reason this works so well, is that I now have a checklist of proven things for every Facebook Ads campaign.

      Before my campaign has even started… I already know I have a head start over those who don’t implement these things.

      It’s like having the fastest car on the race track - it’s hard to lose.

      By now, you must be wondering how to increase your ROI as well?

      Let me share a basic example with you.

      Example: How to double the ROI of your Facebook Video Ads

      As you probably know, Facebook video ads are extremely effective. They’re responsible for a good chunk of my results.

      A while back, I checked out the statistics of one of my campaigns (see below) and noticed that only 20.3% of viewers watched it on a desktop device. The vast majority (76%) watched the video on a mobile device.


      After looking at these stats, I wondered how to optimise my video ads for mobile users. I realised that horizontal videos aren’t taking up much space on their screen… while square videos are.


      So… I put it to the test.

      Instead of using horizontal videos that only take up 31% space of the screen, I turned my videos into “meme-style” square video ads taking up 70% space of the screen.

      What do you think grabs more attention? Exactly.

      Here are the results:


      As you can see, the square video got a MUCH higher CTR (click-through-rate).

      Not just that...

      The square ad proved to be more than twice as profitable. That's a BIG difference for ± 30 minutes of work using the exact same video.

      This right here... is just one of MANY improvements I discovered.

      What would a 300% ROI mean for you?

      Perhaps you want to sell your own product or service through Facebook?

      Or someone else's product as an affiliate?

      Whatever it is… Imagine you’re running a Facebook Ads campaign for it and every time you spend $1, you earn $3.

      The first time I saw that happen, it gave me goosebumps.

      • Spend $100/month, you earn $300/month.
      • Spend $1,000/month, you earn $3,000/month
      • Spend $5,000/month, you earn $30,000/month
      • Spend $25,000/month, you earn $75,000/month
      • Spend $50,000/month, you earn $150,000/month

      This is happening, day in - day out.

      I’ve seen it happen inside my Facebook Ads campaign thanks to the blueprint I created over time. With these best practices, the odds were in my favor.

      Once I saw how well this works, I had two options.

      1. Either keep this information to myself and exploit it as much as possible.
      2. Share my insights with others.

      That’s when I decided to roll up my sleeves, get down to work and put it all together into a clear step-by-step format.



      The last Facebook Ads training you’ll ever need. It’s a 6-week training program to create and scale profitable Facebook Ads.

      Here's What You'll Learn
      Inside The Member's Area...

      Module 01: The Ads Foundation


      What's inside

      In the first module, I'll lay out the foundation for running profitable Facebook advertising campaigns...
      • Why (and when) to use multiple Facebook Pages.
      • How to set up your Facebook Ads account (so you won't get banned).
      • How to choose the OPTIMAL sales funnel type.
      • The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
      • How to set up your Facebook pixel correctly. (Hint: Get this wrong and your conversion rate will fall)
      • The proper mindset you need to advertise at a profit. (Caution: Most people underestimate the importance of "mental attitude.")
      • Which Ad Metrics you need to focus your attention on. (Tip: Beginners almost always make testing & tracking harder than it really is.)
      • The best way to structure your campaigns for MAXIMUM profit.

      Module 02: The Perfect Ad


      What's inside

      In this module, I’ll focus on creating ads (along with all the templates you’ll need)…
      • How to determine the most effective “hook” for your ad. (Tip: Using a hook helps make your ad unique, so it will stand out and grab attention.)
      • When to use the various ad formats for improved results.
      • The 5 AD TYPES your campaigns can use… and when to use them.
      • The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
      • How to "spy" on your competitors. (Hint: Advertising is COMPETITIVE. That's why ethical spying is necessary to gain the advantage.)
      • Which IMAGE ADS perform best… and how to create them quickly and easily.
      • A walk-through of a VIDEO ADS CASE STUDY… look over my shoulder as I explain what works and why.
      • How to write compelling STORY-BASED ADS. (Tip: Story Ads are one of my SECRET WEAPONS. Inside, I’ll show you why.)
      • How to leverage “meme” videos… and make them SELL.
      • How to DOUBLE your conversions by adding a simple 5-second “video overlay” to your ads.

      Module 03: Targeting Secrets


      What's inside

      In this module, you’ll learn the art of targeting your best prospects…
      • How to discover EXACTLY who your best prospects are. (Tip: You MUST get this right.)
      • How creating your ideal “customer avatar” will help boost your sales (and the fastest, easiest way to do it).
      • How to find the BEST audiences in ANY market. (Note: I cover this in-depth, with multiple videos — it’s important!)
      • How to determine who your COMPETITORS are targeting (so you can emulate them).
      • How to find… and when to use… specific audiences. (I’ll run you through it step-by-step.)
      • A clever way of using “unusual behavior” to target PRIME prospects.
      • The “White Ocean Targeting” trick to scale your ads. (Hint: Scaling is one of the reasons why paid advertising is superior to SEO.)

      Module 04: Retargeting Secrets


      What's inside

      As you may know, retargeting is an extremely popular topic. I’ll show you how to push the limits of this strategy…
      • How to get started QUICKLY with retargeting. (I’ll give you a deep dive into the ESSENTIAL basics.)
      • Revealed: My best performing retargeting ads. (Hint: I’ve done the preliminary work FOR YOU.)
      • The “3-punch” retargeting sequence that your prospects won’t be able to resist.
      • How to run effective cross-sell retargeting campaigns. (Tip: This is one of the secrets to MAXIMIZING your profits.)
      • What the “triple-exclude” is… and how it helps REDUCE ad costs (which will effectively INCREASE your profits).
      • How to create quick & easy video sequences. (Hint: Video is one of the most powerful tools you have available to you.)

      Module 05: Budget, Bidding and Scaling


      What's inside

      After you understand the fundamentals and have some ads in place, it’s time to scale it all up…
      • How to determine how much you should initially spend on your ad campaigns.
      • How to split-test quickly and effectively. (Tip: All successful marketers understand that marketing is about TESTING.)
      • Discover the metrics you MUST check on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
      • How to scale your ads MASSIVELY — starting from ZERO.
      • Discover the step-by-step breakdown of the bidding process you MUST use (and why it works).

      Module 06: Execution Blueprint


      What's inside

      In this module, we’ll tie all the pieces together and make sure you’ve got your execution plan in place…
      • Learn the step-by-step BLUEPRINT I used to transform myself from a rookie into a seasoned Facebook Ads professional.
      • How to get a “head start” on all your campaigns. (Tip: I’ll reveal my templates, checklists & processes to put you ahead of the curve.)
      • Discover how all the elements of a Facebook Ads campaign work together. (My MASSIVE 7-figure case study takes you inside all the action.).

      Plus, All Facebook Automation You Need

      Why do all the hard work yourself if you can automate it?

      Over the last 3+ years, my team and I built a powerful software platform - Connectio - to make Facebook Ads way more effective using clever automation.

      As a way of welcoming you into our family, we have a very special bonus for you.

      You’ll receive 30 days of FREE access to our Facebook™ marketing suite of software called ConnectSuite.

      Why are we doing this? Simple. We think once you’ve tried ConnectSuite for 30 days, you’ll become one of our Suite customers for life.

      Here's What You'll Get For Free:

      Increase your Retargeting ROI using

      Your advertising dollars are wasted on prospects that show little-to-no engagement with your content. You need to focus your ad spend on your most highly motivated prospects . . . and ConnectRetarget allows you to do exactly that.
      • Segments your visitors based on how they interact with your website.
      • Targets only your most highly motivated prospects (for more leads and sales faster than you dreamed possible)
      • Weeds out tire kickers unlikely to buy or subscribe (keeps your ad costs low)
      • And more...

      What people are saying

      "This is a real game changer! I was hooked from my first campaign, using “time on site greater than 20 seconds” as a fast way to put my ads in front of the most engaged audience. This immediately lowered my cost per sale from $11.85 to $3.78 – performing more than 3 times better compared to my other retargeting audiences!

      The built-in template library is already stocked with ideas to improve your marketing such as retargeting (on desktop) those who visited initially on mobile, something that makes a lot of sense in the context of E-Commerce conversion paths.

      Needless to say I’m hooked! :)”

      joakim Andrew Norton


      Get more leads using

      ConnectLeads – eliminates the need to manually export data from Facebook™ lead ads into your autoresponder.
      • Fully integrates your Facebook™ ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency – no wasted time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc.
      • Facebook™ users get added to your email lists with just a few taps – leads are automatically imported to your autoresponder/CRM instantly
      • Real-time data and analytics – all the data you need to make important business decisions at your fingertips
      • Most major autoresponders and CRM platforms are supported by ConnectLeads.
      • And more...

      What people are saying

      "Before I used ConnectLeads I gave up on Facebook™ Lead Ads, (even though my cost per lead was 50% lower with lead ads), simply because I had to manually download the leads from FB™ and upload to ActiveCampaign. Now, with ConnectLeads, it’s all automated and works like a charm."

      joakim Joakim Hansson

      Retarget your email list using

      Reach your subscribers like never before with a powerful combination of email and Facebook™ Custom Audiences. Gain Custom Audience targeting options never available before now. Maximize your conversions for massive ROI and profits.
      • Custom tailor Facebook™ ads to keep up with your email follow-up sequences – increase your subscribers’ exposure to high-ticket offers using Facebook™ ads. Maximize your conversions and put more money in your bank.
      • Segment FB™ Custom Audiences – target past product buyers, subscribers who opened/clicked on emails, didn’t open emails/click links and much, much more
      • Create lookalike audiences based on your subscriber lists – target Facebook™ users who match similar preferences, demographics and interests of your subscribers. Expands your reach without any extra effort
      • And more...

      What people are saying

      “This is one of the most innovative pieces of software I’ve ever seen. It brings a type of innovation to the marketplace that will allow you to hyper-target your campaigns that you run on Facebook™ to the point where you minimize your ad spend to levels I haven’t seen before, while producing more results, more revenue and more sales through the ad campaigns that you run.”

      joakim David Dekel


      Target profitable audiences using

      Interest-based targeting will never be the same again. You’ll be able to target the most profitable audiences your competition doesn’t know exist. With pre-analyzed interests, there’s no guesswork involved.
      • Automated, SMART Research Tool Uncovers Interests Your Competition Will Never Find
      • Built In “Layering” Lets You Hyper Target The Hottest Fans In ANY Niche
      • Optimize your time by effortlessly adding new untapped interests to your ad sets
      • And more…

      What people are saying

      "I think I'm in love with ConnectExplore, lol. For the first time after 2 years I'm constantly getting less than €1 leads!"

      joakim Joel Erway

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      Some of the strategies are most effective when only a few know about them, which is why I’ll close this page in a few days. Once closed, it’ll remain closed for at least a few months.

      After all, I’d rather have a small group of people with massive success, than a massive group of people with small success.

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      $10,000 would be a bargain for the amount of traffic, leads and sales my method produces.

      I’m not a fan of phone sales to sell those spots, though.

      Instead, I considered the normal “course launch” price of $2,000 - $5,000 like everyone else charges.

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      ConnectIQ Academy is a great course. But don't take my word for it. Instead, listen to our students...

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      "You won't go wrong with Wilco's products. Well developed and updated all the time"

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      "A shout out to Wilco. Working my way through the training videos, and what is being shared is awsome in every way. The little subtleties (and the no-so-subtle things that I should have already realised) make all the difference.

      This is like having a friend sit beside you to tweak each step of the sequence of the viral strategy in order to completely maxmise impact and engagement.

      Also the support team is fast and fabulous."

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      Thanks to the great advice and examples from the man himself, Wilco."

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      @Emarky Hands down you are the most innovative marketer on the internet today. Your software and marketing content are amazing 👏

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      Another thing… I’ve been Wilco’s customer for years now and his customer support is fantastic. He’s a stayer. He’s been around for many years. If I have a question or I don’t know how to use it properly, I send them a message and they always help me out.

      His software is incredibly reliable, his support is always there and reliable as well.. and the key thing is, the software solves a REAL problem that I’m facing in my business."

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      You don’t have to worry about that with Wilco. I’ve been using his platforms for years and I can’t say enough about his products, about the team and about what they do.

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      Your Gift Of A Free Trial For
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      But What Happens When My 30 Days Are Up?


      It’s very simple.

      If you decide to keep ConnectSuite past the initial 30days period, you’ll be billed $97 per month starting the month following your initial purchase.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are some of the commonly asked questions I've received...

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