The Truth About Facebook Ads

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There’s something about Facebook Ads that I need to get off my chest…

Because you see, a lot of people who run Facebook ads make it look so easy!

Whether you just launched your business, or you’re already up and running, if you’re eager to learn more about Facebook ads, you need to watch this video.

I share my personal experience with Facebook ads + a powerful strategy that will increase your profits even when you’re just getting started. 

Hopefully, this video will motivate you to keep pushing forward and make your Facebook ads more profitable!

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So there’s something about Facebook ads, and I just, I just need to get it off my chest. Because I’ve seen a lot of people talk about it online. And what they’re saying is completely BS. It’s simply not true. And in this video, I want to dive into the truth behind Facebook ads or about Facebook ads.

My name is Wilco de Kreij and the founder of Connectio – here’s the logo right here. And what we do is we have various tools that will help Facebook advertisers get more results. If you haven’t checked it out at go check it out. Some real cool fancy stuff we’re doing.

Anyway, really what I’m what I want to share is why you should go and do Facebook ads.

But there’s a big, big, big, big but. Online, if once you start diving into Facebook ads, right… Once you start being interested into Facebook ads, and you doing some research, figuring it out, at some point, Facebook will know that you’re into Facebook ads. And guess what Facebook’s gonna do? Facebook is going to show you ads about Facebook ads, right?

Facebook is going to serve you as the audience to someone who’s you know, selling Facebook ads services, who was selling a course about Facebook ads. At some point, you’ll you maybe you’ll see Facebook ads. Maybe even ads from me, I run Facebook ads as well. It’s a huge driver of our business.

But the problem is a lot of these messages… a lot of these ads, they are saying and I have to be honest, like I’m sometimes guilty of this as well… they make it seem so easy.

But here’s the truth. Facebook ads. It’s not easy! Like the technical part. It’s doable. It’s like everything is learnable. But the thing is, like most people who are running Facebook ads, they’re just running a business, or they’re starting a business, right. But most people they… marketing is a necessity. It’s not like, Oh, I’m in marketing and I’m a geek and I love everything about it. No, it’s like, I run a business, right, um, I have a sort of servers that I that I get that I serve to my customers or I have a web shop and, and marketing, getting the word out getting customers into my business. It’s sort of like a necessity, right.

And the thing about Facebook ads, the most important part is that, you know, you want to get your Facebook ads profitable, kind of obvious, right, you need to want to make sure that whenever you put $1 in, you’re getting more than $1 out because that’s when you can truly scale. And that’s when Facebook ads will actually work for your business.

Now, the thing is, in order to get there, right, you need to know a lot of different things, right? You need to really understand your customer need to know how to write some copy, right? You need to think about like what kind of funnel to use and, and all these kind of things. And like, when I first started Facebook ads, it was a nightmare, I think the first three or four times and when I tried Facebook ads, they all miserably failed.

For a couple months, I’ll try it out, I’ll tweak and test and like, I’ll just give up doesn’t work, right. And then later, like couple months down the line, I sort of forgot about my misery. And I figured I’ll start again, right, I’ll do it again. Every time I learned some new things, right? Every time I learned some new things, and that was good, but every time I failed miserably, you know.

It was only after a couple of these attempts that I finally got it to work right that I finally understood all the little things that need to go into it. And once that happened, everything changed and the amount of growth we had in our business, thanks to Facebook ads.

If you’ve never done Facebook ads before, if you’re if you’re relatively new to marketing, and it’s like one of those things is a necessity. I totally, totally, totally understand. It is a long game. Like to me personally, it just felt frustrating, right? It didn’t. It wasn’t easy. You know, I saw all these people bragging online about It’s amazing!And it works! And no, like, I saw my own stats, I was like, “Well, I’m not seeing what you guys are seeing. So like shut up about it working for you like because it’s not working for me.”

But the point is that, after a long time of trying and learning everything, tweak a little bit on learning and and see what orders were doing at some point, I got it to convert, and that’s worth it by far, like in 10 hundred times over.

So for those of you who are trying out Facebook ads or are thinking about Facebook ads know that the road is not going to be easy, but it is 100% gonna be worth it. Are there things you can do to make it easier? Yes, of course, there are. And I’d love to go into that I’ll share a lot of content, or like tricks and tips that I learned to make it way easier.

Like I’ll just throw a quick one out there like the thing I did is I went and tried to get a cold audience people who’ve never heard of me before get them to become a customer that is the hardest thing to do on Facebook. So if you’re starting out what I really what I would suggest is start from the inside out start retargeting your website visitors first, because that’s much easier to convert. And that way you will get you know, you’ll get a feeling about Facebook ads, how they work, what’s working, what’s not working, while being able to make a profit earlier on. And that way you’ll get the motivation to keep on going (but that’s what I lacked when I started.) I started with the hardest part first and because of that, I stopped many times over anyway.

In summary, Facebook ads –  if someone says it’s super easy, it is not easy, but it is worth the struggle. And by the way, before I forget I just need to mention this that obviously if you want to make things easier to get more results your Facebook ads definitely check out Connectio.

We have various tools such as ConnectAudience, ConnectLeads, ConnectRetarget. Like for example ConnectRetarget, it will allow you to three four x all your retargeting ROI immediately. It’s a super easy tool. So if you haven’t checked out our tools I definitely recommend to check out Connectio. Cheers everyone! Talk to you all soon.