How to integrate Facebook Lead Ads With MailChimp?

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How to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with MailChimp.

Facebook Lead Ads are the latest addition to the advertising arsenal of Facebook. They are simple, smart and provides literally an effortless way to capture leads on Facebook.

The audience just has to tap twice to submit their name and email address – as simple as that. They don’t have to enter their contact details to sign up.

However, among all its beauty, Facebook Lead Ads have their drawbacks too. Even though you manage to capture leads successfully, all these leads will remain inside Facebook until you manually download them and import them into MailChimp.

It is not an ideal combo when you are in lead generation and sales. Businesses that react to leads immediately are more capable to engaging and converting them.

Thanks to ConnectLeads you can now bridge the gap between Facebook Lead Ads and MailChimp, to make sure that every lead will be added to your MailChimp list in real-time.

In this article we will define the step by step way through which you can connect / integrate Facebook Leads Ads with MailChimp Autoresponder.

Step 1 – Integrate ConnectLeads with Facebook & MailChimp

To start off you first need to connect your ConnectLeads account with Facebook and than MailChimp.

a- Connecting Facebook

Connecting ConnectLeads with Facebook is quick and simple. The connection process of Facebook with ConnectLeads is very simple. Simply login in to your ConnectLeads account and use the Facebook connection feature to integrate.

Connect Facebook with ConnectLeads

If you are using multiple accounts make sure that you select only account that administers the Facebook Pages you want to create lead ads for.

b – Connect MailChimp

Within the ConnectLeads Dashboard, Go to “Settings” in the menu on left and click “Manage Autoresponders” and once inside click “ Add New Autoresponder”

Connect Aweber

From the autoresponders selection menu select MailChimp and give your autoresponder any name.

Add MailChimp AR

Step 3- Using MailChimp in ConnectLeads

Now as you have connected ConnectLeads with Facebook and MailChimp, you will now have to setup ConnectLeads with MailChimp.

This is the part where you will be defining how you would like to copy/transfer lead from Facebook to MailChimp.

Similar to Facebook Lead Form and MailChimp Form, you will also need to create a form on ConnectLeads. This form will reference the Facebook Lead Ad Form with the form on your list in MailChimp.

Also, at this point you will specify;

a – Facebook Page & Lead Form – Select your Facebook Page on which you’ve created your Lead Form, and select which Lead Form you want to connect.

Facebook Page

b – MailChimp List – The MailChimp list where you want all leads to be stored

LEad Form 2

c- Custom Field – Define / create any custom field you are capturing / importing from Facebook

Lead Form 3

Press save and you’re done!

From now on every time someone submits your Lead Form, ConnectLeads will instantly pull the lead data and feed it into your list on MailChimp, easily and automatically!

Hence you are in complete control of your Facebook lead generation activities and have automated the entire process of capturing and contacting those leads.

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Add extra fields or questions via lead ads, all data feeds right to your list – perfect for segmenting!

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There are many more possibilities!

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