7 Most Effective Ways to Amplify Your Content

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You hear it again:

Crickets chirp. 

After slaving away for hours or days on a piece of content, you got nothing.

No comments, shares, or new subscribers.

What seems to be the problem?

Here’s what you should know:

Hitting the publish button isn’t enough to get results. Publishing doesn’t mean that your content is going to attract tons of readers.

If you want 10x results for your 10x content, you need to learn content amplification. In today’s guide, I’m going to show you:

  • What content amplification is
  • Why it matters
  • Ideas to amplify your next content

I know you can do it.

Now, keep reading.

What is Content Amplification?

Here’s what it means:

Content amplification is spreading the word about your content. When more people know that your content exists, they can read it.

And if they like it, they may act on it, share it with others, or link to it.

You get the idea. ?

Why Content Amplification Is Important

Want to see how content amplification can impact your business? 

Let’s use one of my successful case studies as an example. The case study was about Sam Ovens and how he built his empire with Facebook ads.

Can you guess how many views it received? 26, 115.

Plus 25 blog comments from people who love it.

One of them was from Chris Von Wilpert, Copy Chief at Sumo:

As you can see, it wasn’t just a well-written piece. To take it to the next level, I used various techniques to promote it:

  • Shared it with my private Facebook group and Facebook page.
  • Shared it inside Chris Von Wilpert’s Content Mavericks private Slack community
  • Submitted it to Zest.is
  • Told my email list about it
  • Turned it into a Facebook ad

Still need more reasons why content amplification matters? ?

Become part of the conversation.

Imagine publishing an amazing article about an important topic. If people searched for that topic, they would be able to see your name or business. Because if you do proper keyword research, ranking your articles on the 1st page of Google is easier than you might think… (but that’s for another article!)

Increase your conversions.

 You’ve got a lead magnet waiting to be downloaded. That lead magnet could help you acquire customers along the way. But how can people take action if they don’t know that your content exists?

Encourage repeat business.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Sadly, that’s how it is in today’s busy world. If you want people to remember you, you have to show yourself not just once, but many times. The first purchase isn’t enough to make you stick in their minds.

7 Proven Ways to Amplify Your Content

Ready to learn the best content amplification strategies?

Let’s dive right into them.

1. Reach your audience when they’re checking Facebook.

Timing is the key. 

You don’t just post something at random and hope that everybody sees it. That’s not how it works.

If your potential customers live in different parts of the world, you should promote your content based on their time zones.

Bottom line:

There’s no universal best time to post.

Here’s a simple way to figure out when they’re active:

On the top of your Facebook page, click Insights. Once you’re inside the Insights dashboard, click Posts on the left-hand column.

Below is a screenshot of what you’ll find. It shows you a chart of specific days and times your fans are online:

If you hover over a particular day of your current week, a dark blue line appears. Based on the data, we can infer that our audience is more active between 6 to 9 am.

Here’s what you’re going to do next: Test those “active times” by posting within that schedule. See how it goes.

2. Reach out to an influencer.

Imagine promoting your content on multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, forums, and more. What would that get you? A bigger audience, of course.

But when it comes to reaching a highly targeted audience, an influencer can be of great help.

Influencers are well-respected and valued in their niche. People tune into their messages. They care about the things their influencer cares about.

When choosing an influencer, look for one who has high engagement levels.

You’ll want to check how many people retweet their tweets. On Facebook, do they get tons of shares, reactions, and comments?

Most importantly, make sure that an influencer is already sharing relevant content in your niche.

3. Simply ask people to share!

I know this sounds like a no-brainer.

But yes, encouraging your audience to spread your message can make a difference. (Remember: You don’t get if you don’t ask ?)

Include a call-to-action at the end of your social media post.

Since you need more shares, make sure that your post has social share buttons.

Sometimes I come across blog posts where the blogger asks their reader to share, only to find out that there are no buttons!

Remember this too:

If you’re hoping to get many people to share your content, it needs to stand out. People who love what you put out will feel compelled to share it.

Write long-form content that discusses a topic in-depth. Provide actionable insights. Tackle problems that your readers care about.

4. Repurpose your content.

A lot of bloggers and marketers invest so much time creating content, only to see that content gather dust.

The good news is that you can turn a great piece of content into another format. This is what repurposing content is about.

I have to admit – I love creating videos for my Connectio audience and posting them on YouTube. But at the same time, I also know that my blog readers could miss the valuable tips I shared on video.

So here’s what I do:

I handpick my best videos. Then I ask my team to turn them into a blog post.

I also make sure that the original video is found within the blog post. (This helps increase content engagement.)

Here’s an example of one of my repurposed pieces:

Repurposing helped me with content amplification by:

Strengthening my brand message.

Reaching people who have a different learning style. (Because some people learn better by reading. Some learn better by watching and listening).

5. Promote your best content as a Facebook ad.

Ever considered making a Facebook ad out of your organic Facebook posts?

If your answer is yes, I’m sure you’ve thought about clicking the boost post button. It may seem like the easiest route to growing your fans. The problem is, it doesn’t get you the best results.

(Read my article on Facebook boosted posts here.)

Too often, people boost their posts without knowing which ones have truly performed.

If you want to boost the right posts, you need to enter your Facebook Insights. From there, you check your posts’ performance:

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

Manually checking your best posts to boost them is time-consuming.

And it sure is. ?

A tool like ConnectAutomate will save you the hassle of boosting great organic Facebook content.

It keeps track of all your FB posts. That includes your videos, links, text, and images. All you need to do is set your desired boosting conditions:

The type of posts you want to boost.  

How many reactions, shares, and comments a post should have to qualify for boosting.

The number of posts you want to boost at once.

6. Update old articles.

Did you know that updating an old piece of content can improve your Google rankings?

That’s right.

Google values fresh content and prioritizes websites with updated content.

Ahrefs noticed that one of their posts had declining traffic. When they updated the post with new data and studies, their traffic increased.

If you’re going to update an old article, make sure that it’s an evergreen one. Meaning, it’s not time-sensitive and will always be useful.

But sometimes, you’ll find outdated information inside evergreen posts. You need to fix these parts.

Here are ways to keep your content fresh:

  • Correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • Remove and/or replace broken links.
  • Optimize for the right keywords.
  • Change the year in your headline (if applicable)
  • Add a relevant video or screenshots inside the post.
  • Add subtopics that haven’t been covered yet.
  • Build quality links to the post.

After you refresh your content and hit publish, don’t forget to promote it!

7. Write about someone popular.

Articles that talk about industry leaders and influencers have a higher chance of going viral.

If you could reverse-engineer someone’s success strategy, it will quickly boost your traffic and subscribers.

A perfect example would be Sumo’s growth study, “How Tony Robbins Generates 1,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month.”

The post carefully discussed everything Tony Robbins did right to attract over 1 million website visitors per month.

It garnered 161 shares and 61 comments.

You can also see that at the top of the post, a lead magnet was offered. (PDF version of the growth study).

This is a smart tactic to grow subscribers at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Maximize the reach of your content with any of these content amplification tips. This list should get you off to a great start!

No one method works for everyone. You may have to try a mix of free and paid strategies.

But no matter what promotional method you’ll be using, always create valuable content. ?