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Let's make 2019 your most profitable year ever - using Facebook Ads.

For the next 6 weeks, you'll be able to "look over my shoulder" as I share all the insights, strategies and Facebook tactics that I've learned while exploding my business using Facebook Ads.

"I just wanted to say THANKS! This week I hit a massive milestone one of my accounts. 

In a single day I got $406.33 revenue on a $5.63 ad spend - on just one ad. That's an ROI of over 7000%!

Thanks to the great advice and examples from the man himself, Wilco."

joakim Tim Silver


"This is what can happen if you follow Wilco's tips... Relevance scores of 10 and VERY high CTR's! 🙂 :)"

joakim Paulo Fradiano


"A shout out to Wilco. Working my way through the training videos, and what is being shared is awsome in every way. The little subtleties (and the no-so-subtle things that I should have already realised) make all the difference.

This is like having a friend sit beside you to tweak each step of the sequence of the viral strategy in order to completely maxmise impact and engagement.

Also the support team is fast and fabulous."

joakim Christine Sutherland

Here's What You're Getting...

Module 01: The Ads Foundation


What's inside

In the first module, I lay out the foundation for running profitable Facebook advertising campaigns...
  • Why (and when) to use multiple Facebook Pages.
  • How to set up your Facebook Ads account (so you won't get banned).
  • How to choose the OPTIMAL sales funnel type.
  • The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
  • How to set up your Facebook pixel correctly. (Hint: Get this wrong and your conversion rate will fall)
  • The proper mindset you need to advertise at a profit. (Caution: Most people underestimate the importance of "mental attitude.")
  • Which Ad Metrics you need to focus your attention on. (Tip: Beginners almost always make testing & tracking harder than it really is.)
  • The best way to structure your campaigns for MAXIMUM profit.

Module 02: The Perfect Ad


What's inside

In this module, I focus on creating ads (along with all the templates you’ll need)…
  • How to determine the most effective “hook” for your ad. (Tip: Using a hook helps make your ad unique, so it will stand out and grab attention.)
  • When to use the various ad formats for improved results.
  • The 5 AD TYPES your campaigns can use… and when to use them.
  • The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.
  • How to "spy" on your competitors. (Hint: Advertising is COMPETITIVE. That's why ethical spying is necessary to gain the advantage.)
  • Which IMAGE ADS perform best… and how to create them quickly and easily.
  • A walk-through of a VIDEO ADS CASE STUDY… look over my shoulder as I explain what works and why.
  • How to write compelling STORY-BASED ADS. (Tip: Story Ads are one of my SECRET WEAPONS. Inside, I show you why.)
  • How to leverage “meme” videos… and make them SELL.
  • How to DOUBLE your conversions by adding a simple 5-second “video overlay” to your ads.

Module 03: Targeting Secrets


What's inside

In this module, you’ll learn the art of targeting your best prospects…
  • How to discover EXACTLY who your best prospects are. (Tip: You MUST get this right.)
  • How creating your ideal “customer avatar” will help boost your sales (and the fastest, easiest way to do it).
  • How to find the BEST audiences in ANY market. (Note: I cover this in-depth, with multiple videos — it’s important!)
  • How to determine who your COMPETITORS are targeting (so you can emulate them).
  • How to find… and when to use… specific audiences. (I run you through it step-by-step.)
  • A clever way of using “unusual behavior” to target PRIME prospects.
  • The “White Ocean Targeting” trick to scale your ads. (Hint: Scaling is one of the reasons why paid advertising is superior to SEO.)

Module 04: Retargeting Secrets


What's inside

As you may know, retargeting is an extremely popular topic. I show you how to push the limits of this strategy…
  • How to get started QUICKLY with retargeting. (I give you a deep dive into the ESSENTIAL basics.)
  • Revealed: My best performing retargeting ads. (Hint: I’ve done the preliminary work FOR YOU.)
  • The “3-punch” retargeting sequence that your prospects won’t be able to resist.
  • How to run effective cross-sell retargeting campaigns. (Tip: This is one of the secrets to MAXIMIZING your profits.)
  • What the “triple-exclude” is… and how it helps REDUCE ad costs (which will effectively INCREASE your profits).
  • How to create quick & easy video sequences. (Hint: Video is one of the most powerful tools you have available to you.)

Module 05: Budget, Bidding and Scaling


What's inside

After you understand the fundamentals and have some ads in place, it’s time to scale it all up…
  • How to determine how much you should initially spend on your ad campaigns.
  • How to split-test quickly and effectively. (Tip: All successful marketers understand that marketing is about TESTING.)
  • Discover the metrics you MUST check on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • How to scale your ads MASSIVELY — starting from ZERO.
  • Discover the step-by-step breakdown of the bidding process you MUST use (and why it works).

Module 06: Execution Blueprint


What's inside

In this module, we tie all the pieces together and make sure you’ve got your execution plan in place…
  • Learn the step-by-step BLUEPRINT I used to transform myself from a rookie into a seasoned Facebook Ads professional.
  • How to get a “head start” on all your campaigns. (Tip: I reveal my templates, checklists & processes to put you ahead of the curve.)
  • Discover how all the elements of a Facebook Ads campaign work together. (My MASSIVE 7-figure case study takes you inside all the action.).

Opportunity is knocking - for now... ⏱

Do you recognize opportunity when you see it?

Will you act on it?

If you do… be quick:

Fact is:

For most of us Facebook™ advertising is THE opportunity of a life-time.

It’s never been this easy to laser-target our ideal audience. EVER.

But, also fact is:

the cost of Facebook™ advertising is going up, and it’s going up fast.

To the point where sooner, rather than later most entrepreneurs will be priced out of the market…

…and they simply will not be able to afford Facebook™ ads for lead-gen.

The question is: who actually does this ‘outpricing’ … there must be someone who is willing to pay those high ad-prices after all, right?

Well, that’s those entrepreneurs who have figured out how to make Facebook™ advertising work for themselves.

Meaning: they know how to turn an idea into a positive Return-on-Investment ad-campaign.

And that’s exactly what ConnectIQ Academy is about: giving you everything you need to create high ROAS (return on ad-spend) Facebook™ advertising campaigns.

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what’s the investment?

I considered hosting a mastermind.

By sharing this with only a small group of people, I could easily charge $10,000 since this is a plug-and-play system.

$10,000 would be a bargain for the amount of traffic, leads and sales my method produces.

I’m not a fan of phone sales to sell those spots, though.

Instead, I considered the normal “course launch” price of $2,000 - $5,000 like everyone else charges.

I’d do pretty well, but it’d be out of reach for people who need this the most.

So, I decided to charge only $997, and that's what you can buy the course for right now.

However, as a special thank-you for investing in ConnectAutomate, you can get it for $497, but only today, on this page" (once you leave this page, the cart above will no longer work)

If I had a course like this when I started, it would have saved me an enormous amount of wasted effort.

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How much is your time worth?

For the very reasonable cost of this course, I can help put you on the "fast track" to success.

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Again, this is a RISK-FREE offer…you CANNOT LOSE. It’s just that simple.

Here's What Other People Are Saying...

ConnectIQ Academy is a great course. But don't take my word for it. Instead, listen to our students...

"What's amazing about Wilco is his drive for wanting to know more. He's honest as well. Always a pleasure to learn more from this guy!"

joakim Ankit Rana


"You won't go wrong with Wilco's products. Well developed and updated all the time"

joakim Kieron Garvey


@Emarky Hands down you are the most innovative marketer on the internet today. Your software and marketing content are amazing 👏

joakim Neal

“I can honestly say that without the Connectio products, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do with Facebook Ads. I use it almost on a daily basis!

It’s very simple and easy to use, and Wilco keeps it updated. If something changes within the platform, they’re right on top of it. Highly recommended!”

joakim Kate Saunders


“The key thing that tripped me up over the years has been traffic generation. Getting into Facebook Ads has always been a challenge… until I came across Connectio.

Another thing… I’ve been Wilco’s customer for years now and his customer support is fantastic. He’s a stayer. He’s been around for many years. If I have a question or I don’t know how to use it properly, I send them a message and they always help me out.

His software is incredibly reliable, his support is always there and reliable as well.. and the key thing is, the software solves a REAL problem that I’m facing in my business."

joakim Nic Lucas


“There are 3 main things that I love about the Connectio products:

The most excited thing compared to other tools, is that they always create things that solve a real problem for marketers.

The second thing that I love is how easy to use it is. It’s super user-friendly, and I really mean that.

The third thing is the customer support. It’s fast, it’s professional and it’s marketing-centered. They are always there to help.

I highly recommend to check it out because these tools… just work!”

joakim Benet M. Marcos


“I own all Connectio products, and I couldn’t recommend them more!

It’s not just about the products itself, but also about the team. One of the things when you’re in internet marketing world when you buy a new product you’re always concerned about…

1) Will it work? - 2) Will the team provide upgrades and support?  - 3) Will they be around long-term?

You don’t have to worry about that with Wilco. I’ve been using his platforms for years and I can’t say enough about his products, about the team and about what they do.

If you’re thinking about buying a product from Wilco, you definitely should.”

joakim Mike Ray


Join the ConnectIQ Academy

Yours For Better Facebook Ads,


Wilco de Kreij

Creator of ConnectIQ Academy

P.S. If you want to run profitable Facebook Ads, this is ESSENTIAL training. Without Facebook Ads, you're likely to struggle to drive traffic... and that means you'll also struggle to make a profit. So, begin now...

P.P.S. As I mentioned, I'm just a regular guy. If I can do it, I'm convinced that you can, too. But you must take action. Nothing will happen until you take the first step. Remember: Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. You cannot lose. So, order today...


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Here are some of the commonly asked questions I've received...

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