“How To Create Automated Social Media Campaigns That Sell”

Below you'll find the recording of our Facebook Ads training

Here are the timestamps from this training to make things easier for you 👇

0:00 Introduction: Whom it’s for, what is in this webinar

2:48 Who is Wilco & what results has he been getting for himself and his clients

4:30 Why 2019 is THE time to run Facebook™ ads.

5:40 Actual results & numbers using Facebook™ ads from Wilco’s business

7:47 The ‘broken’ model (make sure to watch this if you hate being ‘salesy’)

10:55 Benefits of the new model (including how to make sure your account never gets shut down)

12:10 Step #1: How to get people excited to buy without using annoying sales-tactics (with real-life examples and results)

17:15 Why you must go ‘beyond’ KLT (know-like-trust) and how to do it in practice

20:55 How to use the concept of ‘pre-framing’ to give people a ‘lightbulb’ moment (with examples)

27:59 Step #2: How to create audiences who are ready to buy (the ultimate shortcut to building KLT: it’s not about WHAT you post, but instead…)

30:12 The actual 3-step process for building KLT with lots of examples and the exact settings to use in your Facebook™ ads manager)

39:20 The most important rule about the entire process!

43:30 Step #3: How to automatically maximize your post reach without wasting money (aka what to do about the ‘death of organic reach’)

44:30 Why you should NOT use the ‘boost post’ button

48:50 The exact 17 step process for putting the right post in front of the right audience at the right time (aka when they’re ready to buy)

50:30 How to automate the entire process

57:30 How others are succeeding with this approach (“... not burning money anymore…”)

59:20 Who specifically can benefit from (and should leverage the power of) this approach

1:01:10 What you are getting as part of the launch special “unlimited” offer

1:04:50 The “automate” EVERYTHING bonuses

1:06:45 The “you actually save money by using our tool” (plus you keep all your results) satisfaction (and money-back guarantee) - but also watch the short segment at 1:14:20 and 1:29:15 On having the right mindset for online success

1:09:00 Onwards: Q&A

1:16:00 Quick description of our optional upsell

1:18:08 ‘Real estate’ illustration of the approach (especially the approach of Step #1 above)

1:30:00 Onwards: LIVE ‘general marketing’ Q&A

“I can honestly say that without the Connectio products, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do with Facebook Ads. I use it almost on a daily basis!

It’s very simple and easy to use, and Wilco keeps it updated. If something changes within the platform, they’re right on top of it. Highly recommended!”

joakim Kate Saunders


“The key thing that tripped me up over the years has been traffic generation. Getting into Facebook Ads has always been a challenge… until I came across Connectio.

Another thing… I’ve been Wilco’s customer for years now and his customer support is fantastic. He’s a stayer. He’s been around for many years. If I have a question or I don’t know how to use it properly, I send them a message and they always help me out.

His software is incredibly reliable, his support is always there and reliable as well.. and the key thing is, the software solves a REAL problem that I’m facing in my business."

joakim Nic Lucas


“There are 3 main things that I love about the Connectio products:

The most excited thing compared to other tools, is that they always create things that solve a real problem for marketers.

The second thing that I love is how easy to use it is. It’s super user-friendly, and I really mean that.

The third thing is the customer support. It’s fast, it’s professional and it’s marketing-centered. They are always there to help.

I highly recommend to check it out because these tools… just work!”

joakim Benet M. Marcos


“I own all Connectio products, and I couldn’t recommend them more!

It’s not just about the products itself, but also about the team. One of the things when you’re in internet marketing world when you buy a new product you’re always concerned about…

1) Will it work? - 2) Will the team provide upgrades and support?  - 3) Will they be around long-term?

You don’t have to worry about that with Wilco. I’ve been using his platforms for years and I can’t say enough about his products, about the team and about what they do.

If you’re thinking about buying a product from Wilco, you definitely should.”

joakim Mike Ray